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BarLiving t1_j64kh97 wrote

Yes, in 2013. There was a guest lighthouse keeper there for a week at a time. There was a small museum inside and perhaps a gift shop. I really enjoyed it, but who knows how much has changed in these 10 years. Shocking to me in this moment that ten years have passed.


SummitMyPeak t1_j659lng wrote

I've done the walk and been a volunteer keeper! Ama!


DomineAppleTree t1_j668xa1 wrote

What are the keeper’s duties?


SummitMyPeak t1_j678t51 wrote

Sorry for the delay. You have to stay there for seven nights, because they have a strict volunteer schedule. You don't leave the spit for the entire time, and mostly volunteers hang out at the property. Biggest things include raising and lowering the flag and opening and closing the lighthouse, which includes a museum on the bottom floor. I was there in September so I also mowed and watered the lawn. There's so much down time that the retirees just chill and bake and cook and the young people like me were super productive reading and doing art. Super unique experience


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j64ksfd wrote

Thank you for the information! I’m super curious. I can’t wait to see it! I plan to do this when I get back at the end of March!


BarLiving t1_j64osrj wrote

One recommendation I have is to keep your shoes on. There was a lot of sand, and it wasn’t that cold, so i did it in bare feet. Problem was that it was cold enough to not feel the bruising on my feet from rocks until later.


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j667pqx wrote

Yea I’ve only taken them off a few times but I wasn’t walking far. The times I’ve tried to make the trek I’ve worn shoes! I’ve almost made it a few times but I have stage four endometriosis and it made walking at times very hard. But I had a hysterectomy and I am determined to make it the next time I try!


BarLiving t1_j66k7ct wrote

I admire your perseverance. Fare thee well, fellow traveler on Spaceship Earth.


Wellcraft19 t1_j64rvty wrote

It’s 5 miles there. A lot of sand (worse than walking through snow). And once there, 5 miles back. That said, start early, make it a day, and be prepared for a real workout.


Misopagi t1_j654eb1 wrote

Came here to ask this, 5mi total vs 10mi. Thank you!


Librekrieger t1_j64ktzi wrote

Yes, about 3 years ago. At that time we went up in the lighthouse, I don't know about the current rules.

It's a long walk. I didn't realize it was 5 miles, but not surprised. It's slow going in the dry sand.


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j667tnj wrote

It’s such a beautiful walk! I saw the lighthouse from a mile away but I had to turn around I didn’t have enough time before sunset. It’s been a bummer


pinalaporcupine t1_j64qsso wrote

is this Dungeness Spit? Yes, when i was a kid!


jesuisggb t1_j64qqph wrote

I did it in 2011 and it was great, minus the sunburn, it can get a little boring after awhile. Make sure to get a picture at the intersection of Kitchen-Dick and Woodcock


psychedelic-raven t1_j64zmhu wrote

You can pay to be a lighthouse attendant for a week. Manage the place, tend to visitors, give the tours, etc. always sounded kinda fun if you lived up there.


papayabush t1_j66dwzs wrote

You have to pay to provide a service?


psychedelic-raven t1_j66ep2j wrote

lol yep you sure do: looks like the “keeper” program is still active. I imagine it’s to get only serious applicants and direct the funds towards preservation / maintenance, etc. But it does come off as a bit… odd, seeing as they don’t have to hire labor to do these jobs.


papayabush t1_j66fltf wrote

Jeez pretty pricey too! It explained there that the organization maintaining the lighthouse doesn’t receive any gov funding so they rely on these fees but yea it does seem strange to pay that much to work but oh well. I’m sure it is a great experience.


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j667xw7 wrote

That’s really cool. I’m curious the cost. I’m going to look into that!


elevatedtv t1_j64zcx6 wrote

Worth the trek, but as others have noted, check tide tables, bring water/snacks, and wear good shoes.


bothunter t1_j64oxrd wrote

Lol... It doesn't seem that far -- until you start walking towards it. I've never made it myself, but I've definitely made the attempt.


RogueComment t1_j64vsz5 wrote

Bring Motrin and good shoes … its not a bad walk out but the hike back is tedious and the tide started coming in so it was a bit more challenging. 36,000 step day.


