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WontFunction t1_j10wn42 wrote

oh wow that's beautiful! I completely forget about my drone during these snow days. definitely need to fly her up sometimes.


KitsapDad t1_j11kbge wrote

That’sa very cool picture. Not very often port Townsend gets that much snow


BKlounge93 OP t1_j11qrmu wrote

Definitely! We had a few false alarms last few weeks where we thought it would, ended up not. When it started rolling in for real I knew I had to charge up the drone!


pala4833 t1_j11uy3c wrote

We get snow like this at least once a year.


_netflixandshill t1_j11eylb wrote

Without knowing, I would think I was looking at somewhere in the upper Great Lakes. Nice shot


thesequimkid t1_j10uwpk wrote

Still glad I decided to keep my ass to PA. It was bad enough with people driving like idiots here, I didn’t want to deal with a PT or Ludlow today.


aooot t1_j11ta83 wrote

For me this photo makes me want to move there.. from PA 😂


thesequimkid t1_j11tfw9 wrote

And no one would blame you. I just didn’t want to drive there today with all the snow and ice on the road.


aooot t1_j11wdvt wrote

Do they not salt the roads as much there? Or the drivers are particularly not great in the snow?


thesequimkid t1_j11wm40 wrote

The state does, but I don’t know about PA. Then on top of that PA only has a a few plow drivers right now.


aooot t1_j11x80w wrote

Oh shit.. I'm talking about Pennsylvania. Whats your version of PA over there? Sorry I'm not familiar with Washington, just a fan. Haha


CarbyBarbi t1_j12gizo wrote

State boys/gals (WSDOT) do great w plowing and salting but they don’t make as much as other city people (i.e City of Seattle, City of Kent, etc.) City of PA I’m not sure but assuming they don’t make as much, resulting in not as much revenue or money to upkeep. But also not as much need to keep roads clear as much smaller population than Seattle etc.


thesequimkid t1_j12gv2t wrote

No. It’s just a bunch of the city of Port Angeles plow drivers refused to get vaccinated. So they were let go, resulting in the city having only a few drivers and many streets to clear. They’re having a hard time keeping up with the main streets: 1st, Front, Race, Laurel, Peabody, Lincoln.

The state guys are doing a bang up job of trying to stay up on the plowing out here in the peninsula.


CarbyBarbi t1_j12h92h wrote

Well I applaud them for sticking their ground and holding their values as a lot of us other folks caved & got the s h n o t. I’ll wait and see what my side effects are in a few years :( kudos to them and respect to the years of knowledge we lost when the old timers left due to the shot.


thesequimkid t1_j12i4ye wrote

No their decision was a selfish one. That not only put their families in a tight spot until positions opened up at business that had spots for them, it put more strain on their coworkers. They had a cushy city government position, that had guaranteed benefits. They threw all that away just because they didn’t want to get a vaccine? That’s idiotic!


thevelourf0gg t1_j123yoa wrote

Oh hey Fort Warden! Cool photo.


CarbyBarbi t1_j12go2u wrote

Drone shot of Fort Warden! Would be epic.


etcpt t1_j15c0lz wrote

I've thought about doing it, but the hassle of applying for the State Parks permit in advance and paying the fee seems excessive for just some cool shots.


beatleboy07 t1_j13d2zs wrote

I love Port Townsend! So many great memories of summer music festivals spent there. I'd love to move there if I could.


Drifter808 t1_j14rzbk wrote

I was just there last week and confirm it looks quite different


Gwtheyrn t1_j15i9a6 wrote

I can almost see my house from here!


Choice-Plane9574 t1_j123mdz wrote

Beautiful but going to be cold tonight. Burrrrrr