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DeadSheepLane t1_j1e340e wrote

Now if we could grow our own.


Shaggy_One t1_j1efer9 wrote

In washington you can have up to six weed plants. Three flowering plants, and another three that aren't flowering. There's a couple more stipulations like it's only for personal use and you can own 8oz of your own product. Still can't carry more than an ounce with you.

Edit: seems like I was mistaken, only with a medical card.


hashistight t1_j1ek36g wrote

Only with a medical card or a growers license. You can’t grow for rec usage in WA.


avitar35 t1_j1esy68 wrote

Not only do you need a medical card you have to get the number of plants “recommended” to you and there’s a max of 15. It was one of those things that advocates claimed we could just change in the future and getting any kind of Cannabis legalization was better than everything we wanted. And here we are a decade post legalization and have had very little movement on that.


DarkFlame7 t1_j1f97vq wrote

There's no money in it. In fact, it would result in less money moving around.

So there's no incentive for the people who can change it to do so.


avitar35 t1_j1iamwx wrote

Or it results in more money moving around, we have a thriving black market here for Cannabis. The problem is the money doesn’t move into powerful people or the governments pocket and that’s where the issue is.


Captian_Kenai t1_j1e776y wrote

In other words: “Washington government realized they could make money off of interstate weed commerce”


Fit_Insurance_1356 t1_j1e9izb wrote

The Federal government might not take that too well....weed smuggling is frowned upon. Marijuana is still illegal on a Federal level


Captian_Kenai t1_j1eaa9k wrote

Oh the federal government doesn’t like it? Well we better be veeeeery strict about any interstate weed commerce. Better put a nice hefty tax to make sure all that weed is commerced correctly


cheesetaco6926 t1_j1f2jfw wrote

It'd have to be transported in a vehicle under 10K lbs GVWR or GVW. Anything above is still federally regulated and can't be transported in a CMV.


Suzzie_sunshine t1_j1eezcw wrote

Congress has not only the right but the fiduciary duty to regulate interstate commerce. It's very much written into the constitution. The problem is that legal weed is so huge now that it can't prohibit it, or even regulate it, since it has failed to do so now for decades as individual states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana.

Congress is just so broken at that point that states for decades now have ignored Federal regulations and found ways to work around it. Congress has made itself irrelevant to some extent. The country is moving forward without it.


Material_Practice_83 t1_j1fl00w wrote

Still waiting for that grow your own bill to no longer be a backyard outlaw.


elmatador12 t1_j1g6jjg wrote

I don’t follow the different state laws. Can anyone tell me why the cannabis is so much cheaper and better in Oregon then Washington?


ElTardoDente t1_j1gq3bb wrote

Better is all a matter of preference my friend, however it is cheaper because iirc oregon handed out a buttload of growers licenses and now everyone and their mother is trying to sell weed at the cheapest price.


Bamcfp t1_j1hp1a9 wrote

The oregon weed and oil is definitely better. Washington does have high quality bud, just not at the price or selection like down there. Plus you can only get 10mg edibles here, that's weak I have to eat the whole bag.


ElTardoDente t1_j1ivdle wrote

Where do you shop at amigo? Come on down to wenatchee where you only pay 6 dollars for 92 percent oil, and that’s before you use points to get a discount. I don’t disagree with what you are saying about edibles however I would recommend taking a tolerance break as eating 100 mg of edibles to feel anything is not great for your health.


Bamcfp t1_j1izexj wrote

I shop all over so I can deal hunt.. I can get cheap oil, I have my medical and you can get $5-$10 dabs at any shop don't trust the thc% for quality. The cheap dabs are much better in Oregon, even without my medical discount its worth the trip to stock up especially on cbd. Edibles have always been this way for me. Takes at least 250 to feel anything, my usual lollipops are 125.


ElTardoDente t1_j1jaz8s wrote

If you can’t trust the percentages on the package than wouldn’t what someone considered “better” be totally up to the perception of the person smoking it? Cheap dabs to me hit the same as a 60 dollar gram it just tastes different. If you have to take over 100 mg of pot then I would highly recommend taking a few days or maybe a week off. Otherwise I would consider that an addiction my friend.


elmatador12 t1_j1gr4pt wrote

What I mean by better is that Oregon weed seems much more fresh while Washington weed seems to be more dry and not as fresh. Oregon weed seems a lot more potent as well.

I go between states a lot and this mine and a few friends experience.


burmerd t1_j1hnyeq wrote

ok, it requires federal approval. I was about to say: regulating interstate commerce, isn't that something the feds do? Not the states? Hope it works out!


Never_that_bad t1_j1gi1ti wrote

It’s funny they are doing this now. This year has been the first year that had a decline in sales in pot. People find out you can still resort the the black market and get better pot without the 32% tax. Imagine that.


Never_that_bad t1_j1gi45k wrote

Edit: not 100% about the 32% tax it was… could be more/less now