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jamesbong0024 t1_j1sbgpw wrote

This isn’t vandalism. This is terrorism.


SeatlleTribune t1_j1t97ah wrote

the bad guys are white so it cannot be called such thing.


TBizzle123 t1_j1te8yk wrote

Did they catch someone?


aeo1us t1_j1tkvdc wrote

You wanna bet that the bad guys aren't white disenfranchised American citizens who love Russia? Because you'd lose that bet.


luna1108 t1_j1uymlv wrote

Or Russians who are trying to dismantle Americas infrastructure.


Pookells t1_j1ujjza wrote

Where were the good guys with electricity? They would have stopped this! 😁


are_we_there_bruh t1_j1s8hlx wrote

Hope these domestic terrorists are arrested asap and jailed for life


pa_jamas360 t1_j1s8vc0 wrote

Yep, we live in a society. They aren't showing they want to get along so I have no issues with a send them away for good.


AshingtonDC t1_j1sbljd wrote

we spare no expense to hunt and stop foreign threats but let the domestic ones right in to do as they please


dcazdavi t1_j1uyxlp wrote

even if they're caught; the police are sympathetic to their plight.

a LOT of them have to be arrested before a good enough apple is involved to hold them accountable.


chromecod t1_j1sehna wrote

This could possibly be an act of domestic terrorism and all the local news is airing a bunch of puff pieces. Guess they need to send out their investigative reporters.


Hanse00 t1_j1stjja wrote

Investigative reporter.

Pretty sure all the news outlets just share one these days 😂


chromecod t1_j1uwvz3 wrote

Well you have the King 5 investigators.. and and of course there's JESSY JONES !! What a joke


TemetNosce85 t1_j1tw79l wrote

> This could possibly be an act of domestic terrorism

It absolutely IS one. Right-wing white supremacists are circulating manuals on how to commit these attacks.


[deleted] t1_j1uqu7a wrote



VaeVictis997 t1_j1utkj0 wrote

You think that dozens of people across the country are just randomly all deciding to attack power substations in the same way?

This is absolutely a coordinated attack by right wing terrorists. If this was a bunch of Muslims doing it, every TV talking head would be breathlessly talking about this novel new method of terrorism and of terrorist organizing.


Cmdr_Starleaf t1_j1vrdsf wrote

I stated the attacks were coming from the fringe right on r/SeattleWA and was downvoted.


A_Drusas t1_j1w4xhx wrote

That's because that sub has a ton of fringe right people on it. Many with zero connection to Seattle or Washington.


TemetNosce85 t1_j1vgj2v wrote

Lmao. FBI very clearly has evidence and we have other attacks, like the one on the drag event, that show it is right-wingers. Quit being delusional and accept reality.


sweet_n_salty t1_j1sayvz wrote

As someone working security for a central wa PUD, good luck getting bean counters to give us money to be proactive. Nobody ever thinks it will happen here until it does.


farcical88 t1_j1sjio1 wrote

Is physical security beyond perimeter breaches something covered by policies or on the radar of most PUDs? I mean I know you said finance won’t allocate for it but is it on the minds of others?


sweet_n_salty t1_j1smpdf wrote

It’s definitely on some of our minds, and people are interested, just not interested to be anything but reactive to anything. We’ve got some large buildouts planned for the next 5-7 years, and nobody wants to put an extra 5-6k in a 3 million dollar project for access control and a few cameras.


Hanse00 t1_j1stokp wrote

5-6 k per 3 million? Geeze, I’d personally foot the bill for that shit. Infrastructure is the most important thing we all share.


westsound_bestsound t1_j1swhoo wrote

> 5-6k

Like average per camera cost maybe


exstaticj t1_j1tfu0y wrote

I used to work with a security company that did remote view networked camera setups. 5-6k is completely reasonable for a substation retrofit. Plus when the camera detects movement, an alert can be forwarded to the security team so that they may determine if the threat is credible or not and respond if necessary.

The technology is fairly straightforward and intuitive. The power companies all have qualified technicians that are more than qualified to do the install. If the companies negotiated directly with Honeywell or another manufacturer, the price could reduced significantly as the two companies reach a long term agreement.

Video is inexpensive. They can alert the entire security team within seconds of detecting motion. Response time is critical and this is key. Not some CSI wanna be high powered enhance camera. Save those for the new builds. The retrofits could be quite cheap.

I can't believe we live in this timeline. I can't go to the store to by a gallon of ice cream without passing several cameras trying to cite me for a traffic crime. Once I arrive at my friendly corporate megamart, I am even under more surveillance. They even go so far as to show me my face on a large screen suspended from the ceiling. When I finally get to self checkout the final camera, complete with facial recognition, is designed to ensure that I can be prosecuted if I don't ring up my $5 ice cream. No expense was spared in making me a compliant little citizen.

