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[deleted] t1_iwa2zx5 wrote

The fire damage is amazing.


iamlucky13 t1_iweiarz wrote

I'm thankful it's not worse.

I can see the dead trees on the flanks of Baring Mountain, but fortunately a lot of trees still alive closer to the location this photo was taken from. Most of that is burned area, too, but fortunately the fire mostly stayed at lower intensity after the first two days, so the underbrush burned through there, but a lot of the trees should have survived.

There's a nice map of the burn severity here. I'm hoping to go hike up there soon to get a better sense of what this really means on the ground, but I haven't checked the current status of forest roads in the area:


thewaveishere25 t1_iwkpt5d wrote

At least it was mostly dangerously dry underbrush and not very many trees IIRC. As much as the smoke sucked, this was ultimately healthier for the forest and prevents larger fires in the future that do destroy entire forests, so they mostly focused on keeping it away from people


-make-haste-slowly- t1_iwdnu8i wrote

When did it burn?


[deleted] t1_iwdo7yz wrote

Early September until the rains started a few weeks ago. I was up here over the weekend. It’s amazing to see. In some places it burned right down to the highway.


AcadiaPure3566 t1_iwa5at0 wrote

Same as Heybrook lookout trail?


Librekrieger t1_iwa79eg wrote

No. Different start/end points, and different trails. I think WTA lists both.


Space_Common OP t1_iwa7ck7 wrote

No but you can get to either hike if you follow the service road along those power lines!


Space_Common OP t1_iwa7pot wrote

Also, I’m not sure where that trailhead is in relation to where I started but the entrance of this particular trail starts directly across from the bridge.


TempletonsTeachers t1_iwdssq9 wrote

The Trailhead for the lookout is directly off HWY 2 where as heybrook ridge requires you to drive into the city of Index.

As the crow flies they're almost directly across from each other through the woods/over the ridge.


Space_Common OP t1_iwe58eb wrote

It’s no wonder I ended up over there in less than 5 miles into the hike!


vinreg33 t1_iwaqk4i wrote

Harry and the Hendersons?


TempletonsTeachers t1_iwdsyln wrote

The Ridgeline and lookout is in fact what you see in Harry in the Hendersons!


TheBeardManDude t1_iwe4rrr wrote

I literally just saw this picture on my AllTrails app. Looks beautiful!