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PlantainGlobal6037 OP t1_j4a2iq5 wrote

Reply to comment by youngfan1 in hiking locations? by PlantainGlobal6037

Thank you! We'll have to make a trip up there soon!


youngfan1 t1_j4a2sz9 wrote

No problem. I would also check out Denny Creek and the other trailheads around Snoqualmie. About an hour from Tacoma.


PlantainGlobal6037 OP t1_j4a2yd0 wrote

We're up there quite often so it'll be nice to have some more trails to do!


avitar35 t1_j4a8slk wrote

Be very careful. People get hurt going down into the falls in the winter (it is quite steep) so go at your own risk!