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shaggy908 t1_j1rkmsy wrote

Everyone knows where the cash is at. Even if some places take debit cards the majority of sales are done in cash


giraffemoo t1_j1rljj2 wrote

There have been robberies of dispensaries where no cash was stolen, just products


shaggy908 t1_j1ro5ml wrote

You’re not wrong but most criminals would prefer the cash. A dispensary would be a less desirable target with less cash on hand, I don’t really know how you could argue with that. But I guess you’re right, it wouldn’t stop all armed robberies at dispensaries.


ThurstonHowell3rd t1_j1w29v3 wrote

They aren't in the shops long enough to open a safe. They are stealing merchandise. They are in there and out of there in less than 60 seconds.

The stolen merchandise is easily sold on the street. No one wants to talk about that though because it doesn't fit the narrative of "if only they were allowed to take credit cards..." or "The ATF should reclassify marijuana so that these robberies don't take place!".

You don't see other businesses that have a lot of cash on hand getting robbed like this. Why do you think that is? It's not the cash. It's the merchandise.