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Capable_Nature_644 t1_j4a4tm3 wrote

Download the app called all trails. You'll have all the maps you need. If you go out of cell service area you might want to download them and take a battery pack for your phone.


Beowoulf355 t1_j49ekx4 wrote

Download the all trails app and it will give you all the info you need


that_crazy_asian_96 t1_j4a7xhu wrote

No love for the WTA (Washington trails association) app or site I see lol. But that’s what I use


youngfan1 t1_j49sjyq wrote

Little Mashel Falls in Eatonville would be my Recommendation. I don’t know how a lot of hikes around mount Rainier would be this time of year. Also the hikes around the hood canal would only be about 2 hours from Tacoma.


PlantainGlobal6037 OP t1_j4a2iq5 wrote

Thank you! We'll have to make a trip up there soon!


youngfan1 t1_j4a2sz9 wrote

No problem. I would also check out Denny Creek and the other trailheads around Snoqualmie. About an hour from Tacoma.


PlantainGlobal6037 OP t1_j4a2yd0 wrote

We're up there quite often so it'll be nice to have some more trails to do!


avitar35 t1_j4a8slk wrote

Be very careful. People get hurt going down into the falls in the winter (it is quite steep) so go at your own risk!


OGbigfoot t1_j4a0uyf wrote

If you're hardcore drive up to the lake constance trail in the Olympics.

It's a very hard trail, be sure to bring more snacks (and a beer) than you think you'll need. Also start early so you can take more breaks.


that_crazy_asian_96 t1_j4a7xv2 wrote

No love for the WTA (Washington trails association) app or site I see lol. But that’s what I use


Lifeson_355 t1_j4a8h2e wrote

Mashel Falls has been mentioned here, so I’d like to just go ahead and throw in all of UW’s Pack Forest in Eatonville. I think the falls themselves may be on that land, but am not sure. There are all kinds of cool trails through experimental plots there. Really neat area.


RevengeOfTheDong t1_j4b5b3q wrote

WTA, all trails, cal topo, Gaia, and Trailforks.

I’ve got them all and all are useful for different things. Also good to have all of them to cross reference with each other too. Though overall my personal favorite is Trailforks.