Submitted by CruchyBunches t3_10e42sq in Washington

I don’t know what the deal is but it seems like recently headlights have become much brighter. I can’t tell if half of the people just don’t turn the brights off or if they just have incredibly bright low beams but it is really annoying. My brother suggested people are switching to LED and they are too bright.

I have encountered a number of people on the freeway that just cruise with the brights on which is so damn annoying.



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Barbarella_ella t1_j4p0262 wrote

I'm about to call my legislator's office and start a campaign to get these regulated. I live on a rural road and when it's raining hard, I am going onto the shoulder or almost taking out mailboxes because I am blinded.


Merfkin t1_j4p0zrw wrote

Can confirm the same experience in the city/suburbs. Every gated-community dwelling accountant has a lifted truck with 6 lights so it's almost impossible to see road markings and pedestrians.

Glad to know they can see tho, cause I sure can't


banana_taco_pan t1_j4pbw56 wrote

Same and when these types tailgate it blinds all the mirrors! I feel strongly about this!


Captian_Kenai t1_j4p5bp3 wrote

I’ve had the same happen near me, already ran into a ditch twice because of people blinding me.

At this point I’m ready to resort to honking at some of these idiots


aiwntrmute t1_j4s08j7 wrote

Oh noes, not the honk! Careful and stay safe!


phlipups t1_j4rfgag wrote

Was literally thinking this yesterday. It’s so bad that I feel like I have night blindness, and I live in the city where overhead/city lights should technically help a bit.


Unique_Engineering_3 t1_j4ozob6 wrote

The new projector and LED beams work well in a flat plane. Real roads aren’t perfectly flat so the projectors are crazy bright when the vehicle is on a slight rise.


ChewingTheBrew t1_j4qwsgh wrote

Yea, I don't count high beams when the car is coming over a rise and is angled up relative to me.

That said, lots of cars, including newer Toyotas and Teslas, seem to have lights angled upwards more than others, or the drivers actually use high beams thoughtlessly.


aquaknox t1_j4rdhgf wrote

yep, I'm constantly having to guess if people are flashing their headlights at me or if they hit a tiny bump


goldenstar365 t1_j4t3zxk wrote

A lot of 18 wheeler lights flicker, It’s an intentional safety feature


SereneDreams03 t1_j4s66ms wrote

Or when it's a lifted truck, if their headlights aren't adjusted (which they never are) then they are pointing directly at the cars in front of them.


Risen_Insanity t1_j4qfgvq wrote

Real roads are perfectly flat, but only in places like Utah where everything is flat.


OldRuskiNoir t1_j4qj23x wrote

Everything flat...Utah...?

Have you been to Zion, Bryce, Salt Lake, Flaming Gorge, Kanab?


Risen_Insanity t1_j4qkyk8 wrote

My great grandma lived in Provo and that's my memory of Utah.


InfoRedacted1 t1_j4r0bqp wrote

It’s a little silly to say something about an entire state if you’ve only seen one part of it right?

Unless you’re from vermont ofc. Everything else in America is flat land in their minds lol


Schrem t1_j4oyomp wrote

I'm glad I'm not the only one! The other day my husband was like "why is everyone driving with their high beams on and not turning them off when we pass??" But then we realized they were all just seeming brighter but blamed it on us getting older haha


MoiJaimeLesCrepes t1_j4p0usm wrote

it is a known issue. look it up on the internet. so far, no solution except look to the lower right (away from incoming traffic), keep your windshield clear (to avoid glare), and, if this fails, don't drive at night. utterly unhelpful.


some newer cars come with the feature that they'll turn off the high beams if they detect an incoming car.


Tawptuan t1_j4p99dh wrote

Your last statement: my dad’s 1956 Cadillac did that. 😉


MoiJaimeLesCrepes t1_j4sas4j wrote

hahaha that is very funny. thanks for letting me know. Well, it's also found on recent cars as a middle to high end feature.


Captian_Kenai t1_j4p5fy7 wrote

This sounds like an even more complicated version of auto high beams which already don’t always work


avitar35 t1_j4q4gel wrote

Pretty sure this has been standard in Europe for a few years and people don’t seem to have an issue with it. I at least appreciate their attempt at fixing an issue.


AZ-Desert-Dog t1_j4r0td6 wrote

That is good but few of us will live long enough to see the end of the current crop of lights being sold.

A part of the problem is that people are changing out halogen bulbs and putting in LEDs that are not designed for the car. That can make them horrible to oncoming drivers.


