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KadenKraw t1_j9jzw8t wrote

What type of hair style are you looking for? What type of hair do you have?

Straight smooth hair, curly hair, kiny hair are all cut and styled differently and the stylist needs the knowledge to do it properly.


NepoAuntie t1_j9k0al1 wrote

The right question.

If you're in school, /u/Jade_of_the_Sea36, you're probably also attending class every day with others who may have hair similar to yours with hair styles you admire. There's nothing wrong with going up to someone and asking where they got their hair done. You may even make a new friend.


Jade_of_the_Sea36 OP t1_j9k5hr1 wrote

Well for style I'm not really sure, I've done a lot of looking and not much has really clicked. Personally I have quite curly hair.


aredlily t1_j9kkbix wrote

What you want is someone who knows how to cut curly hair. Have you looked into what kind of curly hair you have? There's lots of different factors and textures when it comes to curly hair. There's a whole subreddit on here dedicated to it, and getting it cut is a whole different thing.

Edit to add: r/curlyhair is the subreddit