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Kads_Baker t1_j20qixk wrote

Seems advantageous to, I don’t know, install security cameras around an infrastructure that effects the daily lives of citizens, yeah?


1chemistdown t1_j21w1vt wrote

Here is the thing, budgets set for the year did not include money for that. Budgets for 2023 were worked out in September-October of 2022, and nobody thought to include that because who would want to destroy power to full communities around the country. So now everywhere is working out capital expenses for carrying this out vs get local governments to agree to shutting down roads surrounding the sub stations to any unofficial access.


azdood85 t1_j202qtw wrote

In other words they have no idea who did it.


homeownur t1_j20g58s wrote

Well they do have Reddit evidence it’s some maga person. So there’s that.


TemetNosce85 t1_j21ehmu wrote

Phew. I dunno. A bunch of guys get arrested after spreading information on how to commit these acts and suddenly 11 attacks happen right after - one of them we know was done to stop a drag queen event. And each attack has the exact same pattern each time.

But yeah, sure, it must all just be a coincidence.


OnSandersFuckStick t1_j211x2y wrote

You mean suspecting terrorists when terrorist shit happens is a stretch?



homeownur t1_j212q4a wrote

A hunch is definitely a lot to go on. Isn’t that how we found the Boston marathon runner? CSI:Reddit ftw.


homeownur t1_j213lc8 wrote

Btw if this was terrorism, where are the people claiming responsibility? Without anyone claiming responsibility, how is the political aim defined?


glitterkittyn t1_j20bioe wrote

Christmas brings new round of attacks on Northwest power grid

The Christmas crimes are the latest in a string of physical attacks on the Northwest power grid.

Update 12/25, 10:30 p.m.: A fourth substation was attacked and set on fire Sunday night, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Electrical utilities reported physical attacks on the power grid at three locations outside of Tacoma, Washington, before dawn Christmas morning.

About 15,000 people lost power, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s department is calling the incidents “burglaries,” though nothing was stolen from the three substations.

Substations are a key part of the electrical grid that keeps the nation’s lights on. They convert high-voltage electricity to the lower voltages utility customers use.

“It is unknown if there are any motives or if this was a coordinated attack on the power systems,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s department.

Tacoma Public Utilities, which suffered damage at substations in suburban Spanaway and Graham, called the incidents “attacks” and said its facilities were “deliberately targeted.”

Puget Sound Energy, which suffered damage at a substation in Puyallup, called it “vandalism.”

Sgt. Darren Moss Jr of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department took issue with calling the incidents “attacks.”

“There's nothing that we have found yet that says this is a terrorist attack,” Moss said.

“At this point, we believe their goal was to shut down the power. The reasons for that, we don't know yet,” he said.

“It could be a disgruntled employee,” Moss said.

Tacoma Public Utilities later walked back the term “attack.”

“Per the Pierce Co Sheriff, we can’t characterize these as an attack without first completing the investigation,” spokesperson Jessica Wilson said in a text message late Sunday afternoon.

Moss said the three substations – all within about six miles of each other – were close enough that one person could have carried out all three incursions.

The three substations all have high chain-link fences and security cameras.

“We do have some evidence with the surveillance cameras at each one of these facilities,” Moss said.

He said the security cameras were added after a rash of metal thieves trying to break in to do some very illegal and dangerous recycling.

“Those people are lucky as heck they didn't kill themselves,” Moss said.

Motives, methods unclear

Some Puget Sound Energy customers in Puyallup lost power as a substation there was damaged around 2:40 a.m. on Dec. 25. Puget Sound Energy restored power by 5 a.m. but did not notify the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for nearly nine hours after the attack, according to the department.

Tacoma Public Utilities customers in parts of Spanaway and Graham lost power at 5:12 a.m., according to the utility’s power outage map. At 5:26 a.m., the sheriff’s department received a call that someone had broken into and damaged a Tacoma Public Utilities substation on 46th Avenue East in Spanaway. Deputies responding to the call learned of an attack at a second Tacoma Public Utilities substation about two miles away.

Moss said whoever broke in cut through locks at two of the substations and cut through a chain-link fence at the third. He declined to describe any of the damage done inside the fences.

“We don't want to have any copycats or anything like that,” Moss said. “But in each of the instances, the suspects broke into the fenced area and then vandalized the equipment inside to cause a power outage.”

The Christmas crimes are the latest in a string of physical attacks on the Northwest grid. At least nine substations in Oregon and Washington have been attacked since mid-November, according to documents obtained by KUOW and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Whether any of these attacks are connected is unclear.

U.S. Department of Energy data shows the Northwest grid has been physically attacked more in 2022 than in the past six years combined.

Federal agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bonneville Power Administration have been alerting Northwest utilities of the threat of sabotage since before unknown attackers shot up a substation in North Carolina Dec. 3, cutting power to tens of thousands of customers.

In January, the Associated Press reported a U.S. Department of Homeland Security warning that domestic terrorists have been developing “credible, specific plans” to attack electrical infrastructure since at least 2020.

In February, three white supremacists from Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin pleaded guilty to crimes related to a plot to attack the power grid in several regions of the United States.

