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Darqologist t1_iwrg2sj wrote

Perhaps they didn't pay the alcohol tax correctly (or at all) to the state?


phanfare t1_iws162x wrote

Ah yes, the "we fucked up so we're blaming the state for taxes in the first place" strategy


carpathian_crow t1_iwsmszo wrote

“You see, officer, they said they weren’t selling it, but it was still displayed, so I figured it must be free.”

It makes about as much sense.


silicon1 t1_iwvn7bb wrote

Right out of the Narcissists playbook, it's a best seller right now!


KevinCarbonara t1_iws31mi wrote

Personally, my guess is that the store is owned by a Republican who is trying to make a statement


FecklessPinhead t1_iwt1aka wrote

Nope, we love the hooch. Not really a republican but not on the left either. Moot point we all love the hooch.


nwslouch t1_iwt1fqd wrote

Agreed. We're a state run by Democrats and will tax everything as much as possible damn it. Do enjoy that additional .46 cent a gallon gas tax come January. You're welcome.


KevinCarbonara t1_iwt2rmq wrote

I'll just have to soothe myself with the extra money I keep by having both a high paying job and no income tax in this state.


unicornlocostacos t1_iwt7sc1 wrote

And better public services than red hellscapes


Nanemae t1_iwwqmca wrote

Live in one of the reddest counties in one of the reddest districts in Washington. Can confirm, public services are a hellscape of little public transport and dodgy Internet from 20 years ago thanks to selling out to Comcast every chance we get.

Private utilities are probably the least dependable version of utilities in my experience.


unicornlocostacos t1_iwwqr9b wrote

Private anything sucks because the goal is money. You can’t achieve great things when you’re focused on the wrong outcome.


ashran3050 t1_iwtexqo wrote

Someone needs to go be poor in a red state for a year to truly enjoy what a democrat controlled government actually gives them.


starfyredragon t1_iwtqmn1 wrote

Preach it. My parents were military, so I moved all around the states as a kid, and a little bit after out on my own. Blue states are veritable paradises compared to the 3rd-world-country that is red-state USA.

I'm more than happy with that .46 extra a gallon with all the positive benefits living in the area has. And WA actually has some of the gentlist taxes I've seen. We don't even have income taxes in this state.


Hanse00 t1_iwtiase wrote

As much as possible?

Oh sweet summer child, none of our taxes are all that high in this state.


Girafferra t1_iwuytfe wrote

But they feel like they are and that’s all that matters. /s


sarahjustme t1_iwrqqbw wrote

Sounds like we have missed some good deals. Jk kidding kinda


JustNilt t1_iwtgevv wrote

More like they probably charged the taxes and didn't properly remit them to the state. As I recall that's an automatic suspension of the license to sell until the situation is fully investigated, fines are paid, and they give the go ahead to sell again.


Chuggles1 t1_iwur47y wrote

Nbd. They cant sell it so ill just walk out with it. Problem solved.


whidbeysounder t1_iwrnwfx wrote

Due to government regulation Murder also illegal at this store


Googunk t1_iwt00xk wrote

We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are unable to leave prison due to state law mandates.


taxbeotch t1_iwszwmp wrote

Also they will not be selling crack due to the state’s rules.


L00mis t1_iwt0ovm wrote

Just at Rite Aid, can you confirm in store murder is still OK there. So I am guessing Rite Aid paid their thunder dome taxes.


rksd t1_iwtadyw wrote

Two pharmacists enter, one pharmacist leaves!


drew1010101 t1_iwrl9bu wrote

Sounds like they got in trouble with the liquor control board.


OhCrapImBusted t1_iwt90r1 wrote


Sounds soooo much better than “We sold to a minor and got caught, so the state liquor control board shut down sales.”

Technically, it’s true since LCB defines the taxing structure of spirits as well.


Lechutes t1_iwtrnjo wrote

The Fred Meyer’s by my house got caught 5 times selling to minors, they had to completely remodel and section off the alcohol area and are required to scan driver license for each sale for 2 years.

This place got 1 or 2 warnings.


thekarmabum t1_iwtkmme wrote

They have to sell to a lot of minors before it goes past the fines stage and into the "revoke your liquor license" stage.


