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jbcg t1_j9k5xb5 wrote

Strong second for Rat's Nest! Super inclusive, talented and kind squad.


Mrs_DismalTide t1_j9kblg0 wrote

Strong third! I have always felt uncomfortable getting my hair cut and now that I've discovered Rat's Nest, I look forward to it! They are absolutely inclusive, super nice, and can definitely give you pointers if you are not sure what you want to do with your hair. Jenna cuts my hair, and Carissa owns the place and is also fantastic. I don't know the other stylists, but I'm sure they are equally talented and cool.


Jade_of_the_Sea36 OP t1_j9k6qs9 wrote

I'm really new to most of this, how do you go about choosing a person, especially when their prices vary so much. Does that reflect quality at all?


jbcg t1_j9k87y1 wrote

Price variation mostly reflects seniority/experience, which can drive quality, but you're safe with anyone there! Check out their IG profiles/past work to see whose work/speciality best reflects your style.

ETA good luck and have fun! IMO trying new hairstyles and enjoying time at the salon is one of the great pleasures of being a woman :)


Mrs_DismalTide t1_j9kbs9i wrote

At least as far as Rat's Nest goes, I think it's mostly based on experience, as others have said.


28Widget t1_j9mzoc9 wrote

Can’t say enough good about Rat’s Nest!