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EmilyyGilmore t1_iygk2wt wrote

If it’s not too far off the i5 corridor for you, Oceanos in mill creek is the bessst. Pricy but so good!


GuardianSock t1_iyfp2ga wrote

SanKai sushi in downtown Edmonds is pretty good.


keenkonggg t1_iyg9co3 wrote

Sushi zen in mill creek. This is hands down the best sushi you will get for your money. It is the freshest and the owners and people who work there are incredible. Try it once and you won’t regret it.


Hyperinactivity t1_iyg2ij7 wrote

Sushi Moto in shoreline, little south of mountlake terrace but they're my go to spot


badger_556 t1_iyhd588 wrote

Drive a bit further and go to Oto in Kirkland or Redmond.


irish1185 t1_iyncnsp wrote

Sushi Spott in Everett was good. I also really liked Wild Wasabi in Lynnwood. The sushi tower there is pretty tasty.