OhCrapImBusted t1_iwtrez8 wrote

First time is mandatory lose sale privileges for a while + fine AFAIK. Regardless, maybe this isn’t their first time?


brittanym922 t1_iwrkthm wrote

Costco is across the street. Problem solved!


Proffesssor t1_iwsfqcf wrote

ironic since costco f'd up our liquor laws.


kjimbro t1_iwstcdi wrote

With Tim chair thief Eyman.


StinkyEttin t1_iwt4caq wrote

I absolutely adore how he's "that dude that stole a chair" now. Love it. Inslee ragged him about it at one point. :: chef's kiss::


Apprehensive_Deer555 t1_iwsh3ma wrote

How so?

Edit: thanks for the explanation, guys. I'm a transplant so these liquor laws are bizarre.


FrothytheDischarge t1_iwsibih wrote

They are the ones who wrote & lobbied the law themselves that supported big box stores when it came to distribution. Thus screwing smaller private business owners who wanted in. Many smaller alcohol & sprits stores went bankrupt 1-2 years after opening.


RemarkableDisaster92 t1_iwt7vd0 wrote

You forgot to mention that prior to Costco you could only buy from WA. State liquor Control Board (the state government owned and operated all the liquor stores). And when that law passed the state was required to either sell or close the stores owned and operated by the state. The law also stated that you had to have at least 10,000 square feet of retail sales space.


[deleted] t1_iwtbeqv wrote

The state also had lots of small stores around the state that sold liquor - I guess acting as an agent of the state, keeping sales separate.


RemarkableDisaster92 t1_iwtbv14 wrote

I don't know what it was like on the Westside of Washington but whe i was in Eastern Washington you could only buy from the state there weren't any private owned stores that I was aware of.


[deleted] t1_iwtdppo wrote

There were contract stores all over the state that sold state liquor:

"...contract stores that sold spirits for the state in less populated areas...

Like the little store in "downtown" Roslyn that had liquor on the wall behind the counter. Or the grocery store out in Ilwaco that had a gated off section to sell alcohol.


MangledUpInBlue t1_iwsjfy7 wrote

…and we end up with higher prices and a nearly 30% tax.


dredbeast t1_iwstchx wrote

The taxes were already included in the price prior to the law change when they were state run. After the change we added another middleman, and the state was going to get their same cut.


hyrailer t1_iwuk655 wrote

"...their same cut" is taxes. You are implying that the state-operated stores made a profit, which they did not. Costco and Safeway, the two corporations that lobbied aggressively for the chance to sell you alcohol at a +30% markup (but told everyone they'd sell it cheaper because of their size), also collects the same alcohol taxes. Are you paying less, as they told you would happen? Definitely not. Did it create any new jobs? No. Actually, over 5,500 state employees attached to state liquor sales lost their jobs.

Much of this discussion is fed by republicans who would like to think they somehow "owned the libs" by taking away government control of a commodity and handing it over to 2 large corporations so they can make a huge profit. The truth is, everyone now pays a lot more, because you were duped.


dredbeast t1_iwury0o wrote

That was my point that I was making.


hyrailer t1_iwv4ak7 wrote

Yes, I realize that now. My comment should have been more generally applied to to post.


doublediggler t1_iwtk8co wrote

Would you like to have a bunch of small liquor stores pop up close to your neighborhood? Imagine what that would do to your property values. Much more sensible to sell alcohol at established big box stores.


Paid_Corporate_Shill t1_iwuyczb wrote

A bunch? Realistically every neighborhood only needs one. It’d be cool to be able to walk to a liquor store rather than get in the car and go to Fred Meyer.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwt0bxm wrote

No, greedy ass state politicians did that all on their own. Only problem with the liquor laws here is the taxes.

Cut spending on worthless bullshit like “raising awareness about homelessness” and cut the taxes.


warbeforepeace t1_iwu24an wrote

Maybe alcohol should be taxed according to the cost and harm it does to the community. 30% is probably right for that.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwuguim wrote

Ah so you want the government to dictate morality. Sounds like you should move to Iran, they even have a police force specifically to do this!


warbeforepeace t1_iwv932y wrote

Not about the morality to it but the cost of things should take into account the cost to society.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwx7vku wrote

Like what exactly? How are these taxes being used to mitigate that damage vs just filling general fund coffers? I’m talking about direct action not bullshit grift programs like “raising awareness” or whatever.