CheckmateApostates t1_j4p5x91 wrote

It's not just you. If it's not the actual headlights, it's a much larger vehicle shining their headlights directly into the rearview mirror, a newer car's auto-high beams not detecting vehicles in front of it, or some combination of the three. Drives me insane.


washdot t1_j4pxoha wrote

The giant trucks are the worst. And it’s not just the experience while driving. I walk my dog last thing at night…same problem, blinding 🤬🤬🤬


Fuduzan t1_j4qhauf wrote

Somehow it always seems to be the spotlessly clean giant truck with an empty bed, no passengers, and nothing on the hitch.

Bro, you don't need a fucking Ford F9000 super-blinder to pick up groceries.


ericjgriffin t1_j4qkzqt wrote

But how else will they compensate for their teeny-tiny ding-a-lings?


XelfinDarlander t1_j4qtofw wrote

Buy a Porsche. Angle the headlights up, so we have the same problem. 😂


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j4r0o1m wrote

I drive a leveled (front lifted 2”) full size pickup, but I adjust my headlights after the left was installed, as most responsible people do. That said, even sitting up higher I’m blinded multiple times per day by cars with brights in (or ridiculously bright low beans)


MarvinLazer t1_j4pchhv wrote

Yeah, about 15 years ago when LED headlights started to appear I noticed that they absolutely nuked my night vision. Now they're everywhere and driving at night is kinda scary because you know that unless something is explicitly illuminated you won't see it until it's on top of you.

I think it's their white violet color that makes them a huge problem, though. Because I've definitely caught yellow brights from a pickup late at night on the highway and it wasn't as bad as getting an eyeful from a late model car as they went over a hill. I'd like to see a bill that makes blue light filters mandatory on vehicles.


dreams-of-lavender t1_j4qcnjf wrote

it does make driving at night scary, i'm so glad i'm not the only one who's been feeling this way!! i have astigmatism too so driving at night is already a little uncomfortable sometimes... a quick blinding doesn't help


Agitated_Doubt4079 t1_j4ox1d7 wrote

Welcome to small car hell. People are buying the LED head lights with the very small warning on them that say “for flood lights only”.


IamtherealMelKnee t1_j4ozaov wrote

I drive a school bus and those lights are just as bright high up. They are dangerous and need to be regulated.


ChillyFreezesteak t1_j4pny6h wrote

Yep. Not just small cars. I drive a mid sized SUV (older, my lights are not ridiculously bright) and I have this same issue with other headlights.


Agitated_Doubt4079 t1_j4rkafx wrote

That’s good to know because it’s such a pet peeve of mine that I’ve been thinking about getting up larger and taller car.


ChillyFreezesteak t1_j4rn3rz wrote

I'm sure it's even worse for small cars, but seems to be a problem for everyone.


Fuduzan t1_j4qi04g wrote

Thank you for your service


IamtherealMelKnee t1_j4qu80e wrote

lol I love it. Most of my kids are great. And for the ones that aren't, my supervisor has my back.


Fuduzan t1_j4r0ech wrote

Good to hear!

It seemed like when I would ride the school bus as a kid a lot of the riders were absolute menaces (using rubber bands between fingers as a slingshot to fire bent paperclips or pens at each other regularly, several times embedding them into seat backs... the usual yelling of obscenities and "DON'T TOUCH ME AHHHH", etc.)

May your luck in passengers never fade, buddy!


Captian_Kenai t1_j4p5iyn wrote

For anyone in a lifted truck or with some stupid EBay light bar I just strobe my brights no stop at them


SnarkyIguana t1_j4pf3tm wrote

Not only have lights seemed much brighter, but also noticing way more people just refusing to turn their lights on at all. It's like all or nothing lately.


THIS_GUY_LIFTS t1_j4rf1c4 wrote

Or the bastardized hybrid. No headlights on, but the lightbar is at max brightness. Saw that little gem yesterday.


Agreeable_Situation4 t1_j4q6sby wrote

I have practiced for years with keeping my eyes on the white or yellow lines in those situations. If there are no lines then I just scream "Jesus take the wheel"


inimitablematt t1_j4pca4g wrote

I manage a bar and, thus, drive home late at night quite often. At first I thought it was my astigmatism getting worse—known to cause night blindness issues. But, I had to drive my moms SUV during the last ice storm in Tacoma and it was much much much less of an issue for me. Some cars need a dimmer switch and to turn it down a bit.


adfthgchjg t1_j4poay8 wrote

Just like the insane horsepower wars, car manufacturers are in a war to come up with ever brighter lights. It’s ridiculous and antisocial.


