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Designer_Hotel_5210 t1_iu5jb5y wrote

It's to start fires in your fireplace or BBQ. That's why it's called the Flame.


nightstalker363 t1_iu6j3rc wrote

I was coming here to say just that. And with winter coming it's the perfect timing too.


scipio11111 t1_iu8f02a wrote

That garbage would even make your barbecue taste like crap.


pastelbutcherknife t1_iu6kxhe wrote

Ngl - went to the website. Am totally going to write batshit articles and get them published as a guest contributor. Really see how far I can take it - Rob DeSantis died in 2020 and was replaced by a look alike, Washington D.C. isn’t part of the United States legally so laws made there can’t be used to govern, the democrats are controlling peoples minds with the hormones they put in factory farmed meat.


iammayoboy t1_iu6qrdy wrote

You joke but there are nutjobs out there who would take that stuff 100% seriously lmao


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu7niiw wrote

Most of them are voting for Patti Murphy


mundane_prophet t1_iu8ux48 wrote

Those damn crazy liberals and their beliefs that the confederacy was just for states rights, slavery was okay because at least black people get to be in the US now, that COVID is no worse than the flu and was made in Faucis basement, that Donald Trump is a virtuous Christian Savior, that there is a Jewish cabal sacrificing babies, that it's better a 12 year old who was raped by her father have his baby (slut), that racism doesn't exist, but also liberals are the racist ones because they talk about it, that protest should be quiet and never causing and property damage, but also that Kaepernick should be considered a traitor for peacefully and respectfully protesting,

.....oh wait.


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu9j8x5 wrote

Remember the summer of love??

Peaceful rallies where businesses and cities burned.

Never forget what the Left stood by and watched happen.


dubzi_ART t1_iu6tpzj wrote

Careful there. It might take a lot but you might wake up one day and realize your Alex Jones.


pastelbutcherknife t1_iu7r8uf wrote

You mean Obama didn’t create Ebola i. Order to create a zombie army? Because that was a real infowars story.


MCMamaS t1_iu6wucm wrote

I still kinda thing that Qnon (or however it is spelled) started as a "I wonder if...." type of a bet, that just got out of hand.


Retaeiyu t1_iu89p72 wrote

Qanon started out as shit posting on imageboards and stupid people started to believe it


AdventureBum t1_iu7msch wrote

Isn’t that how flat earthers started? Like, at first it was a joke community, and the at some point people started taking it seriously and it became real thing.


The_Blue_Empire t1_iu71s5w wrote

Definitely do the factory farmed meat stuff, if we can do some good utilizing their crazy it seems worth it.


valdeckner t1_iu8mqbf wrote

And the left totally.changed all records of his name from 'Rob' to 'Ron'. If you.remember a Rob Desantis you are right, but you will never find any mention officially.


evilornot t1_iu8nd45 wrote

Make sure you include one about the lizard people controlling the fossil fuel industry in order to terraform the planet into a cold blooded paradise.


pastelbutcherknife t1_iubdgne wrote

True! Global warming is real and no one is doing anything about it because lizard people love hot temperatures and want the world to be a sauna. Stop the lizards by stopping climate change!


Hopeful-Ride7243 t1_iu6e20t wrote

You should be thankful for the free kindling it's getting cold out there.


thesequimkid t1_iu77ea7 wrote

Thankfully my Tauntaun hasn’t frozen before I hit the first marker yet.


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu7n7v2 wrote

All the unsold Seattle Times make a perfect fresh salmon wrap at the world famous Pike Place Market, bumping elbows with the homeless on the way back to the car. Crossing fingers that the windows aren't broken out. Defund the police you say ?


Evening_Tie_7751 t1_iu5liv3 wrote

I hope people in this state are smart enough to realize any news paper endorsing that loser Kent has no credibility whatsoever


justynebean OP t1_iu5qinc wrote

It’s got the more horrific articles in it. It blows my mind that people fall for this crap!


Evening_Tie_7751 t1_iu5xxue wrote

Gives off very strong Lewis county vibes


Troutmandoo t1_iu6gy9d wrote

As a resident of Chehalis, I concur.

I want with all my heart for Joe Kent to lose, but I honestly don't see it happening here. The hatred for Democrats is just too strong. They would elect this white nationalist, election denying, MTG wannabe over any democrat no matter how much damage their vote does, even how much it damages them personally.

I love living in Lewis County, but the political atmosphere here is tough to deal with.