Unwieldy_GuineaPig t1_j64ssv2 wrote

We did it in December. We were itching for a long hike, and had beautiful sunny weather. It was right after the king tide, so it was slow going on the way out. Coming back was much faster. Was surprised to find a recently shipwrecked sailboat there. Really fun day!


Ldoggytown t1_j64q510 wrote

One of the most memorable and unique hikes I’ve done, 2021. Be sure to ask the keepers to see the inside and top of the lighthouse.


Rangerjuan t1_j64sgdj wrote

I did last fall. It was a longer walked than it seemed because you can see the end the whole way.


appendixgallop t1_j65604q wrote

Yes. Pick your day carefully. Know the tides and wind. High tides will force you up into the driftwood; you're absolutely not allowed to cross the crest into the eastern side, which is the wildlife refuge.

Be aware that you will be walking on a slope the whole way unless the tide is way out. That means many people find one hip or knee will get really tired and sore; then in the afternoon, it's the other side. Choose your footwear with care to be sure you have support for this.

Don't ignore the rest of the park for hiking, not just the main pedestrian access. The horse trails in the park, over by Five Acre School, and the ever-retreating trails on the bluff by the campground are really nice. I used to live two blocks from there.

The campground will often have spaces when the local state parks are full - it's a county park like Salt Creek.


hamellr t1_j64njx8 wrote

It is on my list.


MCReader69 t1_j64yfnb wrote

Yes, in 2018 during an extreme heat wave (in the rest of the state) and super low tide. It was amazing! Note there is usually a lighthouse crew of volunteers.


strictlytacos t1_j64stvy wrote

Yes! It’s a hell of a workout in the sand


diarrheaface420 t1_j652uph wrote

Yes I have! I met some nice folks staying at the lighthouse who gave me a tour of it. My knees sure were hurting after 10 miles of sand walking though.


7reevor t1_j66jzt1 wrote

Yes. It's amazing and well worth it. Bring water.

I've also paddle boarded to it. Also an amazing experience. My wife and I have always had incredible life experiences in Washington.


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j68rpap wrote

I couldn’t agree more. I’m born and raised here! Currently living in another state. But I’m back home in late March and I couldn’t be happier. Washington is one of my favorite places and states!


Stabbymcappleton t1_j66lojo wrote

A couple years ago, I went out on Dungeness Spit with my daughter. I saw it coming, so I jumped up on some driftwood to get out of its way. A family of five tourists that didn’t know to never trust Poseidon went from being 10 feet away from the water to being knocked ass over teakettle by a sneaker wave. Thankfully, their little ones weren’t swept out. I ran down the spit and my daughter, her boyfriend and I all decided it was time to go.


Unvert t1_j66o9cd wrote

I have, walking that far on sand is hell on the calves


harrydreadloin t1_j64iqgy wrote

Yes. When I was a kid.


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j64jiwg wrote

Nice! I made it four miles but had to turn around because you have to be out by sunset if you aren’t camping. They lock the gate. I plan to do it this spring! Can you go in the lighthouse?


ClassicHat t1_j65eoea wrote

Been there several times, usually walk 1-2 miles where the crowd thins out and hang for a bit before turning around, walking on slanted sand/rocks gets tedious fast and usually got there in the afternoon with zero intention of making it. The bluffs if you go the other way are also amazing and much less people go that way too


AlienMutantRobotDog t1_j65r62a wrote

How about kayaking? Do you know if you can do that?


anaarsince87 t1_j65wc5d wrote

That's how the majority of the volunteers get out there, from Landing Park.


ilovetacosII t1_j65wx6y wrote

Also did it once, glad I had the experience. It is a loooong walk/hike. Recommend you bring water and lunch.


krisztinastar t1_j6619ky wrote

I tried but only made it a mile, too hard to walk on the rocky sand!


UnhingedHatter t1_j662web wrote

I did the trek several years ago. Definitely pay attention to the tide tables and plan accordingly. It's a gorgeous journey!


PiningForTheFnords t1_j664x6i wrote

What’s the highest tide this can be done with? It’s looking like if I try it tomorrow it will be around 4’ max.


