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No-Cod7466 OP t1_j3aezee wrote

I’ve honestly never experienced the south east at all, is there anywhere over there you’d point someone in the direction of to get a good idea of what it’s all about


Pretty_Inspector_791 t1_j3ajvc8 wrote

You should get out and about. There is nothing like experience. I've lived all over and found good (and bad) everywhere.

SE USA can be very nice but likely to be something of a cultural shock.

I remain a big fan of NW New Mexico and SW Colorado.

We also enjoyed the Texas Hill Country.

The Coastal Range of Northern California was special when I spent time there some years ago. No idea what it is like today.


loco_cascadian t1_j3am3wt wrote

It's different depending on where you go in the SE. If you want mountains, East Tennessee or Western North Carolina are pretty rad with lots of outdoor activities and public land. Asheville NC has a bit of a PNW vibe going on (not something very prevalent in the South). The winters are quite mild but if you ski or board you'll be disappointed. If you want beach the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama are hard to beat. I'm from the PNW and moved to Charleston SC a couple of years ago from WA, it was really hard to leave but I'm 20 minutes from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains. The food is great, people friendly, and cost of living a little lower.