warbeforepeace t1_iwx87uq wrote

Increased cost of healthcare , law enforcement, criminal activity due to alcohol. Washington’s goes in to main revenue fund. It helps go to these costs and preventing something like an income tax in the state.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwxgs57 wrote

Ah so yeah, it goes into grifting bullshit “general fund”

Show me that money going directly to what’s it intended for or it’s just the state reaching into the pockets of the working class for no good reason.


warbeforepeace t1_iwxh4vm wrote

Seems like you need to do a bit of research on what taxes go toward. Just because you dont' benefit from every dollar spent directly doesn't mean you are not in benefit of the money spent. As someone that pays more taxes than most people, i don't agree with everything my taxes are spent on but do understand the reasoning of why they choose to invest in x.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwxipzy wrote

No that’s not at all what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that if the government is specifically taxing something “because of all the harm it does society” and then doesn’t actually spend that money exclusively on those issues then it’s a fucking scam.


warbeforepeace t1_iwxiwbt wrote

I doubt alcohol tax covers the cost that the state government pays for services i mentioned above. 24b of the budget alone is spent on health care.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwxjlxq wrote

Pretty sure it’s about double that and I’ve never been able to find a good breakdown of the actual costs. Run a business like that and you’ll go to jail for fraud.


warbeforepeace t1_iwxkdmo wrote

Im not sure what part of the revenue category it falls in but Washington state brought in 53b in 2021. 48b of it is not from alcohol tax.

Companies don't have to disclose alot of information. They use private subsidiaries to hide any detailed financial breakdowns they want. They government is held to a much higher level of transparency than even a public company.


beatansem t1_iwv3nrl wrote

It doesn’t take morals to see that alcohol is a legal poison 🤷🏼‍♀️


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwx88tj wrote

There are a lot of people that feel the same way, with just as much certainty, about gay marriage or a whole host of other “moral issues”. You are strengthening their arguments here with attitudes like that…..

“It’s only the things that I personally don’t like that we should have the government regulate”


beatansem t1_iwx9emk wrote

I am not thinking that much into this take I’m just not upset that alcohol is expensive or otherwise more difficult to access considering it’s harmful effects (big and small)


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwxias5 wrote

Hope you feel the same way about junk food, fast food, and a whole bunch of other every day products which are terrible for your health


Proffesssor t1_iwx8e23 wrote

> state politicians did that all on their own.

they had nothing to do with it. Costco wrote the initiative, gathered the signatures, spent a boatload promoting it and the people narrowly voted for it, unfortunately.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_iwxh4ab wrote

No I’m talking about the bullshit morality police that first decided that certain products were, usually according to their religion, sinful and should be taxed higher. If it were about health you’d see fast food at 30%+ taxes as well since that’s a much larger (pun intended) issue in society.


fipperton t1_iwrymwf wrote

I ran into the same problem at my local Walgreens and they told me it was due to an error in paying the wa state liquor tax and they didn't know when it would be back to normal. That was about a week ago.


strangehitman22 t1_iws3x3z wrote

So what it really should be saying is they fucked up not Washington?


[deleted] t1_iwsigf0 wrote



bp92009 t1_iwszkb8 wrote


Searching "wa liquor tax one year" turned up literally nothing related to the tax only being in place for a year.


[deleted] t1_iwtaij6 wrote

I’m not sure what their source is…. But they said “liter” not liquor.. in reference to WA spirit liter tax not the liquor tax.


carpathian_crow t1_iwsmyu8 wrote

Pay for something else of equal value and then take the whiskey?


QuidYossarian t1_iwtgbgq wrote

Basically how weed sales work in DC.

Free gift of marijuana with the purchase of this $50 postcard.


avt1983 t1_iwrk65v wrote

Ah yes those state tax mandates, always kicking in the week before Thanksgiving. Pesky laws!


TheBewitchingWitch t1_iwrxc9u wrote

When I briefly had to work at The Yelm Walmart, their license to sell liquor was suspended for 2 weeks because someone discounted a liquor sale too much. The state has limits on it.


Kickstand8604 t1_iwsd9ui wrote

Alcohol sales rep in Thurston county here. Can confirm. Washington has some weird liquor laws. For example, alcohol distributors aren't allowed to take back/ exchange discontinued items. Imo, its good customer service to do that for stores. Also, Washington has one of the highest liquor taxes in the country. Everyone has to add 20% to the price at the register


carpathian_crow t1_iwsn5f3 wrote

Great, now I need two drinks.


