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Super weird request I know but my wife’s goal in life is apparently to see a wild moose. Just one moose. We are only in Washington for one more month so we are trying to figure out where the highest likelihood of moosery would be. I don’t want us to move back to Boston without fulfilling a lifelong goal of moose viewing. Thanks in advance.



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donivantrip t1_izh6983 wrote

Rainier just made a post about the first ever sighting of a moose at the park today. here’s the fun facts from that post. A few moose facts: • As of 2015, the moose population estimate in North America was ~1,000,000. • As of 2015, there were approximately 5,000 moose estimated to live in Washington State. The majority of these are in the Selkirk Mountains (Pend Oreille, Stevens, Ferry, and Spokane counties) with smaller populations in the north Cascades, Okanogan, and Blue Mountains. • Moose are identified as a Priority Species under WDFW's Priority Habitat and Species Program. Priority species require protective measures for their survival due to their population status, sensitivity to habitat alteration, and/or recreational, commercial, or tribal importance.


bigcalvesarein OP t1_izh6x9p wrote

Yes! When we were last in the white mountains we learned that the ticks were killing off the moose population. Had really decimated their numbers


_fylfa t1_izh2h5p wrote

Spokane! We had two babies hanging out in Manito Park for quite a while last winter


Few-Cricket8373 t1_izhmnjv wrote

Yep. I grew up in Wyoming and Montana and saw many a moose in my days. But the only times I’ve ever seen moose in Washington was Spokane and north - in the Selkirks. (FYI, also the only place in the lower 48 with caribou).


bigcalvesarein OP t1_izh3js3 wrote

Thank you!!!


10-ply-chirper t1_izhcvs8 wrote

If you are in the Spokane area, there is a nature preserve just outside of Cheney (small town 30 minutes west) called "Turnbull". I know people who see moose there every time they go. I have been once, and I saw a moose.

I don't quite know which trail you should take, but if you are willing to spend half a day hiking, this may be a good spot.


PiratesCouldHappen t1_izhngss wrote

I love that place! Super cool visit, even if you don’t see moose.


Active-Ad3977 t1_izhu5vr wrote

That’s what I came to say. It’s also a great place to see migrating and resident birds. I only live 1/2 hour away but I don’t go as much as I should


keeplooking4sunShine t1_izhkwh0 wrote

Exactly. Moose will come and sit in the healing garden at Sacred Heart Medical Center.


EllieTheEclectic90 t1_izha8fg wrote

I've seen one in riverside state park and another on Mount spokane while hiking.


ttmom t1_izh2aqz wrote



El_Mastodon t1_izhikqs wrote

This. My first time in alaska I saw 2 within an hour of landing in Anchorage. You truly don’t understand how big they are until you see them with your own eyes.


darthstupidious t1_izhkfqv wrote

100% true. I've been living up in Alaska for about two years now, and I've seen maybe a dozen moose and I never get used to it. They're freaking dinosaurs.


1Sideshow t1_izkbcgg wrote

And they can run a hell of a lot faster than people think if sufficiently motivated.


billydoubleu t1_izhreqa wrote

My grandmother lives in Anchorage and sends me pictures of moose on her door step on the regular


Peroxide_ t1_izh1mw8 wrote

I lived in western Washington for 23 years without ever seeing a moose.

The woodland park Zoo in Seattle has some elk and deer, but moose are not terribly common in the greater Seattle area.


whelanbio t1_izh613z wrote

Eastern Washington, specifically NE corner around Spokane/CDA. Occasionally they show up in the Palouse but that's pretty rare, the couple I saw around Pullman seemed lost and had the look of "how tf did I end up in the middle of a wheat field"

Super unlikely to see one in Western WA, I think the one spotted around Rainier recently was the first sighting ever recorded in that area so unless you literally find that one it's probably not happening.


Deej811 t1_izh84jh wrote

I saw 4 in the Palouse in October. The last time I seen one was 5 years ago


whelanbio t1_izhauvw wrote

Thats awesome, what area out there? I use to run all around the farm roads and it was always super cool coming across one.


Deej811 t1_izhf4t4 wrote

A little west of Colfax on a side road. We were pheasant hunting and I thought they were horses at first.


whelanbio t1_izi3rox wrote

I can definitely picture that. I alway figured they like the Palouse river and traverse out from Idaho via that. One summer I paddle-boarded down the Palouse river (I don't recommend it but it was a good adventure) and I saw more variety of wildlife in that day than the previous few months -including some elk way too close for my comfort.

