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lurker-1969 t1_j2ndgy8 wrote

Early 70's, 3rd week in October and beautiful weather. My buddy and I hiked in for a couple of days, built a small log structure and had a blast.


monkey_trumpets t1_j2nemwd wrote

I love the imaginative way of naming those beaches.


vazor__ t1_j2oq517 wrote

Better than naming it after some random British explorer


SonicFreak94 t1_j2p0ls8 wrote

The beach I grew up going to in SoCal was literally called "ocean beach" so I honestly think this is a step up naming-wise


mwinni t1_j2nmftx wrote

Are those Elk hoof prints?


wpnw t1_j2ohxzh wrote

No, just boots. It's a popular trail.


karmeleeon t1_j2nmfz2 wrote

Ah, a great place. I need to get back there considering it’s basically in my back yard


bringstm t1_j2oxtl0 wrote

Are these open yet? I know that many locations were shuttered due to covid...last year I rode out and it was still closed, but that was like 6 months ago.


hjhart t1_j2p1wcc wrote

Third beach trailhead is open.


goingtocalifornia25 t1_j2or241 wrote

How’s the drive over there right now?


hjhart t1_j2p1uuv wrote

I went two weeks ago and it was fine. Never blocked and people were moving along quickly. Small construction after lake crescent which delayed about five minutes.


goingtocalifornia25 t1_j38c0xg wrote

Awesome, thanks! Was just worried about snow/ice but not sure how the peninsula is over the winter so wasn’t sure if that was a valid concern


hjhart t1_j38ij3k wrote

Totally! In general the snow doesn’t cause too many issues on the coast. Stay low elevation and you should be fine in the winter in the PNW.


zthompz OP t1_j2unlen wrote

Drive was mellow! Some heavy fog patches, but nothing bad for heading in around 9pm. Very surprised to have that amount of sun out there in January.


goingtocalifornia25 t1_j38c4n4 wrote

Cool, thanks! Was mainly worried about snow/ice but wasn’t sure how much the peninsula typically gets over the winter