The nationa and state levell power grid though? We just don't have the money



thedeadthatyetlive t1_j1sk7k6 wrote

Unfortunately because security was not a concern for most of these pieces of infrastructure, securing them would probably be pretty expensive. Between the publicity and damage to infrastructure however, there could be enough pressure to spur something. While IP cams may not be sufficient to defend such substations from gunfire, it might have been enough to make IDs in these cases. I don't want to discuss specifics of site security with you, seems like that information probably shouldn't get spread around right now, but do you know if security is the responsibility of the power companies or the government in these instances?


VGSchadenfreude t1_j1sh6ne wrote

Which bean counters? The actual culprits at the very top or the poor saps who do all the actual grunt work?


sweet_n_salty t1_j1smcyk wrote

Top. We’ve been asked multiple times and provided multiple estimates and recommendations, even 3rd party security assessments and when it comes down to it, we’re always told there’s no money anywhere to be found.


VGSchadenfreude t1_j1t8sk1 wrote

As a low-level “bean counter,” I feel you! Lost my last job because the CEO decided I was “too pushy about getting stuff turned in on time.”

I was the only AP person for both sides of the company. I was trying to not only make sure their bills got paid on time, but also cleaning up the mess their ridiculously high turnover had caused. It was literally my job to be pushy about paying things on time!

They fired me by phone the day before my replacement started. I had zero warning that they were even considering getting rid of me.

But joke’s on them! They caught me right in the middle of a massive overhaul of their AP filing system (four years of electronic AND paper files), and gave me no time to wrap things up, so that whole area is a fucking mess.


dandydudefriend t1_j1sudh8 wrote

So they’ll send the National Guard to BLM protests but domestic terrorism affecting critical infrastructure gets nothing so far?


Gwtheyrn t1_j1sz4zo wrote

Lone wolf stochastic terror attacks are hard to predict, but this stuff has caught the attention of the FBI and Homeland Security (once they're bored of shooting brown people). The people they catch involved will face some lengthy sentences. Not as much as stealing a few million from a billionaire because priorities exist.


Toppot35 t1_j1sgce6 wrote

I wonder if any had video surveillance


aeo1us t1_j1tky1z wrote

KING5 said they were reviewing some video evidence from a previous attack.


duseless t1_j1ski8s wrote

To what end?


Gwtheyrn t1_j1sy1bq wrote

In an attempt to harm people. MAGA/GOP has decided that if they can't win the culture wars, they're going to sow chaos, death, and destruction. There's going to be a lot more right-wing domestic terror attacks in the country and especially in blue states over the next 10.years or so as Christian Nationalists find themselves increasingly politically sidelined in these areas.


Pookells t1_j1ujru3 wrote

If Culp been elected governor, he would have called this the “loving act of patriots”


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Fickle_Revolution383 t1_j1tc7ow wrote

idk man after that democrats and even a lot of far-leftists weren't embracing Willem Van Sponsen, and even the ones that did embrace him quickly forgot about him. CPAC literally did say "we're all domestic terrorists now" to the applaud of thousands and made heroes out of Rittenhouse, and will continue for years to celebrate them and their tactics. Likewise, Michael Roehler shoots a Proud Boy in Portland and gets tracked immediately and extra-judicially murdered in a driveway in Lacey, and meanwhile all the far-right crazies who shot and ran over protestors take weeks to track and maybe get a several month trial with a lenient sentence if they were unlucky.

to y'all, when it's the far-left, it's obviously terrorism, no two words about it, we can't debate this otherwise we're all terrorists too and are part of the antifa network and are paid actors.

but when it's the far-right, we can't point fingers and gotta let the details and facts come in, and you're toootally just an independent thinker with no connections.

stop being a useful idiot, tool.


[deleted] t1_j1tdflt wrote



Fickle_Revolution383 t1_j1te3fq wrote

I feel like a conversation would be the long way to find out what you said quite concisely. it would be a waste of time to reconfirm what, as I can now tell, I quite correctly assumed.


dzolympics t1_j1tl17g wrote

Found the antifa member.


Fickle_Revolution383 t1_j1u6s7d wrote

what does antifa even mean in your bled out, shriveled brain? I feel like I can't even respond in the affirmative or negative to that, because your understanding of...things, is severely detached from reality, so no matter what I answer you've made up your mind about me and already have a devilish picture inside your head of me wearing all black and wielding a molotov or something. oh, and let me guess; another shitty joke about how I probably wear a mask


Blueprint81 t1_j1ul4el wrote

Member? You don't need a membership to oppose fascism.


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[deleted] t1_j1tkxu7 wrote



zapp91 t1_j1tmp59 wrote

Hey, you tried. Give yourself a pat.


Fickle_Revolution383 t1_j1u71un wrote

he doesn't post or comment about anything else other than "antifa bad" and "masks bad", so is it really so much "effort" on his part as it is muscle memory and a covid-induced fugue state?


Fickle_Revolution383 t1_j1tcmx3 wrote

CHOP is the new Red Munich scare. NSDAP constantly referenced the Bavarian Soviet years after it and revolutionary left-wing violence ceased, all to justify or at the very least excuse new rounds of right-wing terrorism far greater in scale and effect.