Kickstand8604 t1_iwsoo0g wrote

May I suggest the new PNW lager from ninkasi. Just had some the other day. Wish I had a burger with it. Great lunch beer


pounceswithwolvs t1_iwvbv35 wrote

Washingtonian turned Oregonian here. I second the Ninkasi lager but also put forth, for your consideration, Rogue’s 2022 Santa’s Reserve. For the discerning connoi-brew-sseur looking for a stoutier more potent libation. Had it two days ago. It decidedly does not make one wish for a burger, but in a good way.


thesequimkid t1_iwsp66g wrote

Another sales rep chiming in. Our laws be weird as fuck, man. The amount of times I’ve had customers complain about how I need to take items back is insane.


AliveAndThenSome t1_iwvir4v wrote

Maybe this is why I see so many shopping carts in the liquor area/aisle full of random mixes of liquor? Often, the bottles in there are covered in dust, as if they've been around for years...


thesequimkid t1_iwvix6p wrote

Yeah. The other shitty thing is they can’t discount below cost of the product.


_noncomposmentis t1_iwsrtxg wrote

I suppose that explains why Freddy's has so many cash rebate offers for booze instead of just marking them down?


wyecoyote2 t1_iwswtil wrote

One reason in Longview to run to Rainer and stock up.


Proffesssor t1_iwsfn77 wrote

> one of the highest liquor taxes in the country.

Thanks Costco!


some_strange_circus t1_iwzvfqg wrote

Washington literally does have the highest liquor tax in the country; Oregon is second.


TryFengShui t1_iwrwnln wrote

My best guess is their computer isn't set up to calculate the tax correctly.


selz202 t1_iwsbvql wrote

Yeah it could be an issue of there being 2 separate taxes on one item.


DemolishingNews t1_iwta7gv wrote

That would be weird, since the tax has been in place since 2012.


assonometry t1_iwsqg8i wrote

Walgreens: “See, the way my account is set up is”


SereneDreams03 t1_iwrgznh wrote

Well if they can't sell it, I would certainly be willing to take it of their hands for them, wouldn't want it to go to waste. 😁


OrangeKooky1850 t1_iwrzjea wrote

"It's vodka, it goes bad once it's opened."


rosesandpiglets t1_iwsj9jx wrote

“I think that’s another one of mom’s little fibs, you know, like ‘I’ll sacrifice anything for my children’ “


MiddleCentipede t1_iwrmh6u wrote

Rebrand it as hand sanitizer, no liquor tax required.


Capable_Nature_644 t1_iwsfsq0 wrote

The state regulators probably finned them and shut down their liquor license. They must now renew it. QFC came close to loosing theirs and they decided to go extreme and force customers to have their id scanned. You can refuse please just don't be an @$$ about it. Thank you. No id no sale. It doesn't matter if you're 55+ all get checked.


SWG2001 t1_iwslkx1 wrote

Fred Meyer is the same exact way and has been since July.


sarahjustme t1_iwsr9tm wrote

I got carded there the other day. I'm 51. Confused the heck out of me. I've bought hundreds of dollars of booze before


SWG2001 t1_iwte8t3 wrote

Yeah according to a cashier I talked to at the FM store in Lacey. It has to do with the WA LCB to crack down to stop sales of alcohol to minors. She also told me they now card anyone no matter how old they look for tobacco sales, lighters, and even caught medicine.


harrywoppler t1_iws56fv wrote

I worked someplace that had to stop selling alcohol due to unpaid payroll taxes.


vogeyontopofyou t1_iws35fe wrote

By the same logic I would be unable to drive my car due to state tax mandates.


No-Zombie-4107 t1_iwsehxs wrote

But please leave it on the shelf while you can't sell it, lol


Gryndyl t1_iwsoz7o wrote

It's the best option, really. Finding somewhere to store it in the backroom, figuring out what to put on the shelf in the interim and then having to swap it all back out once it can be sold again is way more effort than just leaving it on the shelf.


No-Zombie-4107 t1_iwt79yu wrote

All I can see is folks wanting their drink, getting pissed, knocking bottles off the shelves. But I get the work and space.


