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avitar35 t1_j1esy68 wrote

Not only do you need a medical card you have to get the number of plants “recommended” to you and there’s a max of 15. It was one of those things that advocates claimed we could just change in the future and getting any kind of Cannabis legalization was better than everything we wanted. And here we are a decade post legalization and have had very little movement on that.


DarkFlame7 t1_j1f97vq wrote

There's no money in it. In fact, it would result in less money moving around.

So there's no incentive for the people who can change it to do so.


avitar35 t1_j1iamwx wrote

Or it results in more money moving around, we have a thriving black market here for Cannabis. The problem is the money doesn’t move into powerful people or the governments pocket and that’s where the issue is.