Oddly enough all my moose sightings were south of Kamiak in the area around Rose Creek.


riannaearl t1_izhjiz5 wrote

I saw one running around lyons ferry hatchery, right on the snake river about 6 years ago. It was really cool and very unexpected.


terretreader t1_izh0lnq wrote

Sometimes you can see them wandering around Spokane.


pmiller61 t1_izh5vlu wrote

Going back to Boston? Just go to Maine!!!


bigcalvesarein OP t1_izh5xg1 wrote

That’s the backup plan!


rtp_oak t1_izhghun wrote

Tons of moose in New England. You'll have a better chance over there.


banme5lol t1_izh2x97 wrote

Canada 😂


bigcalvesarein OP t1_izh3man wrote

Yeah I saw one in Alberta years ago but my wife doesn’t want to go that far! Her moose dedication does not cross international borders


Jquemini t1_izhi8ya wrote

You could drive five hours east of Seattle for poor odds or five hours north for good odds.


TheBeardManDude t1_izh4we3 wrote

I second the other comment. North east Washington is your best bet


harrydreadloin t1_izh79k7 wrote

I've seen some in north central okanogan county grazing dogwood in a creek. Not entirely common.


StevoZeMole t1_izh4mia wrote

You're probably not going to a wild moose on purpose anywhere in WA. The further northeast you go, the better chance you'll have of possibly getting a glimpse. Keep going into Idaho and Montana to increase your chances. I've seen the most in Idaho between Moscow and Sandpoint.


kcarlson425 t1_izhah2m wrote

NE Washington … kettle mountain range in ferry county. I’ve lived here 14 months and have seen three moose


steelfork t1_izh58vx wrote

You are way more likely to see an Orca in Washington than a moose. Even if you spend all your time in the forest.


GuardianSock t1_izhtidh wrote

What a weird question. Maine has a wild moose population of 70,000 while Washington’s is 5,000. Maine is an hour north of Boston. Why would you possibly be trying to see a wild moose in Washington when you have 14x the opportunity to see one within hours of you? New Hampshire and Vermont each nearly match Washington’s numbers in much smaller states.

If you want a better opportunity than Maine, go to Alaska?


FullSpecial t1_izh83dy wrote

Only one I ever saw was near Silverwood in Idaho not far from Spokane.


kR4in t1_izh5sp6 wrote

I've seen a mother with 2 babies coming into Idaho from Yellowstone in Wyoming.


Calm-Ad8987 t1_izh7ayp wrote

There's more moose in Mass tbh, easy to find in western mass at least in my experience


AdAdventurous8225 t1_izh88yd wrote

Try Northwest Trek in Eatonville. It's owned by the Tacoma park & zoo. The animals run loose & people are in trams.


Desperate-Gas7699 t1_izhw9dt wrote

Spokane is the answer. I lived there for 8 years before moving to the Westside and saw them on the regular. Specifically north of Spokane. Still, it’s very hit or miss. Even after 8 years, we’d all come running to the window when one showed up in our yard.


KStaxx33 t1_izh7w8e wrote

Saw one in Cheney a few years ago wandering the eastern Washington campus. But they’re mostly up north of Spokane.


thesequimkid t1_izh8etp wrote

North Cascades during the summer months. Then if you’re lucky, the Spokane area, the moose move between Idaho and Washington in that general area. Then northeast portion of the state is another place you can find moose.


mesmee t1_izhaqnq wrote



TheVoiceOfReezun t1_izhbhgx wrote

We have moose sightings in my Spokane neighborhood about 3 or 4 times a year, we live on the south edge of town. Seriously doubt you’ll see one if you go looking though. We consider ourselves lucky that we have them in the area and see them regularly but I doubt I’d find one if I went out looking for them.


thraggon t1_izhdo1q wrote

North Eastern Washington with a little luck, saw one last year near republic off the highway. Don't listen to these nay sayers, I see about one a hunting season over there.

Of all else fails book a vacation to Alaska some day, they are like literal cows up there.


If-trees-could-talk t1_izhogqy wrote

Mount Spokane on the Kit Carson trail or Antoine Peak. Both in Spokane and places I have seen moose.