Dramatic_Bluebird595 t1_iwsxwzl wrote

"tax mandates" sounds better than "we effed up and our license was suspended"...


GingerCatGang t1_iwt0ux2 wrote

Seems like their license might be suspended due to not paying the taxes properly. That's usually why places have to temporarily stop selling even with stock on hand.


Spike_Spiegel t1_iws9zh5 wrote

Who goes to Walgreens for liquor?


renownbrewer t1_iwtiqfi wrote

It's the same product anywhere you buy it. Probably aren't going to find much selection of top shelf spirits though.


whiskey_priest_fell t1_iwt8gsg wrote

I live nearby and was there yesterday thinking....some accountant f'd up and is blaming it on a minimum wage team member who is blaming it on the state.


EmergencyHairy t1_iwrzfw9 wrote

Ohhh shit. They better get that shit straightened out QUICK!


lcarosella t1_iwstztk wrote

The voters wanted it.


After_Ad7545 t1_iwsyzq3 wrote

So you can still steal them , right?


DanishSeagirl_ t1_iwt8n4v wrote

Gig Harbor has loads of alcoholics too....I suppose they will have to drive over to Tacoma to stock up


azdood85 t1_iwscl7w wrote

Looks like free real estate if they left it out and cant sell it.


cheekabowwow t1_iwscldo wrote

They're probably stuck in some red tape hell because LCB's processes suck ass.


sarahjustme t1_iwsrpw6 wrote

Heh just noticed the misspelled word. Bonus.


Montgumryburns t1_iwtjv4t wrote

I wish we could just go back to the state run liquor stores so much cheaper


ChimpJuice t1_iwtzvw9 wrote

I don't understand why drugstores and pharmacies need to sell alcohol or cigarettes. All I go to Walgreens for is prescriptions.


thursday_0451 t1_iwujgxi wrote

The correct response to reading thisbsign, on that display, is to ask if you can borrow the spirit/booze and return it later, like a library book


TOMMYPICKLESIAM t1_iwvr2tq wrote

They’re free, they can’t sell but no one said they can’t give them away


iwilldefinitelynot t1_iws5sg3 wrote

So by this method: sales with the corrected tax is worse than no sales, no tax (especially with backtax+penalty pending)? Yeah, probably a case of selling to minors. Can't imagine WA wants to squander revenue opportunity.


Aggressive-Name-1783 t1_iwt15pz wrote

I mean, the store just gets to make money then. If the store screwed up it’s about making sure the store can’t just buy their way out of it.


sarahjustme t1_iwsudq3 wrote

Liquor licenses were a pretty popular cudgel during covid issues. Personally I have zero issues with that, but the state probably spent way more on warning letters and inspections and enforcement, than it would have ever made in revenue


[deleted] t1_iws94lr wrote



Fairydick123 t1_iwsjv9k wrote

It’s not going to work. Just like making drugs illegal doesn’t work and will never work.


sarahjustme t1_iwsrkj1 wrote

There are more responsibile drinkers than the other way around. Punishing everyone for the actions of a few is crap. Maybe look at the sociology that's almost exclusively part of any substance abuse disorder


Nightstorm_NoS t1_iwry7up wrote

It’s ok, due to the real-estate value inflation and property tax hike Washington residents can’t afford alcohol.


KevinCarbonara t1_iws33h4 wrote

I'm sorry, are you saying that wealthy homeowners are being crushed under the weight of their rapidly increasing wealth?


Nightstorm_NoS t1_iwx93yr wrote

Home owners are being crushed under the property tax hikes due to inflated value of homes due to a manipulated system that benefits the real-estate market and the state. Anyone who has ever sold a home knows the appraisers appraise it for what you want to sell it for. There is no argument. And the state loves the new taxes that push people from their homes and potentially Washington.


KevinCarbonara t1_iwxkgxr wrote

> Home owners are being crushed under the property tax


The people who bought a house for 300k that is now worth a million dollars are being absolutely CRUSHED under the weight of all that extra money!! They just can't handle all this extra wealth!!

And even with all those laws Washington put in place, protecting them from tax increases so that they get grandfathered in and continue to pay the lower tax rates even as new home buyers get screwed by both inflated housing prices and higher taxes, these older home owners are the real victims!