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TemetNosce85 t1_j1tw79l wrote

> This could possibly be an act of domestic terrorism

It absolutely IS one. Right-wing white supremacists are circulating manuals on how to commit these attacks.


[deleted] t1_j1uqu7a wrote



VaeVictis997 t1_j1utkj0 wrote

You think that dozens of people across the country are just randomly all deciding to attack power substations in the same way?

This is absolutely a coordinated attack by right wing terrorists. If this was a bunch of Muslims doing it, every TV talking head would be breathlessly talking about this novel new method of terrorism and of terrorist organizing.


Cmdr_Starleaf t1_j1vrdsf wrote

I stated the attacks were coming from the fringe right on r/SeattleWA and was downvoted.


A_Drusas t1_j1w4xhx wrote

That's because that sub has a ton of fringe right people on it. Many with zero connection to Seattle or Washington.


TemetNosce85 t1_j1vgj2v wrote

Lmao. FBI very clearly has evidence and we have other attacks, like the one on the drag event, that show it is right-wingers. Quit being delusional and accept reality.