KBAR1942 t1_iu6lvyk wrote

SW Washington is a strange place politically. Parts of it a try deep red, but the influx of people moving in from Oregon, California, and elsewhere, changing the voters. It is a competitive district.


estefaniah t1_iu7tz40 wrote

It is very interesting, all my neighbors have either moved from Portland or from out of state. My neighbor has a sticker that says “I’ll tread where I want” with a mongoose eating a snake. So there is definitely a mix of folks from different backgrounds which I can truly appreciate especially being a minority. It’s a strange environment, there are parts of the county that I don’t even step foot in. If you drive to more rural areas (like where Kent resides), you’ll see the all black American flags flown. I have watched this area change the past few years I’ve been here and am hopeful that Marie will win (even though she is a bit too centrist for my liking).


Indiesol t1_iu6mh3d wrote

>Mod Log & Mod Queue ImprovementsMod Log & Mod Queue: more sorting options! more contextual information! It's a gluttony of more!It's Vote Early Day!Learn about your options for mail-in, absentee, and early in-person voting.

Yeah, my parents live in Pahrump, NV, about an hour outside of Vegas. A few years back they actually elected a dead republican brothel owner over a live democrat. It's fucking insane.


arcanepsyche t1_iu8u8a9 wrote

Hi from Ethel! Strong agree. Beautiful area, batshit politics.


Petya2022 t1_iu6m3jx wrote

Who cares. People will be voting the issues, not the individual. Crime, inflation, homeless are the issues. For Democrats it’s abortion.


Delusional_01 t1_iu77r3w wrote

Why you think Dems don’t care about inflation? They also pay the same price. Crime is also another priority, so is homelessness. On the other hand Republicans create new issue, abortion shouldn’t even be an issue, but they created it and I bet you they won’t do anything about the other issues either if Dems say they care about them as well.


Retaeiyu t1_iu89z0v wrote

The elected Dems don't care about inflation because it was caused by corporate greed, corporations pay them off with donations.


Joshuaedwardk t1_iu80d66 wrote

As a Democrat and Veteran, I care about the crumbling of democracy in USA and holding every single home grown terrorist coward, that attended January 6 accountable. So no, it’s not all about reproduction rights.


Baiken31 t1_iu6kuu5 wrote

Freedom of the press.

Looks like someone wasted a lot of money exercising their freedom.


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu7nwke wrote

The Seattle Times are a prime example. The job of journalists is to be a watch dog of government. Not a propagandist of the Democrat party. But unfortunately we live in a world of lies thanks to the Fake News.


ZombieTrogdor t1_iu8ivhk wrote

Found the person who wasted a lot of money starting “The Flame.”


Denidil_Taureran t1_iu825bc wrote

> Not a propagandist of the Democrat party.

the seattle times is fucking right wing, you nitwit


Zarkxac t1_iu6ln76 wrote

Republicans seem to be obsessed with turning this state red, even though it's not going to happen.


justynebean OP t1_iu6mch4 wrote

People just gotta get out and vote! Make sure smiley doesn’t win. Or Sutherland. Or any of the other extremists. We need to get it together. Get some friends and head out to vote and then go for drinks and apps! Make a day of it if you don’t vote by mail.


Zarkxac t1_iu6qm8v wrote

I have my ballot and my friends and family will be voting, that's all I can hope for.


AdventureBum t1_iu7n8we wrote

My ballot is filled out and going in the drop box tomorrow.


Affectionate-Winner7 t1_iu9i82c wrote

I had a mormon neighbor come by stumping for some R judge. I just told her i had already mailed my ballot and bid her a good day.


scipio11111 t1_iu8f727 wrote

Angry Birds?


justynebean OP t1_iu8fe9s wrote

Appetizers lol I’ve had hot wings on the brain for a few days. Might have to make some tonight.


Turbulentlightning08 t1_iu6dh74 wrote

America First was the name of a US Nazi front during the WWII era. 'Nuff said.


tortaiactaest t1_iu7f4k9 wrote

Mmmhhhmmm, pic to prove it

Edit for additional info: It was also a major nativist, isolationist, conservative movement in the pre-war years, populated with klan members and boosted by the likes of Charles Lindbergh.


gillyyak t1_iu6fo87 wrote

Save it for the next great TP shortage!


OnSandersFuckStick t1_iu5npe7 wrote

The right thrives on fear.