HailMaryPoppins t1_izh7je0 wrote

Saw one once eating in a pond while camping outside of Roslyn/Cle Ellum but that was eons ago


Calm-Ad8987 t1_izh8dpt wrote

Also if you're driving to Boston from wa stop in the Tetons/Yellowstone you'll usually spot a moose. There's a trail called moose ponds trail in Teton where I have always seen a bull moose the 3 times I've gone (but I might have moose luck.) No idea how it is in winter tho


Obvious_Sugar_2925 t1_izhajue wrote

If you miss them here there are decent populations in Norther Vermont, NH and Maine. If you want it guaranteed, head to Alaska.


justpickituplease t1_izhi2ez wrote

North of Spokane . But you are a little late in the year . Snow machine and head into the back country look for lakes and swamps . My brother just saw one around Kettle falls . If you are in western Washington.. nope


woodsywoodducks t1_izhikxw wrote

Mount Rainer np posted about moose today on their Instagram account! There is one moose there, so I wouldn’t recommend that. North of Spokane is where most of the moose are in Washington.

However, Northwest Trek is near Mt Rainier and is VERY fun. They have a huge open area where lots of ungulates live, and you will almost definitely see a moose there. It’s a must visit if you are in western wa.


Additional_Data4659 t1_izhk7iw wrote

I saw a few moose on a drive up through the Fraser River highway.


freckledtabby t1_izhk89t wrote

... let's see, how many people said "Alaska" or "Canada"?


JoeDirtJesus t1_izhkle7 wrote

You could always shoot up to Maine from Boston to see them if you don’t get the opportunity to in Washington, where elk are far more common than moose


unclestinky3921 t1_izhlbvx wrote

The only moose I've seen here (other than the mascot) was at NW Trek.


TroyBinSea t1_izhleth wrote

I saw one at the Old Mission Rest Stop just over the Border a bit in Idaho once.


troubleinpink t1_izhlike wrote

I would get along very well with your wife.


FreyaPM t1_izhlv0h wrote

Not totally “wild” but Northwest Trek has moose you can see during the tram ride. It’s a wildlife conservation park.


loemlo t1_izhmi5j wrote

There’s one that lives in Wenatchee.


ApartmentOrganic3390 t1_izhpfub wrote

I deer hunted in north east Washington, republic specifically, saw a moose 40 yards from me, but just one moose, have put miles out there and couldn’t catch a glimpse of another one


0000000000000007 t1_izhsku2 wrote

From a safe fucking distance. Those bastards are enormous and will let you know it!


DMGlowen t1_izhv5zv wrote

Northwest Trek


blacfd t1_izhvpoc wrote



Jamieobda t1_izhxpag wrote

There's a Moose lodge in five corners


apis_cerana t1_izhy9hl wrote

There was a bull moose that charged through our campsite in North Cascades a year or so ago. Terrifying.


SnooDonkeys7745 t1_izhzetu wrote

National forests with rivers and lakes. I recommend going to Mt. Rainer or Crescent Lake. I’ve heard there’s moose up there.


Appropriate_Jury534 t1_izi09xs wrote

Go up to Vermont or Maine for the day or weekend to look for them. I’ve even seen one in the berkshires. Or go to northeastern Washington


RevengeOfTheDong t1_izi0e7m wrote

Fairbanks Alaska. It’s a pretty cheap flight this time of year and there are usually moose right near the airport and around town so they don’t have to walk through the snow.


BilloTBaggins t1_izi1n8s wrote

Glacier national park they are everywhere right off the trails


bialysarebetter t1_izi1w2p wrote

When is a great time to see a moose? On Christmoose!

(Glad you’re here a month to make that joke relevant.)


YourMomX1998 t1_izi449q wrote

turnbull national wildlife refuge in Cheney has plenty of them. If you drive around Spokane enough you’re bound to see some, along with turkeys and maybe a mountain lion.


sheskrafti t1_izic1wt wrote

Grand Teton is a safe bet, if you're up for a drive.


AnthCoug t1_izipzi3 wrote

Aren’t moose all over New England? Anytime I’ve been to Maine I’ve seen a moose or two.


setmysoulfree2 t1_izjc6t5 wrote

You mean Bullwinkle ?....gotta find Rocket J. Squirrel first.


dieselboy77777 t1_izh6mmv wrote

Not sure if I can find a whole moose but I know where to find the knuckle!!


Camerones1972 t1_izhcgsc wrote

Be careful. A Møøse once bit my sister... No realli!


rteggert t1_izhfd7i wrote

Dude just drive 169 from enumclaw to maple Valley in the morning and you'll see them crossing the road all the time. Had 2 of those fuckers run out in front of my little honda accord the other morning and damn near shit myself😂😂


eatmoremeatnow t1_izheowv wrote

First off, you DO NOT want to see a moose. They are fucking terrifying and they might kill you.

Second off, I did see one in Spokane but I survived.