Friendly-Elevator862 t1_j4p6f11 wrote

I think it’s a combination of lights being brighter/more blinding and driving in rural areas without lots of city lights around to make the headlights seem less harsh


fellofftheporch t1_j4p9349 wrote

I've been annoyed by this for awhile now. It's not just when they are coming at you. I drive a midsized sedan and my windows are tinted. As dark as the state of Washington will allow. When I have someone come up behind me with their LED lights shining so bright... I feel exposed. Usually I never have to flip that little switch on your rearview mirror. I have had to more and more.


bry8eyes t1_j4q1hap wrote

It’s not just annoying, it’s dangerous. We need some regulation on this


Fuduzan t1_j4qimwf wrote

This has me wondering now how I could legally mount a good sized mirror on the back of the car to help show them the folly of their ways and encourage some following distance...


pnwcatman420 t1_j4p5tp8 wrote

it is a combination of both, new cars come with led lights which are fine if adjusted right, but I have also encountered a lot of people driving with their brights on and cops are not pulling them over or ticketing them, my only suggestion is flash your brights at them to get them to use low beams and if they ignore you use your brights on them that is what I do and my car has HID headlights.


shouldvewroteitdown t1_j4pf7ui wrote

I did that once and it turns out their brights weren’t on…when they flashed their brights back at me it felt like i was staring at the surface of the sun


SnarkyIguana t1_j4rwzsb wrote

This happened to me exactly one time years ago and I still think about it every time I'm tempted to flash brights at someone. Felt like I saw god.


Rock-it1 t1_j4q4plb wrote

Get off my lawn!

... but yeah, I agree with you 100%


Salmundo t1_j4qp4mt wrote

Try wearing yellow safety glasses at night. It cuts down glare, and can help enhance contrast. That’s what my optometrist recommends. Works pretty well for me day or night.


Hassimir_Fenring t1_j4rlpzv wrote

They are especially great when the sun is bright and it's raining. Love yellow for for driving/riding.


Salmundo t1_j4s1sab wrote

Agreed. Great for motorcycling, bicycling, etc.

And you can buy amber safety glasses for $10. Also come in bifocal and in polarized.


Yllom6 t1_j53oe6l wrote

Interesting. Now I just need to find a pair that will fit over my existing glasses and I could be finally driving at night again! I gave up when we moved to the country and became surrounded by large trucks with extra-brights.


Salmundo t1_j53xiav wrote

I have a pair of prescription yellow glasses. Totally worth it.


Allin4Godzilla t1_j4rixvb wrote

You're not the only one. I hate it too, and my professor (American who now lives in Europe) said it's the mentality behind the"rugged individualism."

Cars that ppl make, cater to, or add on, to make themselves safer are illegal there because it makes others less safe because but everyone has it and in an accident the heavier car will inflict more damage to others. A brighter light for yourself is the same. They don't care about blinding other drivers. They only care that they can see better, so it's safer for them.

We need some kind of regulation that makes the roads safer for everyone and not only for the driver.


Vg_Ace135 t1_j4sfzvv wrote

Rugged individualism seems like the American way of things. I've been in quite a few arguments with truck and SUV owners online. They do not care about other cars on the road. They only care about their own driving experience. It doesn't matter to them they are making the roads unsafe for the rest of us. "If you don't like it, buy a truck too" is their scripted response.


allndrrose t1_j4pp9xa wrote

Its becoming pretty normal for cars to use LEDs. I hate it. I never had a problem with night blindness until the last few years, and I know its from all the lights. Granted I have an astigmatism in my right eye, but I live in a rural area where its bright and clear and not dark at all when its just me on the road and I refuse to switch to LED lights, they're so unnecessary.


cneueidb t1_j4psrwz wrote

It’s not just you. It’s everywhere and I too hate it. I try to avoid driving at night but that’s impossible this time of year. I think people need to be responsible and check the brightness of their lights. I’ve found shifting my rear view mirror so it reflects back at the person behind me has been helpful. One person tried to lower their lights and only turned it off. It was at that moment I think they realized how bright their normal lights were. It wasn’t even their high beams. But short of holding a mirror to flash oncoming traffic, there’s nothing to do but hope you don’t crash. Maybe once enough people die from it then something legislative will happen. Since that seems to be how the government works.


hk4213 t1_j4qbm1y wrote

As much of a problem as this may be I fear the people who don't turn on their lights. Worse ore the ones that have headlights on but not taillights. Make sure your taillights turn on when driving in the dark or rain. For your own safety.


