Submitted by CoolAbdul t3_1131l2j in WorcesterMA

"Saw this in the NYC subreddit (who said they saw it in the Detroit subreddit lol). Could be anything from transportation, parking, well kept secrets, great value deals, best times to do things, better ways of doing things, etc"

(I actually saw it on r/Boston)



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WinstonGreyCat t1_j8nzwjr wrote

Need to get somewhere and the one way street is the wrong way? Just drive the wrong way down it and save some time.


NativeMasshole t1_j8pcak9 wrote

Yellow light? Just get right on the ass of the car in front of you.

Edit: Also don't forget the race lanes! You see, if there's a lane split at an intersection, and everyone is waiting in one lane, it's because they know you're super important and need to use the race lane to cut them all off.


28Widget t1_j8oz31e wrote

Hilariously true. I see it nearly everyday!


mellymellcaramel t1_j8novc7 wrote

Wait I have more. The worcester art museum is free the first Saturday of the month

And the worcester historical museum is free for the whole month of February


Ready-Interview-9809 t1_j8od4uv wrote

Sign up for the text alerts so you know when trash/recycling is delayed and a parking ban is in effect.

Edited to add link👆🏼


Pvt_Wierzbowski t1_j8p31ih wrote

This. You don’t want to be a silly goose putting your trash out early only to leave a free feast for the skunks and another Animalia riffraff.


mellymellcaramel t1_j8nobbd wrote

You can get the city to down a tree on your property if it’s close enough to the sidewalk

Watch for limber houses in the summer and keep a dollar bill on ya.

The city is so small there’s never a reason to search for parking at an event. Street parking is free in lots of neighborhoods. Park your car a little closer then call an Uber.

Every Friday there’s a church on Illinois st that has free food for anyone who needs it.

There’s a ton of small hikeable areas in most neighborhoods. Take a walk.

City buses are free right now


GrandMarquisMark t1_j8nvmuq wrote

limber houses??


Saint508 t1_j8ofu0s wrote

Best way to describe it for you would be like, a Puerto Rican snow cone. People make them to sell.


RunDaJewelz t1_j8oxbtk wrote

Growing up in crystal park damn I’m miss the limbers I forget the name but the milk ones hit ❤️


IOUAndSometimesWhy t1_j8pkddi wrote

>a Puerto Rican snow cone

For some reason this sounds like a wrestling move or a sex position or something lol


aqkray t1_j8pd8nh wrote

Totally agree about parking. In my experience, there is always free or at least metered parking nearby—you just gotta look around a bit.


masshole4life t1_j8sso2f wrote

the city will down a tree on your property, but if the tree on your neighbor's property is dropping limbs on pedestrians and your pooping dog, the city will shrug at you and make you do all the research of figuring out how to contact the absentee slumlord that owns the tree.

then one day a storm throws the tree into the slumlord's building and suddenly everyone gives a shit.


Pvt_Wierzbowski t1_j8p3k93 wrote

Heads up on the trees, the city obviously won’t charge for cutting if it’s on Woo property, but they will do a haphazard job.


mellymellcaramel t1_j8p7704 wrote

Yes, but also, they will cut a tree if it’s on your property but close enough to the sidewalk. Haphazard or not, I’d rather pay for a stump grinder than hiring someone to cut the tree.


SubduedHamster t1_j8oqxun wrote

In 2/3-deckers, you can talk to your neighbors through the broom closet - that tiny closet near the chimney in the kitchen usually near the stove. Bang on the pipes, wait for the opening door squeak from another floor, commence chat. Party line for peasants!


guru-1337 t1_j8pm1vf wrote

You can also drop Ethernet lines down them to save on internet if you have a friend upstairs.


kionee t1_j8rda41 wrote

I can confirm this one as valid, lol.


masshole4life t1_j8su4k6 wrote

my mom used to spy on the downstairs neighbors by sticking a bath hose down the parlor stove exhaust pipe. extremely creepy how well you can hear everything that way.

just a heads up. your neighbors could be spying on you.


SubduedHamster t1_j8tikxx wrote

Haha damn that’s next level! We were 4 generations of one family that went through our 2-decker over 60 years. We were never fancy enough for parlor stoves, but I’m sure my family would have figured out how to listen through there too. Privacy? Not in our household!


28Widget t1_j8oz89s wrote

When driving in Kelley Square: do not show fear. Do not stop, move at the pace of traffic. Make eye contact only to intimidate.


Horknut1 t1_j8p1rqm wrote

Uh…. How long has it been since you’ve been through Kelly Square?


[deleted] t1_j8p6mii wrote



Ready-Interview-9809 t1_j8pi3bw wrote

It’s a light free peanut.


fenixfelicis t1_j8pjgp1 wrote

Technically no lights AT the peanut but the lights at the 290 ramps do seriously disrupt the peanut


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_j8tj29s wrote

I've always wondered if they should have routed people coming from Vernon Hill around the rotary and remove that Left turn light onto 290.


28Widget t1_j8ppkgo wrote

36 hours. I stick to the rules I was given.


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_j8tiwoa wrote

Meh...the biggest problem with Kelley Square nowadays is dodging the delivery drivers parkers half on the sidewalk/half in the lane of travel.... of course with no punishment for doing so.

I swear to fucking god all they need to do is post up a meter maid there once and that entire fucking problem would go away.


Fun-War6684 t1_j8p65wy wrote

If no one’s stopping for you or giving you a break in traffic, just stick your car all the way out and send it


aqkray t1_j8pd3mu wrote

Yes! I call it the “Worcester block”


Seekay2022 t1_j8p6z1t wrote

Don't be a snob and shop at Price Rite for your staples. I prefer Gold Star to Southbridge St. because the parking lot is much larger and there is less chance of being waylaid by someone


aqkray t1_j8pd154 wrote

Agreed!! Aldi (on Lincoln St) is great too.


UncleFedora t1_j8plik4 wrote

Every red light means check your phone so only one car behind you gets the green light.


kionee t1_j8rd6f3 wrote

Red lights are just green lights in disguise to some people these days.


masshole4life t1_j8stslu wrote

honestly the lights are timed so idiotically that just sitting there makes you feel like a stooge.

10 pm, empty road, timed lights with fucking pedestrian crossing when there are no pedestrians. you bet your ass i'm blowing that light and the next 4 that are equally stupid. there needs to be way more flashing lights at night. why the fuck do we need to stop every 50 feet when the roads are empty?

don't worry, you won't get pulled over. the police won't do jack if they see you.


UNHBuzzard t1_j8ptajr wrote

Make sure you have $1.25 for the toll.


albalfa t1_j8q2r3s wrote

Upvoted a lot of these comments, I learned a couple things here!

And to you respect for the obscure Sandler reference, friend. I got it 😁


1upnate t1_j8x2bl4 wrote

I heard if you drive up and down residential streets with a really loud car, people will become extremely attracted to you, and you will be drowning in friends and admirers.


CoolAbdul OP t1_j8xbtw7 wrote

Is this before or after you set off fireworks all night long in May?


atomicturkey27 t1_j8sfsgr wrote

Tetasset Ridge/God’s Acre by the airport has some awesome trails and is just enough out of the way that there’s hardly anyone there. Great place for dog walking. Tons of other green space in Worcester as well


bodaciousboner t1_j8nobrn wrote

Never let another car take a left when you’re turning left onto their street, apparently. And don’t forget to run every red light 3 seconds after it changes.


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_j8tifxg wrote

Lancaster to Irving is the best way to get from Grove St to the West Side.


No_Resort_7823 t1_j8ru57l wrote

Stay the fuck away from Kelly sq rotary