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homeownur t1_j20g58s wrote

Well they do have Reddit evidence it’s some maga person. So there’s that.


TemetNosce85 t1_j21ehmu wrote

Phew. I dunno. A bunch of guys get arrested after spreading information on how to commit these acts and suddenly 11 attacks happen right after - one of them we know was done to stop a drag queen event. And each attack has the exact same pattern each time.

But yeah, sure, it must all just be a coincidence.


OnSandersFuckStick t1_j211x2y wrote

You mean suspecting terrorists when terrorist shit happens is a stretch?



homeownur t1_j212q4a wrote

A hunch is definitely a lot to go on. Isn’t that how we found the Boston marathon runner? CSI:Reddit ftw.


homeownur t1_j213lc8 wrote

Btw if this was terrorism, where are the people claiming responsibility? Without anyone claiming responsibility, how is the political aim defined?