Hooligan-1 t1_j66veek wrote

Yes! Once, a long time ago on a family trip, we hiked all the way out to it. One of my favorite memories as a young man.


nightmareinsouffle t1_j66zv4h wrote

I did it when I was maybe 14? The hike was fun, if a bit difficult because of the sand. I was fine until I sat in the car for two hours right after the ten miles. Then I almost couldn’t stand up.


doublexhelix t1_j67fxr4 wrote

I tried with some friends, only made it a mile or two in the rocky sand before deciding to turn around. what we did was nice though! saw a baby seal on the shore


ahf95 t1_j67mbaf wrote

Like 20 years ago. Damn, it didn’t seem that long back then.


Luca02289 t1_j67r05y wrote

I did this walk last year. The lighthouse at the end is great and we got a private tour from the keeper. I also saw some whales in the distance. Great walk, very exhausting tho.


PartDirect t1_j64st66 wrote

Yes, about 15 years ago.


justpickituplease t1_j650cgl wrote

When I was a kid my brother was stationed there in the Coast Guard. I would stay with him for a month every summer at the lighthouse back when it was manned. Great memories lots of fun. We never hiked it ,we drove the beach. One time he got caught by high tide and ocean took the scout never to be seen again


Gwtheyrn t1_j65xf1d wrote

I did back in high school almost 30 years ago.


Choice-Plane9574 t1_j663vcv wrote

Yes, many times. Watch for low tides, the best for walking to the lighthouse.


fatmanchoo t1_j66ajh4 wrote

They didn't allow dogs down there last time wife and I and dog were there. Unless this isn't the same place 🧐


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j68ru80 wrote

No dogs allowed because it’s a protected area. You’re right!


fatmanchoo t1_j697hzt wrote

Yet humans are allowed... we humans are definitely underestimated in out ability to destroy stuff


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j6981qc wrote

That couldn’t be more true. We are much more destructive than dogs. In every national park I bring garbage bags to pick up litter. After Fourth of July I go out to the beaches to clean up fireworks and garbage. In regards to the spit I think it’s mainly so dogs don’t chase the birds.


ZenobiaUnchained t1_j672z2b wrote

Yes! Check the tide charts and plan accordingly. Pro tip, bring ear plugs. When I went the wind was blowing pretty hard for the hours I hiked it and that plus the sound of the waves really started to fatigue/hurt my ears by the end (it was like being in a wind tunnel for 4 hours). It's a lot of fun though and a really unique hike. Get a snack/coffee at Sunny Farms on your way out. Have fun! :)


ZenobiaUnchained t1_j6738ra wrote

Also read the trip reports and planning info on they have tips and fee information.


LifeofSteven t1_j68qu3l wrote

If that's Dungeness Spit, then yes. A long time ago.


pnw35oi t1_j6chjj6 wrote

I grow up playing out there. Building driftwood forts along the way to the lighthouse. You will have so much fun.


BucksBrew t1_j6odcml wrote

Absolutely, it's a great option for a winter hike since it's in the shadow of the Olympics. Not a super eventful walk since it's pretty much the same view the whole way, but if you love the water then it's worth it. It's better to try to time it to not hike at hike tide so you have more space to spread out.


bigfatfun t1_j64qglz wrote

So, not allowed to drive it then?


Sacredgeometry12 OP t1_j64sxwe wrote

Yea it’s a protected area. You park above in the lot and walk down. It’s a beautiful place. You can walk above the cliffs and see down and all the way to port angeles. I’ve spent a lot of time there I just never make it to the end for some reason 🤣


rosesandpiglets t1_j64vjoc wrote

It’s a wildlife refuge, of course not


tri_wine t1_j65tfuo wrote

Some wildlife refuges do have roads in them, just FYI. Ridgefield, for example.


lostprevention t1_j65cpjn wrote

One can drive on Ediz Hook, a few miles west in Port Angeles, but the lighthouse there is on a coast guard base at the end.


bigfatfun t1_j66o0s8 wrote

Oh? I’ve been to Long Beach and I don’t know why but driving on the beach is just the coolest thing to me.