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Another_Penguin t1_j35br9p wrote

I'd pick late July/early August for the statistically best chances of a good time. Summer up there is short (that's part of why the plants are so delicate). Melt-out at Paradise is usually early to mid July, and autumn weather starts around Labor day, sometimes sooner.

Try to stick to trails and rocky surfaces. If you're committed to meadow-stomping, find a spot that's already worn bare from others rather than trampling healthy plants.


yellowstringbean OP t1_j35frvo wrote

I’m not sure why people thought I’d meadow stomp but definitely not. I’m from the area and aware of leave no trace. They’re on a trail in the photos. There’s tons of wildflowers near trails and just want them in the photos in general, don’t plan on ruining them or leaving designated areas!


Team_speak t1_j35hgig wrote

Based on the comments it is hard to see them on the trail, but I respect that you can get such a beautiful photo and respect the land. Are you able to edit the post to include that fact? It might save you some heartache.


yellowstringbean OP t1_j35fv2h wrote

Thanks for tips on July. I’ve gone up in July in the past (10-19th) and never had many wildflowers bloomed yet so was thinking end of July might be too early still


Another_Penguin t1_j3hdo55 wrote

Wildflower season is very brief in the high alpine meadows. A week can make a big difference and it really depends on when the last bit of snow melts. Late July could be great or a bit early but after Labor day is definitely too late.