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Captian_Kenai t1_j44zu32 wrote

Honest question but how does it differ from a regular mental health crisis line other than filtering by race?


Winnmark t1_j4djb8k wrote

The coyote does not wish to guide the white man, or the mexican man, or the yellow man, through the dense brush.


YakuzaMachine t1_j43m1lf wrote

Given the government's history with indigenous people this feels like a trap.

Edit: Your Trump flags are getting ratty and torn.


SCro00 t1_j43di6y wrote

Pound sand, all other missing people!


Colt45W t1_j46zbd0 wrote

Look at the trash downvoting you. A downvote is an admission to racism because that is all this is. Breaking equality to virtue signal=racism. Ignorant fucks