It’s their only hold over their constituents.


justynebean OP t1_iu5qo2k wrote

I know I work with a bunch of the idiots. It’s all fear mongered bullshit. My guns! My taxes! My rights!! Smh


veritasius t1_iu8di89 wrote

You think it’s bad in Washington, I live in Indiana and our attorney general just released a warning about fentanyl laced Halloween candy because Biden’s loose border has allowed cartels across (because giving away expensive drugs is profitable?). The made up non issues generated by the right is mind boggling.


justynebean OP t1_iu8dqoz wrote

Out by my location it’s pretty bad. I’m in western Wa but one of the reddest towns. Idiots walk around with blatantly racist shirts (things like a photo of native Americans and sayings underneath like “remember what happens with the government tries to take your guns”. We’re surrounded by idiots. Idiots as far as the eye can see. I can’t even imagine Indiana.


veritasius t1_iu8hssu wrote

There’s a lot of gun fondlers here and it’s not unusual to see open carry idiots with confederate flag caps roaming Walmart


justynebean OP t1_iu8mf6e wrote

What a weird time to be alive


CuriousPenguinSocks t1_iu97ru9 wrote

I never thought I would live to see times like this. I'm also in Western WA, grew up in TX though so I'm used to the idiots I guess.

My spouse is from Indiana and has family still there, I feel for them, they are moderate Dems but they have open minds and love to have actual debates to learn.


justynebean OP t1_iu9gmu9 wrote

Hey I grew up in Texas too! And yeah I guess I’m used to it as well but it’s still saddening to see in this day and age so much racism and blatant idiocy among people. It seems like an absolute choice to believe the lies rather than accept the reality. And in their denial they just make it worse for everyone else. It’s sad and incredibly frustrating.


CuriousPenguinSocks t1_iu9j3c6 wrote

I never realized how much racism I was exposed to till I left TX for Cali (went to school there). I realized how much racism I had, it was sobering to me. I thought I was so open minded but I guess I was, I just needed to learn.

The denial or really the outright gaslighting is what I can't stand. My parents did this to me, they were extremely abusive, and I'm still unpacking all the damage. I can't stand anyone who will gaslight.


SummitMyPeak t1_iu5qhmk wrote

Saw this at the IGA in Darrington, and a lot of the contributors appear to be up there. Not a fan personally, but important to know that these beliefs are bubbling up not too far from the city.


MTFlyfishingGUY t1_iu630iq wrote

I just feel bad for the trees that died to make that paper 😖


VariousHumanOrgans t1_iu608yl wrote

I got that too. Read it for a minute because I believe in knowing thine enemy. Went straight into the trash after.


justynebean OP t1_iu610d3 wrote

I read it because I was curious and realized immediately when I saw the red and blue pill image and the difference between dems/repubs line up and how it demonized dems and made republicans look like heaven sent angels it was trash.


idontlikeseaweed t1_iu6s9v3 wrote

I follow this sub although I don’t live in Washington, and they’ve been doing it here in IL too for months. I usually just use it in the fire pit.


skihikeexploreyvr t1_iu6uycb wrote

My favourite part is the “stand with my pillow” ad at the end, encouraging you to buy pillows to help mike with his lawsuit


Affectionate-Winner7 t1_iu9ink5 wrote

The grift's just keep getting more absurd by the day. That's the problem with lies. You have to keep making them bigger and bigger to keep the illusion going. These suckers just keep throwing their $'s at them. Those doing it know it and are laughing all the way to their banks in islands.


tortaiactaest t1_iu75cxk wrote

u/justynebean, curious whereabouts did you pick that up? County? Was it in a grocery store, being handed out at a school board meeting, a church? Sorry if you said and I missed.


justynebean OP t1_iu7cdzi wrote

It was left in my mail box. I’m in darrington.


Codetornado t1_iu7t6gk wrote

If it wasn't mailed then that it a federal offense. Only USPS can use a mail box. Speak to your neighbors about it and then report it to the Postal Inspector


tortaiactaest t1_iu7csto wrote

Yikes... and thanks.


justynebean OP t1_iu7d733 wrote

Yeah. I thought the same thing when I realized what it is. I’m honestly not happy whatsoever to get this garbage in my mail box. Too bad there’s nothing I can do about it except burn the fickin thing.