Phuzi3 t1_j4qppv5 wrote

This has been a complaint since HIDs first hit the market in the early 2000s. Now that LEDs are taking over, it’s the same debate.

Hell, I think my dad said the same issue came up when halogen became dominate…

I get it. I do a lot of driving at night, and I get blinded by 90% of the cars on the road. I either look towards the fog line or put up a hand (or middle finger) to block the glare from the oncoming lights. Or use my hand to block it if they’re lights are shining in my side view.

There’s no real good way to “fix” it, other than we have to find a way to deal with it.


technoferal t1_j4qqqcl wrote

Our local ambulances have those LED lights *and* the elevation to point them right at my retina. I must have blinked my high beams at them half a dozen different occasions before learning to recognize them. I mean, I'm happy that they can see into the future with those damned lights, but I just want to see outside my vehicle.


Capable_Nature_644 t1_j4quo5g wrote

It's also called people failing to turn off their high beams. People often don't understand how to use them or forget to turn them off.


inkswamp t1_j4r8dim wrote

They’ve definitely gotten brighter and drivers have gotten more obnoxious. I don’t know why any car needs 6 fucking headlights but I’m getting tired of being blinded by that. Thinking there needs to be some regulations of this. If people can’t exercise restraint and consider the safety of others, then the option to have multiple/extra bright headlights needs to go away.


Vg_Ace135 t1_j4sgas2 wrote

I see one truck on my morning commute that always drives with his fog lights on. We rarely get any fog.


MisterIceGuy t1_j4pywe7 wrote

I have also witnessed a lot more people simply driving with their high beams on even in the city. Sometimes (roughly like 1 a week) a car behind me will be blinding me in my rear view mirror and when they pull up next to me at a stoplight I can see the high beam symbol on their dash. On a few occasions I have rolled down the window and pointed that out to them and I have been met with “yeah I know.”


Midnight_Moon29 t1_j4qcp39 wrote

It's not just you. They are so bright now, and sometimes when a car goes over a bump behind me, for a split second I think they've flashed their lights at me.


NotLyingHere t1_j4qjapi wrote

As well, the new Tesla and Rivian brake lights are so bright they’re like laser beams that burn your eyes


Hecho_en_Shawano t1_j4qzul0 wrote

In my recent experience almost every Tesla model 3 appears to have their brights on all the time. I can be looking at a big line of oncoming cars and see a few that seem to have their brights on…they’re almost always all Tesla Model 3’s.

I’ve also heard a rumor that some people don’t like the auto-high beams because they flip on/off too much, so they put tape over the light sensor. That would keep the high beams always on. I can definitely see people doing something this dumb


Portie_lover t1_j4sh6tc wrote

They are brighter. Also, my new car had a “feature” for auto lights. That means it kicks brights on and off by sensor. Sometimes it blinds you. Sorry.


Daniel-Allen t1_j4pvdh2 wrote

Well we’re know for trees fish and assholish drivers.


giraffemoo t1_j4qd4nr wrote

I've noticed folks whose headlights are not working properly who use their high beams. For example: someone with one headlight out. I'm "that bitch" who will blast my high beams right back at jerks who fail to dim theirs for oncoming traffic, and sometimes when I do that the other car will turn their beams off and I can see that only one of their regular headlights is operational.

As someone who is light sensitive and drives for a living, it sucks and sucks a lot.


Perma-Chonk t1_j4qks2b wrote

I just turned up my headlight dial. Really helps with the nights.


ADuff15 t1_j4qofrj wrote

Maybe it has something to do with the crazy amount of darkness we get in the winter. I hear ya tho, my eyes are really sensitive so I always think ppl have their brights on!


Vg_Ace135 t1_j4sg6fz wrote

Look into nighttime driving glasses. I did and they really help.


ADuff15 t1_j4shein wrote

Interesting! I’ve never heard of those but will have to check them out!


Vg_Ace135 t1_j4sj3rw wrote

I bought a pair on Amazon for like 15 bucks. I don't have astigmatism but they really do help if you're sensitive to someone x-raying your eyeballs with their LED beams. They sure do help me as I don't think there's anything that can be done to fight those bright lights they have.


pala4833 t1_j4qr14q wrote

Not suddenly, no.


