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GuardianSock t1_j33fogc wrote

I’m no criminal mastermind but if my heist master plan relied on cutting the power to a specific location I’d probably do the research ahead of time to ensure I didn’t have to hit numerous locations (which is exactly how they were caught), probably just not rely on hitting substations in general for exactly this reason (seems far easier to hit the power to the location more directly), and definitely not commit a significantly more serious crime just to enable my intended crime.


iamlucky13 t1_j34enaw wrote

That's because you ARE a mastermind in comparison to these guys.

You should see the guns they were caught with. A few news articles have carried photos of them. The idea that the modifications they did in any way improved them is almost beyond belief.

In fact, the modifications they did specifically made them guilty of federal firearms crimes, for no benefit to themselves at all, so they're already poster boys for the very last point in your post.