Submitted by ThrillDr1 t3_11buiq6 in WorcesterMA

What a bloody joke! They didn't even bother with some of the side roads. The entry to these streets have the mound of snow from the plows roaring down the main streets. Now they are ICE mountains. Some of the side streets that were "treated" are barely treated and sheets of ice. Isn't that dandy. Meanwhile, you can't pass a dunkin donuts without seeing a gang of them milling around.

Truly disgusting!



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oceanwave4444 t1_ja10ixa wrote

I work for the DPW in another town, and I haven’t been to Worcester so I’m not sure the condition of the roads there… but I can tell you my guys are still out there clearing and salting in our town. They were called in late last night and haven’t gone home or slept yet. And we haven’t even had that much snow, it’s just SLICK and glazed. I’m sure the guys in Worcester are doing the best they can with what they have right now… we’re all out straight, short staffed, and working with broken equipment. We try and get everything done as quick as possible but we are human, and need breaks, and need rest. We are all running on skeleton crews at this point.

With all that being said, I don’t know your situation or Worcester’s situation but I would highly recommend reaching out to the DPW office, or the mayors office to voice your complaints, kindly. We are all doing the best we can with what little we have, but sometimes things get missed or new guys don’t know something, so we can’t fix it if we don’t know.


_Strid_ t1_ja2apj8 wrote

I'd be cool with all of this if I didn't pay an excise tax. Anything less than an adequate job in this situation is criminal, but not on the workers, on the towns.


oceanwave4444 t1_ja32wuy wrote

Absolutely. Not just the town I work for, but the town I live in - My taxes are higher than my mortgage. The mismanagement of funds is atrocious. The town I live in installed a 6.5 million dollar astroturf field but the kids can’t attend school because the high school roof leaks. Or our new million dollar fucking pickle ball court but can’t afford to do a total reclaim of some of the worst roads in town, where there is literally No remaining pavement.

One of the main reasons my department is so short staffed is because we haven’t been reclassified or been given a raise in 6 years. My master diesel mechanic is leaving because he can make more money flipping burgers at McDonald’s than BEING A MASTER DIESEL mechanic. I can’t get bodies in trucks because folks can’t afford to feed their families without a second job, but this job doesn’t allow you to have a second job. It’s just awful, the only way to fix it is to be active and vocal in your local government, but even if you are you get ignored because the seniors value the pickle ball courts over the other stuff because they are the loudest and have the most time on their hands.

Okay, I’m done ranting now lol 😮‍💨


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_j9zzv79 wrote

Send an email to the city's DPW, CC the mayor, and Gov stating how awful and dangerous their plowing has left areas.


snakeman1961 t1_j9zxirg wrote

Like they will get fired for doing a bad job. State employees just bide their time to retirement.


HistoricalSecurity77 t1_ja1rimy wrote

Worcester DPW are not “state” employees. They are Municipal employees. Mass DOT is the state equivalent to a city’s DPW.


penislmaoo t1_ja1o71f wrote

Tbh your kinda right. we need a more rigorous employment process.


dj_daly t1_ja0fw9k wrote

Honest question as a brand new Worcester resident, how do those of you who live on very steep hills do it during big snowfalls? How do you drive up or down the hill without crashing and burning? Do you just...not?


ThrillDr1 OP t1_ja0jhgy wrote

You plan ahead. You learn to drive hills in snow. Get snow tires.


bodaciousboner t1_ja15bhl wrote

You need dedicated snow tires if you live on a hill. If you don’t, plan your route accordingly. If you do, downshift while going down the hill instead of braking, when going up you need momentum. AWD/4WD definitely helps but aren’t totally necessary with good snow tires. If you’ve never driven in the snow get out in an empty parking lot at night and practice.


Minnie_Van_Tassle t1_ja1euge wrote

Going to be moving there this year, never driven in snow before. Can someone explain- even with snow tires, what do you do with hills? I have an automatic and no 4WD, so downshifting is not an option?


ultrastarman303 t1_ja1wth7 wrote

Get snow tires, made the mistake this year of not putting them on in December thinking a day of snow wouldn't hurt and regretted it when I was sliding down the hills. You can technically downshift in an automatic it just depends on your car, check the last options on your shifter or paddles on your steering wheel. Besides that, don't outright brake coming down just tap it if anything and going up you want a consistent speed so you're constantly digging in but you don't want to race up the hill. With proper tires it's all about practicing to avoid sliding. I was the same way coming from Florida. I'd also suggest a windshield/sideview mirror cover to avoid having to clean it every time


mrweirdguyma t1_ja0kpcj wrote

Good tires and pedal to the metal, momentum is your friend…maybe, you learn how to know when to punch it.


GrandMarquisMark t1_ja0tkwd wrote

Horrible advice except for the snow tires.


magslou79 t1_ja1gcpg wrote

Hard disagree. May not sound pretty but it’s reality/


masshole4life t1_ja1b4tr wrote

found the chucklefuck going 5mph up hills in the storm so everyone behind him gets stuck.

knowing how to drive and not drive is going to get you a whole lot further than snow tires.

people who don't know how to drive in the snow will not be saved by special tires. they're not magic. you still need to know wtf you're doing.


East_Cartographer_57 t1_ja12hj9 wrote

Don't worry. In three weeks, they will tear up four miles of main st, leave all the potholes exposed and sticking up a foot in the air, and then leave it for a month and a half.


Temporary_Target4156 t1_ja0ekyp wrote

I drove through Worcester this afternoon, and was surprised to see my roads were better (and I live on backroads near the Quabbin)


ThrillDr1 OP t1_ja0jex4 wrote

You were probably on the main streets. Had you driven around on secondary streets you would be aghast.


Temporary_Target4156 t1_ja0kcjm wrote

I remember when I lived on the side streets. The plow would maybe make one pass. If we were lucky or the snow was deep enough


National-Cold-9134 t1_ja3cdf9 wrote

The Worcester dpw pays very little. You get what you pay for.


ThrillDr1 OP t1_ja3icfl wrote

The people of Worcester pay very high taxes - they should get what they pay for.


oceanwave4444 t1_ja58ilb wrote

Then I recommend you get vocal with your representatives and city hall on where you want your funds to go (sometimes it really does help)


Sithlordbelichick t1_ja11dr3 wrote

There was a bad accident right in front of latrimes pub


J-daddy96 t1_ja2vbua wrote

It’s the same everywhere, and if you yourself were prepared, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I live in the Worcester hills, and it’s just not a huge deal. Let me call you a waaaambulance with snow tires.


ThrillDr1 OP t1_ja2vt4t wrote

I was walking.


J-daddy96 t1_ja2wols wrote

You don’t even have proper footwear. That’s even worse than not having a car properly prepared.


ThrillDr1 OP t1_ja33q1y wrote

Actually I do. But, please, continue to make this a me problem when the city did an atrocious job with the task they are paid to do.