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Evilbadscary t1_j9orsy3 wrote

I can't give any more advice than what's been given, except to say that you may not totally "click" with whatever person you work with first, and that is totally okay. I had one lady who was the nicest ever, and she did a great job on my hair, but it wasn't totally what I wanted, more what she thought I should want, and it just didn't work for me. I moved to another stylist who listened and I adored her until I moved. She also knew when to tell me "no" on certain things, which is important too (I have a penchant for getting bangs and then complaining forever about them so she refused after like the 3rd time to ever give me bangs again lol).

Maybe plan to go in this time with just a "cut and clean up" and see how you feel. Let the stylist sort of suggest a few things, to compliment your face shape and hair type and how much work you want to put into styling it. For example, I once asked for a specific cut and she told me "I can do that, but with your hair, it's going to need a lot of maintenance and styling time to do up correctly every day" so I walked away from that, kwim?