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shaggy908 t1_j1qefgr wrote

This is incredibly easy to prevent if you don’t force dispensaries to operate in cash.


DerekL1963 t1_j1qhulg wrote

That would require action at the Federal level, there's nothing that Washington can do.


darkeststar t1_j1r7vjd wrote

Not true. Was in Portland, Oregon recently and was able to buy from a weed store with a swipe of my debit card. Not impossible, just very difficult. Which is why that federal action needs to happen.


ddiiibb t1_j1rgivt wrote

I'm from Southern Oregon, and most of the shops, if not all, allowed me to use my card for purchases. I thought it was so weird that I couldn't when I moved to Washington.


darkeststar t1_j1rinwv wrote

I remember in my city the first couple months of stores being open my preferred stores had card readers and it was so easy. The day they had to switch to cash only and install an ATM was so annoying. It's such a huge industry and we've crossed 10 years of legality makes no sense to be still back in the dark ages like this.


MMorrighan t1_j1rniab wrote

The problem is that the card processors willing to work with cannabis shops know that we don't have another choice and so they get to charge whatever they want


steamedfarts t1_j1s182q wrote

Do they give some amount of cash back?

If so it’s cause it’s an ATM transaction. It’s a nice loophole but not 100% a card transaction.


Roadtechatlarge t1_j1t79ud wrote

Yes, kind of a pass through. They own the ATM, you’re just using the ATM to process the transaction. The banks see an ATM withdrawal rather than a cannabis transaction.


Dusty923 t1_j1sc2im wrote

My local shop was able to do ATM-like transactions at the register. If I bought something for $44, they would charge $45 and give me a dollar back. So it wasn't a direct POS charge with a bank like usual.


TechnicalV t1_j1s6871 wrote

This can be done in WA as well. The novel tree in Bellevue has card readers. Some workaround where the card reader processes like an ATM


catgrassgurl t1_j1sks8k wrote

It’s similar in MA, where it’s actually card only and they round up to the nearest 5 and then give you whatever change back in cash. I was stunned when I moved to WA


avitar35 t1_j1rp7vz wrote

Cashless ATMs are the way around this, I can pay at my favorite dispensary here with a card. However that brings up a whole other issue of the bank tracking my purchases so I just use cash.


KittenKoder t1_j1s7a8g wrote

You can actually use a variety of systems not tied to banks to pay with credit card, and I'm pretty sure people would be willing to pay an extra 50 cents to 1 dollar per transaction to cover it. There are a few markets in the area that use this with a tablet card reader and a wifi connection.

The online pay method most of them use likely has the option available, so it's not impossible just a bit more expensive. The federal change is needed for many reasons, but this one can be circumvented.


giraffemoo t1_j1rkghj wrote

How would this prevent the burglaries of cannabis products? Like when Zips in Tacoma was robbed and they nabbed a bunch of carts.

Also there are a few shops in Olympia that take cards.


shaggy908 t1_j1rkmsy wrote

Everyone knows where the cash is at. Even if some places take debit cards the majority of sales are done in cash


giraffemoo t1_j1rljj2 wrote

There have been robberies of dispensaries where no cash was stolen, just products


shaggy908 t1_j1ro5ml wrote

You’re not wrong but most criminals would prefer the cash. A dispensary would be a less desirable target with less cash on hand, I don’t really know how you could argue with that. But I guess you’re right, it wouldn’t stop all armed robberies at dispensaries.


ThurstonHowell3rd t1_j1w29v3 wrote

They aren't in the shops long enough to open a safe. They are stealing merchandise. They are in there and out of there in less than 60 seconds.

The stolen merchandise is easily sold on the street. No one wants to talk about that though because it doesn't fit the narrative of "if only they were allowed to take credit cards..." or "The ATF should reclassify marijuana so that these robberies don't take place!".

You don't see other businesses that have a lot of cash on hand getting robbed like this. Why do you think that is? It's not the cash. It's the merchandise.


earl9z9 t1_j1qcx4r wrote

Allow home grows!!! Pass banking regulations so they don't have to hoard cash on location. Over regulations has created this environment.


Posideoffries92 t1_j1qj8db wrote

Can the latter be done at a state level? Given most banks operate across state lines, it seems like that's a federal issue which should also have been dealt with, but generally speaking congress doesn't really do anything of value these days.


clownburner t1_j1qqrhe wrote

There are banks that are in-state only, but the FDIC insurance would drop them, so it’s not worth it. Congress needs to act. Would be a huge boost to the economy, too.


doktorhladnjak t1_j1r0xk4 wrote

Visa, Mastercard, and the debit card networks are all interstate obviously which means no paying by card. Shops are already able to use a few state chartered banks and credit unions to deposit all that cash into.


AdventureBum t1_j1qyr9h wrote

When it comes to taking cards it’s not so much over-regulation as the fact that it’s still illegal federally, AFAIK. Allowing home growing could certainly happen if we changed law.