SarcasticServal t1_j4qzik5 wrote

Most people don’t know you can adjust your headlights and where they aim—not high beams.


tamarlk t1_j4rnzm0 wrote

I really struggle with this too


Atabit t1_j4rzia6 wrote

My dad bought a new truck a few years ago that has "auto dimming highbeams" so he used to just leaves them on at all times.

I think about that every time I get blinded by some new monstrous mother fucker and it like flickers in my face as they drive by.


SquidCat666 t1_j4s8grn wrote

My astigmatism and migraine disorder make night driving bad enough without a supernova of light from a lifted pickup truck tailgating me. If anyone has advice for ways to mitigate this other than flipping up all my rear view mirrors to avoid staring directly into the sun, I welcome it


DsWd00 t1_j4sbxwb wrote

Agree. They’re way brighter than they used to be


Vg_Ace135 t1_j4sew9u wrote

Trucks and SUVs are getting bigger and taller each year. Combine that with the LED headlights they all sport and it blinds the rest of us driving reasonable cars. I just flash my high beams at them when they blind me.

You can look into nighttime driving glasses. I found a pair on Amazon for 15 bucks. But the lifted trucks are so prevalent now that you're forced to wear the glasses all the time. Cops don't seem to ever pull over large trucks and SUVs.

Check out r/fuckyourheadlights Many people share the hatred for those LED headlights.


James_KW_RealEstate t1_j4sr0qu wrote

Tesla headlights are crazy bright... I get high beamed all the time. Sorry.


M4jorP4nye t1_j4sv73z wrote

Some vehicles the brights sit toward the center more, I see those more central lights on all the time. Definitely high beams. I have pretty sensitive eyes at night, and what’s a person to do? If I wear something to help, I can’t see. If they won’t regulate lights, I’ll just tint darker.


xResilientEvergreenx t1_j4t3ztv wrote

They burn my retinas. Though, honestly, since moving here from WI, my driving phobia has gotten way worse. Drivers here are nuts in general. So I'm just avoiding being in cars in general.


apis_cerana t1_j4tngvw wrote

I moved from the east coast. It's chill af here to me -- WI must be amazing!


xResilientEvergreenx t1_j4tpsjr wrote

WI has its share of horrid drivers too. Mostly alcoholics but there's way less people, traffic and the drunks were easier to avoid.


krisztinastar t1_j4t7hya wrote

You’re not crazy! It’s been annoying me too.


Teanaway99 t1_j4t8g5c wrote

It's a pretty common problem: r/fuckyourheadlights


BaldChihuahua t1_j4td1sv wrote

No, your not crazy. I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s horrible. I hate it.


Wonderpetsgangsta t1_j4tosoi wrote

One of my favorite features with my ‘23 Odyssey is the automatic dimming of high beams whenever another person or car is oncoming. It keeps my ability to see intact but removes the human error or delay. I hate being blinded by high-beams, too. I don’t know if this is a standard newer car feature, but I can only hope it’s a widespread thing.


IndigoCores t1_j4tq3vi wrote

Most cars are SUVs/crossovers now and up higher. In a small car on a bumpy rural road it is so hard to deal with.


dangitgrotto t1_j4ypp3k wrote

It’s aftermarket LEDs that are the problem. Factory LEDs are adjusted properly so they aim down and don’t blind oncoming traffic.


Hassimir_Fenring t1_j4rkycj wrote

The last set of halogen lamps I got seemed really dim and I upgraded to some LED lamps. They are bright AF, but they have a sharp cut off so they don't shine up to high on level ground. I love them and I'm never going back.


nordicalien94 t1_j4qp8sa wrote

I have aftermarket LED headlights for my Jeep with color changing halos. Jeep headlights already sit higher than average vehicles so people flash me all the time. So now I just use my halos and fog lights. I use my regular headlights when I really need the light and people flash me anyways but I don’t give a fuck anymore. I just flash people back and they still flash me haha 😂


gladiolas t1_j4qrp5j wrote

Could be cataracts. How old are you?


masterkorey7 t1_j4pnub3 wrote

I'm one of em people flash brights at me all the time, it's annoying. So typically I'll put my brights on and they stop lol.


Dirtywhitejacket t1_j4py1oa wrote

Congratulations on being an asshole. I hope you have the day you deserve.


masterkorey7 t1_j4py5j5 wrote

I'm an asshole for having headlights that came with my car? You sound like you have a tiny cock