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masshole4life t1_ja1cdjq wrote

this season's storm response is one of the worst i can remember just due to how fucking little weather we've had and this pathetic dpw can't seem to get anything done.

no pretreat, no salt/sand, no neighbors are ripshit about having to move their cars for nothing.

i guess it doesn't matter that they're not enforcing the parking ban if they can't be fucked to plow anything.

i do feel bad for any newcomers to the city if during the next storm the city suddenly decides to follow their own gd rules and people get towed for the first time even though its like the 4th snow event.


Kortrah t1_ja4zd2r wrote

As a newcomer to the city I'm honestly still trying to cast the bones and read the tea leaves to figure out when the damned trash is getting picked up.


DoctorWho27 t1_ja5vzj0 wrote

This is 1 thing the website actually helps with. It's got a list of observed holidays and a zoning map. That said, they say to put out trash by 6:30. Maybe it's where I am, but in reality, my street gets trash pickup at 7:45, and recycling sometime that day....

Trash Schedule


Robespierrexvii t1_ja5fj7r wrote

I am new to the city and I moved here from Wisconsin. My first impression was that people in New England have no idea how to deal with snow. Judging from this though it seems like this is specific to Worcester. There has only been like two minor snow events and Worcester just can't seem to cope.

In Wisconsin the roads would have been pretreated and they probably wouldn't have even needed to plow for this, and we don't even have any major hills.


masshole4life t1_ja5swuw wrote

it wasn't always this way. it's gone majorly downhill in the last 10 years or so.


J-daddy96 t1_ja2wz45 wrote

False false false, you just aren’t prepared. You live in New England. I’ll bet you don’t have a 2 week store of food in your house either, and that it’s their fault, too…..


CatumEntanglement t1_ja4xmof wrote

Wait. So we are responsible for spreading salt and sand on our own road that we live on? If so, I'd like all my taxes back that go toward the city's department of public works if they are no longer required to handle getting the roads in order after an ice or snowstorm.


J-daddy96 t1_ja53cqd wrote

No, but you are responsible for having proper clothing and a car that can function in the winter. Maybe even a snow shovel and some sand/salt. When we have an ice event, like we just had, all bets are off, so refer to instructions at the top. Were you not around for the ice storm in ‘08? Were you a little kid? All bets are off for acts of nature. Not recommended is complaining, because even if you direct it towards the ice, it will not melt. Forgive me, because it’s Sunday and my manager is not in. But if you can wait until tomorrow, you can reach her at 1-800-iamabigbaby. Her name is Mother Nature and she won’t be as patient and caring as I am. Thank you for understanding, Karen, and we’ll see you again this week, for sure…😘


CatumEntanglement t1_ja546te wrote

So you don't have the reading comprehension to understand that this post and the thread is about the roads? It's not my fucking job to sand and salt my entire road, that's the job of the dpw...the dept my tax dollars go toward. If they can't bother sending a single plow or salt/sand truck to my neighborhood in almost 4 days that's off a main road, then I should get my taxes that went to the dpw refunded. I was here for the ice storm in 2008, you little twerp, and it was far and above worse than this latest ice storm on Thursday. But still... I remember salt trucks STILL going around after the storm salting and sanding all the roads AND clearing the trees that fell into the streets. I distinctly remember that because I lived on a steep hill and was happy my road got salted because I had to head to work.

Goddamn Aiden.... it's just not worth it for you to keep making alts. Spend your energy on turtleboy and your failing marriage.


J-daddy96 t1_ja5atcj wrote

Sorry, kitty cat. Who is Aiden? Has your complaining done anything? Do you feel better? This is New England, harden tf up.


CatumEntanglement t1_ja6ff6y wrote

What the hell is with you bootlicking the DPW? Do you work for them, and this is why you are so impassioned to disregard every single example of them not doing their taxpayer-funded job on the roads this winter? Does "harden tf up" translate to me spending a thousand dollars on dozens of bags of salt and sand only then to spread it myseld over the length of the roads I live on that funnel into a main road? If so, can I get a refund on the hundreds of dollars of taxes that I pay to the state to cover road clearing and upkeep? Being prepared for winter in NE has exactly zero to do with the issue of the DPW being inept and incapable of their jobs of salting the roads and plowing. If I'm paying for a service, I damn well should see people doing said service. And that has fuck all to do with what kind of winter clothing I have or my AWD car.

Truly....what the hell does "harden tf" mean to you?

Edit: Instead of replying or even clarifying why he's OK with the DPW not doing their job on the residential roads this winter... he's going into personal DMs to reply with shit like, "Why are you such a giant pussy? Are you trying to get an endorsement deal from Tampax?".

This guy is too scared to say anything on the public thread. 🤣 Plus, a tampon has much more use than this guy has.