Big_Influence2660 t1_j1u6na9 wrote

Proud boys, boogaloo boys, and umbrella boy aren’t left wing. And neither are the vast majority of cops. Hope this helps!

Do you think police should be able to murder black people with impunity?


HoneyDutch t1_j1sl5pk wrote

This is happening in Florida too. The substation by my house was vandalized and cut off power for a few hours. Surprised these aren’t more heavily protected. It is literally out in the open middle of nowhere, “guarded” with an 8ft fence.


eatmoremeatnow t1_j1sq48o wrote

I agree.

I do not know who did this and if it is political or whatever then it is a terrible crime.

However, a lot of these in WA are very close to homeless camps and I can't help but think that there is a real possibility that this is nothing more than drug addicts doing shady things.


schrod t1_j1uyghb wrote

The way to round up these people is to offer large awards for information, and have highly publicized standing awards for information on any of this type of behavior. Also post standing huge jail sentences, penalties such as seizure of assets and other fines. Tell them ahead of time that due process is minimal.

Attacking electric supply is dangerous because we rely on electricity for lifesaving systems let alone heat, and food preservation. It is unacceptable to allow this to happen.


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j1sijfe wrote

And what point do legit patriots start providing armed security around substations. I’ll volunteer for a shift


thedeadthatyetlive t1_j1skfnr wrote

Thing is, how do you tell if the groups guarding the stations aren't just casing them? Seems like a good job to have if you want to ruin one.


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j1sm2k7 wrote

Come on, man.


thedeadthatyetlive t1_j1soy14 wrote

You don't think that's a possibility?


Lost_Sasquatch t1_j1usban wrote

It doesn't actually matter, since they would either have to

A) Commit the act on their shift, immediately outing themselves as the culprit.


B) Return later, but oh, look at that, there's someone else guarding the power station.


vogeyontopofyou t1_j1smlse wrote

Great, now we will have amateurs with their taticool toys stumbling around in the dark. Go cosplay elsewhere please.


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j1sn8ak wrote

We’ll all be in the dark if they keep doing this. I’m not suggesting we stand around like meal team 6 MAGATS, but a simple group of people sitting around drinking your favorite herbal tea at a substation would thwart this.


Levonorgestrelfairy1 t1_j1ssxbt wrote

You really going to spend 8 hours in the middle of nowhere freezing, with possibly not even a portapotty without pay? When you are a sitting duck for anyone in the brushline?


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j1sx52f wrote

No. But goddamnit this is fucking frustrating that a few dipshit MAGA fucks can fuck with thousands at a time and it’s treated so nonchalantly


Levonorgestrelfairy1 t1_j1sy94j wrote

There not much we can do, thats why they hit these targets.

We need to throw the book at any we might catch and clamp down on those breeding these lone wolves. But sociecity is held togeather on the idea of a common good/interest, broken people who don't want to play by those rules have dozens of targets around them they could attack. We can't protect it all unless we go full ai drones.


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j1sz6hg wrote

The problem is that our “protectors” are significantly sympathetic to the rightwing cause, so they’re not going to vigorously pursue or protect against future attacks.


bedlog t1_j1sww7e wrote

open season on domestic terrorists, i am certain they are reading these posts too


monkey_trumpets t1_j1sx0tb wrote

Can't wait until our power goes out. Though maybe they're done with Pierce Co since they already hit it in three places.


Crimson7Phantom t1_j1utukt wrote

Security seems breached all too easily...


should_be_writing t1_j1vj75q wrote

Kinda surprised this hasn’t happened before as substations are particularly vulnerable to basic/ low budget attacks like shooting certain parts of them, arcing their high voltage lines with a drone or other drone and non drone related attacks. All this information is extremely easy to find even on YouTube.

I guess it’s taken this long for our country to be this divided. Conservatives will say all Trump did was be a little mean and mostly funny but his derisive words and support have consequences. Not saying our country wasn’t fucked before (remember Ferguson in 2014?) but there is a radical minority (albeit a large minority) that has been empowered by Trump and other grifters.


MinuteMap4622 t1_j1uswp3 wrote

This like the rest where test runs. Luckily the morons doing this aren’t smart.


MalyutkaB t1_j1v4j9n wrote

Always near military installations.


Teanaway99 OP t1_j1v6l7z wrote

Lol. Ok you go with that man. Watch out for the space lasers.


MalyutkaB t1_j1v7aoc wrote

I was in for 10 years and this is pretty average about what people would talk about doing. I think you underestimate how much soldiers, at least combat arms, really end up hating government heavily.

Not ssying it was soldiers but there was FT Bragg in NC where the last one that made news and now this one.


Teanaway99 OP t1_j1v926v wrote

Yeah, but you're just extrapolating into a conspiracy theory that has no evidence behind it at all. The fact is that we don't know and won't know until law enforcement releases information. It's all mental masturbation until then.


[deleted] t1_j1v2uf8 wrote



Teanaway99 OP t1_j1v3z0g wrote

Well, the damaged substations and outages weren't in Seattle, Chief. They were in rural Pierce County which is way south of there. Next time pull out a map and act like you know what you're talking about.