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mikechr2k7 t1_j3z2rb4 wrote

Is the problem the hospitals not hiring nurses? Or is the problem nurses don't want to be treated like trash


Swagasaurus-Rex t1_j3zbanb wrote

If the city can’t control drug addicts, mental health sufferers, and homeless, healthcare workers have to bear the brunt of their abuse. My friend works security at a Seattle hospital. He has to deal with an enormous number of abusive patients who clearly need mental help - not medical - and him and the staff are powerless mostly because of policies designed to avoid liability, or policies that try to treat violent patients with compassion


mikechr2k7 t1_j3zbs6m wrote

My mom was a Nurse in snohomish County. She would regularly get verbal abuse from people denying COVID, people in need of mental help, drug addicts, etc. It's rough and idk if just hiring more nurses is the answer


PumpkinPure5643 t1_j3zjzja wrote

Not going to change anything until the hospitals actually address abusive patients, and pay what cnas/nurses deserve. I wouldn’t ever go back to a hospital setting, it’s absolutely ridiculous how much shit they expect nursing staff to have to put up with.


Kickstand8604 t1_j3zp45t wrote

My local hospital has been hiring for awhile now. Its a good hospital, level 2 trauma center. I think the issue is older nurses retiring/hospital top brass nickel and diming. My mom is a retired nurse practitioner from the VA. About a month after she retired, the VA opened a clinic in her hometown and offered her a nice 6 figure salary. She declined to come out of retirement.