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GunHead416 OP t1_j55of51 wrote

Hopefully nothing but I kinda shocked this was all it took for the government to fuck up.

Shocked....well, not that shocked.


Ben_A t1_j55v065 wrote

Worked at dominos as a delivery driver. For some reason my manager sent my full name, address, social security number, and license number to someone I delivered to. I do not know why. He’s just dumb.


rosesandpiglets t1_j569719 wrote

I’m usually not a very litigious person, but you might want to talk to a lawyer. Breaking federal law and saying “oh whoops” “we fixed it and totally trust this dude” doesn’t cut it IMO. They need to provide legal documentation that they did what they said at the bare minimum.


PNW_Explorer_16 t1_j56svm9 wrote

Agreed. We’re you part of it as well? Sounds like a lot were, and I don’t mind getting the ball rolling.


rosesandpiglets t1_j56viua wrote

I was not fortunately. I hope the victims take action though, this is completely unacceptable and I don’t trust the “cooperation” of a third party one bit


SoftwarePatient5050 t1_j57epdh wrote

Which federal law was broken?


[deleted] t1_j57gbsy wrote



SoftwarePatient5050 t1_j581tae wrote

That does not appear to apply here:

>Binds only federal agencies and covers only records under the control of federal agencies (and, by contract, also applies to contractor personnel and systems used by a federal agency to maintain the records).


SirDouglasMouf t1_j576jeq wrote

I'm guessing you don't know about how god awful WA state unemployment fraud was/is/has become. The amount of identity fraud in this state is bonkers.


PNW_Explorer_16 t1_j562m94 wrote

Right. On one hand it’s shocking, on the other, the ineptitude isn’t a surprise at all.

I know we can do better, it’s just takes that initiative, which I don’t have much faith in.