Denidil_Taureran t1_iu82buo wrote

IIRC only mail carriers are allowed to put anything in your mailbox. anyone else doing it is actually violating federal law.

got security cameras? get the fucking nazis in trouble!


tortaiactaest t1_iu7dem0 wrote

I'd be interested to know who's really behind it... and where they're getting their money from...


justynebean OP t1_iu7e8kl wrote

Someone in the comments said who was supporting it. And it has ads in it from some small businesses. I burned it and hope I never see one again.


friendshipwins t1_iu7esaw wrote

I just saw one in the lobby of a jiffy lube in king county too.


tortaiactaest t1_iu7fcgq wrote

OMG... Where in KC?


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu7pmmn wrote

That paper is given away freely at the drive thru at every Starbucks in the State


tortaiactaest t1_iu7r4sp wrote

I had no idea. Thank you.


justanotherlimpclit t1_iu7xrk8 wrote

No worries, they want to entertain the paying customers as they burn fossil fuels waiting for their vente mocha skinny


H2Bro_69 t1_iu7djv5 wrote

It’s called The Flame, because that’s where you’re supposed to throw it. Burn on sight.


[deleted] t1_iu5xavl wrote

The content might be garbage but the tactics are smart.

People do pick up and read things and it's a way of connecting with people.

If we want reasonable candidates to win then we need to push media that gives those candidates and stories a voice.


justynebean OP t1_iu5yc69 wrote

I know. It’s scary. Cunning. Deceptive. But it works.


[deleted] t1_iu5zaqz wrote

I haven't read the paper to know whether or not it's deceptive, but I don't find political rags particularly cunning or scary.

Are there any liberal or progressive presses that you think should be highlighted or supported?

Edit: Uh... why would I be downvoted for asking about a liberal paper? Are you people insane? We will lose this election if we just try to silence anyone who points out the obvious. Man, this was happening with Hillary before Trump won. Watch out, people. Just trying to say "lalala they're so bad and we aren't" doesn't win elections. Smiley is out there in full force. Don't take anything for granted.


Petya2022 t1_iu6m9io wrote

People only want to know who’s on their side on the important issues such as inflation, crime, homelessness, abortion


andytronic t1_iu8gjti wrote

Correct. By reading that propaganda rag, they'll realize that it's definitely not republicans that will solve that issue.


foreverhalcyon8 t1_iu72s3h wrote

Port angeles has one: community news. Volume1: Issue 1.

Its really disengenuous to make a “periodical” that is literal propaganda. Fuck this shit tactic.


Affectionate-Winner7 t1_iu9h5h5 wrote

We just got one yesterday in our locked mailbox. No address label or "current resident."

Who in the USPO is distributing these? I have a mind to take it to the PO today and find out.


justynebean OP t1_iu9hzr6 wrote

Idk but it pisses me off. Are postal workers allowed to put mail like this in our boxes?


Affectionate-Winner7 t1_iu9z6ui wrote

They should not be. If OK then they are no better than any of the social media outlets. Why is DeJoy still employed? That 45 hold over has to go.


mookyno t1_iu6w0bh wrote

We get them in Miami, same trash different party ..


Competitive-Phone894 t1_iu761g6 wrote

It’s a shame a tree died to print that flaming pile of bullshit.


Upstairs_Size4757 t1_iu7osaw wrote

They were on the 88th st over pass a couple years ago having a rally and handing out those papers.


arcanepsyche t1_iu8u109 wrote

Joe Kent, I'm so tired of his idiot face everywhere.


pastelbutcherknife t1_iu6jwt5 wrote

The Flome? Wtf a Flome is? Oh, the Flame. I… think that word has some connotations the publishers might take umbrage with.


windwaterwavessand t1_iu6l0hs wrote

I have seen multiple of these, it’s there new way to reach out to older people that read them


Moxie_Stardust t1_iu6hr39 wrote

I didn't know there was a newspaper, The Blaze was founded by good ol' Glenn Beck.


Old-AF t1_iu67tro wrote



Librekrieger t1_iu69q3t wrote

A significant portion of the state probably disagrees with you. I don't know if they read Reddit, but if any do, you just provided free advertising.


RichardCalvin t1_iu7kc1x wrote

Imagine how many dollars they got for Covid?


ahaadonut t1_iu6m36w wrote

Why does anyone bother reading any flyers or propaganda put out by any party? They're designed to either make the opponent look bad or themselves look great. Are there that many voters who just don't bother to think for themselves or do any independent research on all sides?

Haven't seen this particular "paper" but on the ones that have been delivered first thing I looked for is if it was a true free paper or sponsored. Sponsored, so right in the recycle bin.


justynebean OP t1_iu6m7wf wrote

I thought it was a grocery ad or something. I just glanced over it and then I wanted to see the level of batshit crazy our state has. Let’s keep it blue! Vote vote vote.


