Submitted by SimpleDewd t3_10opf1s in Washington

I’ll (35/M) be staying in my RV, I’m looking at towns like Hoodsport, Elma, Aberdeen/Hoquiam, Westport. I just really want that cozy/quiet small town feel with good access to Hiking, Biking, and close enough for a day trip to the beach. I’m open to anything and everything so please give me your recommendations

Editing this… Id like to remove the beach stipulation and open this up to Eastern Washington also



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BrideOfBoredom t1_j6g49kr wrote

North Bend. Port Townsend.

Both have appealing small town scenes going on with young people being outdoorsy and running businesses. Twede’s Cafe in North Bend is the diner in Twin Peaks. Port Townsend is a good place to be central to the incredible beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. Gorgeous northern views across the strait.

There are many more, just mentioning those two.


dalethedogg t1_j6g2mn8 wrote

You’re circling Ocean Shores. I’d suggest it.


SimpleDewd OP t1_j6g7pzm wrote

I looked at Ocean Shores, I will go back and look some more!


12thMemory t1_j6gmyk2 wrote

Ocean shores is one of my favorite places to be. Loved watching the sunset today, right after arrival. If you decide to check it out, but not hang around, be sure to come for the Fourth of July.


babybootu t1_j6glx2f wrote

I'd generally check out towns along the Olympic peninsula, like Port Angeles and Forks. There's a highway devoted to going around the peninsula, and the whole thing is beautiful, literally can't go wrong.


krs1000red t1_j6gcju8 wrote

Eastern WA you have Lake Chelan, or for real remote Stehekin is awesome but look into the ferry. I don’t know the Palouse valley as well but some incredible places out there.

See if you can get up to the Islands, all are amazing but reserve a spot at Moran St Park for a while. The park books out 6-8 months in advance. It’s worth it. Trails, Mt Constitution, swimming at the lake.

Port Townsend was mentioned, defiantly check out the Hoh forest.

Also look at the Columbia River. Starting down at Vancouver WA and winding up east bound. Little towns on both sides of the river. Shout out to Backwoods Brewery and Pizza in Carson WA.

Seriously I would look at traveling around in a circle, either direction and plan out the different areas. With weather these days I’d look at being on the coast for late July/August. Look at eastern wa for fall and nice weather through September start of October. Then maybe islands and peninsula for winter. You’ll get lots or rain but winter storms are also beautiful and cozy if your set up for it.


pala4833 t1_j6g2ikm wrote

Honestly, everywhere in Washington has good access to Nature.

The towns you mention are are all in a rather uninteresting area for when you're not seeking nature. It's a remote location that puts you further away from other outdoor recreation areas.


SimpleDewd OP t1_j6g2txr wrote

Do you have any other suggestions? I’d be happy to check them out if so, thanks also for your reply.


pala4833 t1_j6g3pau wrote

It's a really big state. A lot depends on what you're looking for.

Honestly? You're in an RV, right? Move around. Check out different areas. The climate varies extremely from the coast to the Idaho border.

Have you researched any areas? What made you choose the locations above?


SimpleDewd OP t1_j6g84z1 wrote

They were small towns with access to water and nature.. That’s really my only stipulation but it would be nice to be around others my age with similar interests. And I am planning on moving around a bit for sure but I would like to maybe find a job for a little while that has something to do with recreation or possibly fishing.


pala4833 t1_j6ga0z6 wrote

There's lots of access to protected inland waters in the sound area. The coast is very remote, gray and rainy, and rugged. Is walking on the beach, bundled up, what you're after?

Still, just about anywhere, continues to meet your criteria.


v0mdragon t1_j6gm2uu wrote

the gorge, white salmon if you want to stay in wa. bellingham would be good too


katcomesback t1_j6g4ljp wrote

Monroe is a cute town and about 1.5 hours to leavenworth with parking and tons of hikes in monroe and there, snohomish also has cute small town vibes by the river


jloverich t1_j6g7dw9 wrote

Sequim, Anacortes, whidbey island


pala4833 t1_j6injba wrote

Your edit only make your question even more broad and more difficult to answer.


robe_ot t1_j6k92b8 wrote

Consider Anacortes or perhaps even La Conner. It puts all of Whidbey Island within reach (Rosario Beach, Deception Pass, Fort Ebey State Park, Ebey's Landing) but you could also do day trip drives up Chuckanut to Fairhaven and Bellingham. Good hiking in and around Larrabee State Park and Samish: Oyster Dome, Lizard and Lily Lakes, Fragrance Lake, Pine and Cedar Lake. I believe there is a fair amount of mountain biking around Blanchard Mountain, too.


SteBux t1_j6lwcpl wrote

Anywhere around the highway that circles the Olympic Peninsula, especially the north part of the peninsula.


DerekL1963 t1_j6gba3l wrote

Elma isn't a bad choice - an easy day trip to Ocean Shores, and a quick run in to Olympia when you need more shopping than a small town can provide. With the exception of Monroe, that's the big problem with most of the towns people are talking about... They're small towns with all that implies, and not all near enough to a decent sized city.


SimpleDewd OP t1_j6gdlv2 wrote

I’m used to living in small towns so I don’t mind the lack of resources that comes with it most of the time


IamPlantHead t1_j6gmhrt wrote

Forks (has the temperate rainforest), Sequim, Sekiu, Port Angeles, Port Townsend


Jamieobda t1_j6grwp6 wrote

South Bend/ Raymond

Edit: also Dayton/Waitsburg


AdAdventurous8225 t1_j6j5hfa wrote

Most of the state parks that you can camp in have a 10 to q4 day limit. You have the entire state to explore.