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Ovaltene17 t1_j8elfcw wrote

Lowest of the low. Who does this? And how did he think they didn't have cameras? LUNATIC!


masshole4life t1_j8evtes wrote

crime of opportunity or drugs?

i just can't get over the comedy of criminals not covering their face during the sliver of their life where it is both permissible and encouraged to do so.

what a loser.


Dwm182 t1_j8fqwmo wrote

Turtle boy ID'ed him


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j8fxi6y wrote

Amazed people don’t realize most of the open world is covered by at least 2 camera angles at all times, not to mention a place of buisness. Good luck dude. And try some sunlight.


EziPziLmnSqzi t1_j8g8fy6 wrote

BT's, no less.

They're run by great, friendly people who shouldn't be having this happening to them, they're no corporation who wouldn't hurt from this.


squid1980 t1_j8gfq3a wrote

“Man Who Stole Tip Jar From BT’s Barbecue In Worcester Identified As 110 Time Felon Jonathan Gill” is the headline. I’m sure if you out that in google the article will come up


the_sky_god15 t1_j8hu1yu wrote

I’ll bet you anything even if they do catch him they won’t actually do anything about it.


meltyourtv t1_j8jiwd5 wrote

Fuck this guy. BTs def didn’t deserve that their employees bust ass


Seekay2022 t1_j8k12pw wrote

That's right. It's petty theft. He will get a $50 bond if that, get arraigned and a new date to appear. He will absolutely not make that next date. He will be fined, summonsed and warranted. He will eventually steal again. Rinse repeat.


NotLivvvyLoaf t1_j8kuvf9 wrote

Seriously don’t understand what causes someone to do this to a restaurant. the staff at BT’s is always nice whenever I go there. This man is disgusting.


Dr_Captain_America t1_j8mltgi wrote

“No, that's the jar. I'm talking about the tray. You know the pennies that are for everybody?” /s