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Zinski t1_jai47y5 wrote

I don't even care about the bins. It's just kinda crazy to me how much trash is on the streets of this city. Any time there is a storm I come out to my entire driveway edge filled with randome bits of recyclables that blew down the road.

I've lived in bigger cities. I've lived in poorer city's. None where as close to this trashy.


delaneydeer t1_jailav4 wrote

People think I’m crazy when I say this. I’ve lived in six other states, multiple large metropolitan areas, nowhere else is there this much trash on the street except for like, Skid Row. It’s disgusting.


Whole-Wishbone-7539 t1_jaiscfn wrote

I used to live on the less wooded side of college hill and it gets to be very windy out in the open extremely often. The amount of trash blowing around that hill on a Friday afternoon before the trucks came was a disgrace.


sunshinepills t1_jajitww wrote

Since you've lived in bigger cities (as have I), you've probably noticed that bigger cities sweep their streets more than 1-2x per year. If Worcester had at a minimum monthly street sweeping, then maybe people would stop singing the same "recycling bin" refrain.


masshole4life t1_jak53j4 wrote

that's because idiots propose solutions that are tailored for other cities instead of the city they actually live in.

the amount of people saying "well it works in other cities" is all you need to understand why none of the solutions work.

my favorite example is the "bins with lids" chorus who, now that they have egg on their face are going on about wheelie bins being picked up by electronic arms because "that's what other cities do". that idea will. never. work here.

when i point out how fucking stupid the suggestions are i get called a big ol meanie negative nancy.

too many people simply live in a gd fantasy and think stupid ideas are better than realistic ideas.