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ElTardoDente t1_j1ivdle wrote

Where do you shop at amigo? Come on down to wenatchee where you only pay 6 dollars for 92 percent oil, and that’s before you use points to get a discount. I don’t disagree with what you are saying about edibles however I would recommend taking a tolerance break as eating 100 mg of edibles to feel anything is not great for your health.


Bamcfp t1_j1izexj wrote

I shop all over so I can deal hunt.. I can get cheap oil, I have my medical and you can get $5-$10 dabs at any shop don't trust the thc% for quality. The cheap dabs are much better in Oregon, even without my medical discount its worth the trip to stock up especially on cbd. Edibles have always been this way for me. Takes at least 250 to feel anything, my usual lollipops are 125.


ElTardoDente t1_j1jaz8s wrote

If you can’t trust the percentages on the package than wouldn’t what someone considered “better” be totally up to the perception of the person smoking it? Cheap dabs to me hit the same as a 60 dollar gram it just tastes different. If you have to take over 100 mg of pot then I would highly recommend taking a few days or maybe a week off. Otherwise I would consider that an addiction my friend.