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ps1 t1_iwvnu8i wrote

I love driving into Wenatchee from Quincy in the Spring. Those velvet green hills are hard to beat.


herbalhippie OP t1_iwvov5j wrote

I know it's what I imagine Ireland to look like or parts of England. It really is beautiful in the spring.


Moparian38 t1_iwvtz7t wrote

I just drove that route the other day one could argue the snow capped hills are just as pretty


Baiken31 t1_iwvol4w wrote

Great view of the Malaga Alcoa highway. When I was a kid I used to go swimming at that house on the ridge directly across from you.


herbalhippie OP t1_iwvp0j9 wrote

Up the hill from the A-frame? The big cream colored one?


Baiken31 t1_iwvs1ab wrote

Yes. When I was a kid the house was a light green maybe mint green with white trim. The flat spot in front of that house is/was a pool. Many good memories there.


herbalhippie OP t1_iwvuvqw wrote

I always kinda wondered what was up there. Something fancy? It's fun to find out things like this. :)


Baiken31 t1_iwwhunr wrote

It was fancy to us. This was back in the late 90’s to early 00’s. A sweet old widow lived there and her daughter and son in law lived in the Brown and yellow house above her house.

I bet you have an incredible view in the spring when those orchards are in blossom.


herbalhippie OP t1_iwwklel wrote

Not quite as flowery is when there were apple trees down there but those all got ripped out and cherry trees planted. More money in cherries then red delicious apples these days.


Baiken31 t1_iwwl605 wrote

That is true. My cousin manages a bunch of orchards out there and was telling me about all the apples getting ripped out and replaced by cherries.


mpf1949 t1_iwv8ead wrote

Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦


afternoondelite- t1_iwv6f1p wrote

I upvoted this just based on the Ukrainian flag, and sunflower alone!🇺🇦💪🌻


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_iwv6gq2 wrote

Bees are a major pollinator of Sunflowers growing sunflowers goes hand in hand with installing and managing bee hives.


xxDeeJxx t1_iwyeb43 wrote

I'm hosting a refugee from Ukraine here in Pullman, he had been very impressed at the huge amount of Ukrainian flags he's seen half a planet away.


Night_of_the_Comet t1_iwvbqjc wrote

When I drove past, there was a cloud that was sucking up the steam. Looked beautiful, but my family didn’t want to stop for pictures.


herbalhippie OP t1_iwvbzif wrote

I will always stop for pictures of clouds, they're my favorite. That one would have been great to see.


eyeoxe t1_iwy021i wrote

Living near the Columbia river can be such a mixed bag. Some spots lovely, some spots riddled with crime/ drug culture. Hope you found one of the good spots. Sort of looks like up near Tri-cities. Watch out for that Hanford☢️ glow, it all goes downstream.


blahblahfartpoop t1_iwwp3dj wrote

I drove from Goldendale to the Dalles this morning. Looked really cool!