“The defendants in this case wanted to attack regional power substations and expected the damage would lead to economic distress and civil unrest,” FBI counterterrorism division assistant director Timothy Langan said in a press release.

The Puyallup substation is Puget Sound Energy’s third to be attacked since November. The Bellevue-based private utility has provided few details on any of the incidents, citing an ongoing FBI investigation.


Wu-Kang t1_j21tk51 wrote

So we’re crowdsourcing our detective work now…


Jamieobda t1_j241bq2 wrote

Next they'll be asking the public to examine tire tracks.


ThurstonHowell3rd t1_j29mike wrote

I don't see what cameras are going to do to help here. Do you really think the perpetrators destroying a substation are going to waltz up there barefaced or wear clothing that would identify them? Or that they would look for cameras and disable them?

Heck, porch pirates can wear a mask and hoodie and get photographed by a Ring camera located 3 ft away and the cops still have no idea who they are.


TommyScrew0857 t1_j1zmhsp wrote

So we are not supposed to act until THEY say we can? THEY do not have a plan to defend our Substations but expect us to Spy, then report it? lol Last time I called the " Good Guys" for help they told me to file a report online... lol I was watching a crime take place!! and was expected to not help the victim but instead navigate their clunky website.... What a Joke. a few Months ago I just started dealing with things WAY differently... I just respond like a Human and take care of it myself... lol Thanks Cops, Maybe instead of living at Starbucks you could DO YOUR JOB!!!


hexalm t1_j1zqytu wrote

Nice rant, but asking for people to check footage isn't drastically different from asking witnesses to come forward, which is usually a good idea...


TommyScrew0857 t1_j1zs7d2 wrote

Sure... But Why not install cameras at the substations like Decades ago? Every time the criminals out smart the cops WE are asked to help them. If they were forward thinking leaders they would have already trouble shot the situation.. Its Real easy to do nothing then ask the People for help when its to complicated to figure out. Its Embarrassing. This is not asking folks to look at footage to find a suspected criminal this is an act of Terror Strait up so where is DHS in all of this? asking the people for help? Then when we ask for help the police are just too busy, so we are told to file a report online.... THIS is unacceptable. They have the resources that WE pay for!! USE THEM!!!


hamellr t1_j1zpwry wrote

I’d like to point out that in this type of case, Cops are doing their job in asking for additional information as their own and the electric companies has come up short so far.


TommyScrew0857 t1_j1zrd2d wrote

So put Cameras up at the substations? Why is this not happening? lol How embarrassing... actually right after 9/11 I was concerned about this exact thing!! but of course the all powerful American DHS would be on top of it.... NOPE. I thought of doing this Decades ago!!! But I guess the Government hasn't figured it out yet... What a Joke. To be fair I did see a Thurston County Sheriff SUV parked at one substation the other day.. lol


lizthestarfish1 t1_j1zxuxb wrote

I can't imagine a world where the substations don't have security cameras. But it's possible that the security cameras didn't capture anything helpful, or they're just trying to gather as much information about where this person went, who they might have talked to, and what behaviors they were displaying.


hamellr t1_j1zvjlt wrote

Electric companies have been upgrading physical security on substations for quite some time. Cameras are already present at many across the US. They are being used to analyze faults with equipment, such as electrical substation fire that started forest fires a few years ago.

They are also rolling out technology like shot detection sound devices, infrared cameras. They are tapped into tracking cell phones with local providers. They have anti-drone technology coming on line now, that are essentially EMP guns.

The problem is that people are shooting these from a distance, outside of camera range. But there are only so many lines of sight on substations, so police are hoping that a camera sees people with rifles and other identifying information they can follow up with.

I know you’re upset, but right now the solutions to this problem is more money and higher electrical rates.


Jamieobda t1_j242c1w wrote

I think in these instances, the substations were not shot from a distance.


vanilla_milquetoast t1_j1zz25z wrote

You’re reading just a tad too much into this lol. It’s possible people might have captured some relevant information on their personal security systems so the investigators are asking people to check. That’s some pretty standard investigation shit is it not?


takemusu t1_j20env7 wrote

It’s possible they have footage from the substation. But with footage from adjacent areas they’re “Oh, here’s where you parked. Here you are getting out of the car with weapons” and “Oh, you drove in from that direction? Makes sense based on who we think you might be.” …


vanilla_milquetoast t1_j25mh3m wrote

Right? Maybe they’re trying to build a timeline of events and they want to make sure there are as few gaps in it as possible for the defense to use to cast doubt on it.

It’s funny that they said “DO YOUR JOB” when this might actually be an example of the authorities doing a very thorough job.


ladyem8 OP t1_j1zuoil wrote

You’re arguing that people shouldn’t provide surveillance footage of a probable terrorist attack to law enforcement?


TommyScrew0857 t1_j21tc8a wrote

Nope. They should already have cameras.. And its NOT the job of the People to police the Territory is it?


listening_post t1_j206h47 wrote

All of your comments read like you are just a couple hairs shy of putting on a batman outfit and hanging out on rooftops.


shortfinal t1_j20avkr wrote

is this where you come, now that your facebook group is empty? :(