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Kickstand8604 t1_iwsd9ui wrote

Alcohol sales rep in Thurston county here. Can confirm. Washington has some weird liquor laws. For example, alcohol distributors aren't allowed to take back/ exchange discontinued items. Imo, its good customer service to do that for stores. Also, Washington has one of the highest liquor taxes in the country. Everyone has to add 20% to the price at the register


carpathian_crow t1_iwsn5f3 wrote

Great, now I need two drinks.


Kickstand8604 t1_iwsoo0g wrote

May I suggest the new PNW lager from ninkasi. Just had some the other day. Wish I had a burger with it. Great lunch beer


pounceswithwolvs t1_iwvbv35 wrote

Washingtonian turned Oregonian here. I second the Ninkasi lager but also put forth, for your consideration, Rogue’s 2022 Santa’s Reserve. For the discerning connoi-brew-sseur looking for a stoutier more potent libation. Had it two days ago. It decidedly does not make one wish for a burger, but in a good way.


thesequimkid t1_iwsp66g wrote

Another sales rep chiming in. Our laws be weird as fuck, man. The amount of times I’ve had customers complain about how I need to take items back is insane.


AliveAndThenSome t1_iwvir4v wrote

Maybe this is why I see so many shopping carts in the liquor area/aisle full of random mixes of liquor? Often, the bottles in there are covered in dust, as if they've been around for years...


thesequimkid t1_iwvix6p wrote

Yeah. The other shitty thing is they can’t discount below cost of the product.


_noncomposmentis t1_iwsrtxg wrote

I suppose that explains why Freddy's has so many cash rebate offers for booze instead of just marking them down?


wyecoyote2 t1_iwswtil wrote

One reason in Longview to run to Rainer and stock up.


Proffesssor t1_iwsfn77 wrote

> one of the highest liquor taxes in the country.

Thanks Costco!


some_strange_circus t1_iwzvfqg wrote

Washington literally does have the highest liquor tax in the country; Oregon is second.