KevinCarbonara t1_j1rne3w wrote

> Over regulations has created this environment.

No, a specific attempt to sabotage the sale and possession of weed created this environment.


earl9z9 t1_j1s0jkc wrote

So if cannabis was regulated like tomatoes you think these scenarios would still exist?


KevinCarbonara t1_j1t2var wrote

Awful logic.

If guns were illegal you think these scenarios would still exist?

If they hired private security you think these scenarios would still exist?

If this were a Christian/Jewish/Insert-Religion-Here country you think these scenarios would still exist?

If poverty weren't systemic you think these scenarios would still exist?

Your question is pointless. It's tangential at best, and doesn't at all establish a causative link.


blanston t1_j1rgrui wrote

Spent some time in Nevada and they operate their dispensaries very differently. Product and money are in a separate secured room from the public. You pick out your product and hand over your cash. The tender passes the money through a small window and they pass back your purchase. There is also on-site security. Something like that might not stop this, but it makes it a whole lot more difficult.


dubzi_ART t1_j1qtn47 wrote

This has been news for months. That Bellevue robbery and crime spree was an eye opener. A female I know has worked bikini barista stands and now marijuana. She’s dealt with the crime waves every holiday season.


sexybovine t1_j1rbkfo wrote



ArrrGaming t1_j1riskg wrote

Not who you replied to, but males and females are what the US military called us. I assume other veterans also use those terms out of habit.

That may not be relevant here, but I won’t see people bullied away from using correct language by a cow. That’s just weird and sad.


Material_Practice_83 t1_j1rumrg wrote

A lot of the dispensaries and the industry don’t know that there are some state chartered banks that will allow regular banking and treasury management services for the industry.

The banks need to get better at marketing these services and the industry needs to educate themselves more about using the services.


MMorrighan t1_j1rodrs wrote

At the shop I worked at the people who were present during robberies all called ourselves "Trauma Gang". I get kinda shakey during bank robbery scenes in movies now, or anytime a camera looks down the barrel of a gun.


VirgoDog t1_j1s6f9n wrote

Yet restaurant are going no cash.


happytoparty t1_j1sa5zf wrote

You know who doesn’t get robbed? WSA State because they will come after the dispensary for the tax their owned. It’s like getting spit roasted but not in a good way.


girlnamedtom t1_j1shg6s wrote

I thought controlled entry was the answer.


EqualShape1694 t1_j1v5xi3 wrote

wild to think how something like SAFE banking done right would greatly help washington businesses operate safely yet here we are fighting for a common sense approach to cannabis regulation.

i can't imagine psychedelic healing centers in the future (once we legalize them) having bouncers outside with guns in order to protect ptsd victims going in for treatment but the federal government seems slow to pass legislation on protecting vulnerable people.


El_Mastodon t1_j1rbb4u wrote

Now’s the time to get strapped up 🫡


ArrrGaming t1_j1rjddk wrote

You can’t.

It’s literally a question on the federal form when you purchase a firearm.

Until and unless it’s legalized federally, legal gun ownership and possession is incompatible with with marijuana.

A dispensary might be able to hire armed guards, but I’d consult a relevant attorney first. (The security agency may have already done so and know the relevant laws.)


MMorrighan t1_j1roi8x wrote

Nope you can't have guns on the premises at cannabis shops so armed guards aren't allowed.


SwiftS021 t1_j1rjime wrote

MORE GUN CONTROL THEN! That'll show the robbers whose boss and NOT legally armed and capable citizens.... /s (for you dimwits)


Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j1rkttf wrote

I hoped you forgot the “/S” to make it clear that you are bring sarcastic.


SwiftS021 t1_j1rrquu wrote

I kinda hope people can put two and two together with the giant 'NOT' but i suppose I'll help the mentally challenged


Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j1shrn8 wrote

> I kinda hope people can put two and two together with the giant 'NOT' but i suppose I'll help the mentally challenged

How magnanimous of you. 😅👍


Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j1rkiwy wrote

If there’s large amounts of cash on hand then the dispensaries are foolish to not be prepared for a armed robbery.


MMorrighan t1_j1roqf3 wrote

Ah yes the classic "it's their fault for having money in the safe not the robbers fault for holding a gun to my head to kindly ask me to open it" argument. How should we be prepared when we're forced to be cash based business and not allowed to have armed guards?


Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j1shxvu wrote

> Ah yes the classic "it's their fault for having money in the safe not the robbers fault for holding a gun to my head to kindly ask me to open it" argument. How should we be prepared when we're forced to be cash based business and not allowed to have armed guards?

Yeah… let’s just ignore ALL of human history. 😅👍

Yup, “how it should be” versus “how it is,” a classic dilemma.


[deleted] t1_j1s57ww wrote



Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j1sfc1o wrote

The. It’s no different than any merchant with undefended wares and currency throughout history—they’re a easy target to rob.