Emu_Fast t1_iu7regv wrote

"The People's Representative" ... I think we are starting to see a major shift of the working class towards the GOP. To them Socialist = Woke, and those "Marxist CEOs" need to be run our of town and replaced with the "Independent Capitalist People's Army."

It's almost as if there was another period of history, I. Other countries, where a far right group started using socialist talking points and blaming 'the other' to rise to power, just to rip away all labor unions, public services and education, and dump all the budget into the military.

Just as a fun note, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, The PRC, Venezuela, Pinchochet's Chile.... ALL banned labor unions, ALL of them eliminated opposition parties... ALL of them ruled/rule through terror and fervent nationalism.

Most people in this state don't even know about the Everett Massacre or the Technocracy movement. They just have strong opinions about the culture war.


cakeo48 t1_iu7t6aq wrote

close...yet so far....


darlantan t1_iu7z4ns wrote

I mean...everything they said was true. I'm not real sure what you think you're saying to people with that comment, but I don't believe you're accomplishing it.


cakeo48 t1_iu7zrmg wrote

Not really, they've made notable historical errors and mischaracterizations showing a underdeveloped understanding of fascism. I didn't want to say anything additionally because I see this type of comment daily.


Emu_Fast t1_iu7vtnm wrote

What does that even mean? Are you a bot?

I'm saying that Republicans voters are goddam sheep that think they are revolutionaries but really just crave to live under an authoritarian autocrat.

Dems are weak on most issues and are losing ground because they don't want to cut on education to pay for mass incarceration of the hundreds of thousands of drug addicts.

The GOP will get their way, and the Hegelian dialect tells us that eventually we get the American Night of the Long Knives, and neighborhood purges. It'll probably happen in the next five to ten years after the monetary system collapses.

The American Left doesn't really exist. It's dead and will be a other generation or more until it resurfaces. I think we'll probably get Ecofascism instead though.

Go read this book:


cakeo48 t1_iu7z2v2 wrote

It means your general grasp of general themes is reasonable but the historical particulars are lacking and therefore you will miss how much more insidious and quiet the fall further into fascism will be in America.


Emu_Fast t1_iu9as1x wrote

Oh I get it. Voter suppression and election engineering is already in full swing in the southern states. Dems will never win again in states with a Republican Secretary of State.


Joshuaedwardk t1_iu9a38n wrote

Stop with the catch phrases if you want to have a serious conversation, it comes off as pseudo intellectual. Both sides have valid criticism like always.


No_Cold6069 t1_iu6a3cr wrote

Liberals are the problem in Washington state. Not republicans. Change my mind


Sadspacekitty t1_iu6y03k wrote

Considering Democrats have had control for decades and in that time we've become on of the most economically productive states with a very high standard of living even in more rural areas I don't think they are the problem....


No_Cold6069 t1_iu7jg08 wrote

Did you really just say that Washington has a very high standard of living? Seattle which is one of the main attractions in this state is ranked number 3 in the country for amount of homeless, and have you seen the state of Tacoma? And what about the massive increase in violence in all democratic cities which has repeatedly been ignored as an issue. The facts are clear and concise you just choose to ignore them.


Sadspacekitty t1_iu7sgma wrote

Lol? Those aren't quantitative measurements of standard of living. They are issues sure but overall our violent crime rate for the state is still significantly lower than the national average. Property crime and homelessness have increased in the majority if not all cities that have experienced similar growth and economic prosperity as Seattle. There's no mainstream party in the US that's been shown to effectively addresses the underlying causes of that...

Regardless of the issues that do exist it doesn't change that overall we do quite well compared to many of our peers especially being a smaller state.


liftnfish t1_iu5tzr7 wrote

Love it or hate it we are seeing this from both sides of the spectrum.


justynebean OP t1_iu5uk0p wrote

I’ve yet to see some weird conspiracy filled “news paper” from democrats. Just saying. This thing is filled with lies and extremism.


GucciSalad t1_iu82nhb wrote

Could you post more of the articles? The ones in the picture just seem like election info. Nothing "QAnon" or "conspiracy filled" jumps out at me.

Not disagreeing or anything, just never seen this and am curious.


justynebean OP t1_iu8b13w wrote

Unfortunately this sub only allows one photo and as much as I hate saying this, you could go to their website. I believe if you zoom in it’s on the bottom on the paper.