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Patient_Customer9827 t1_jb5oov4 wrote

Worcester just doesn’t have good pizza.


masshole4life t1_jb5xnrv wrote

always spouted by people who haven't tried any pizza except trendy blog of the week places that get repeated over and over, and the dime a dozen greek style places.

do you have any idea how many pizza places there are here? you haven't tried a fraction of them.


Patient_Customer9827 t1_jb60cr0 wrote

What pizza place has been blogged other than Frankies?

I’ve had a lot of places and a lot of places outside of Worcester. That’s my comp.


powsquare t1_jb958au wrote

Worcester is THE MOST PIZZA CITY IN AMERICA. This may sound like Hyperbole, but I will wait while you Google it.

There are more pizza places per capita in Worcester than New York City and we have more variety than Rome or Napoli. Our pizza culture is more unique than New Haven or Detroit and the multiple diaspora have built a niche in our communities by making their mark and infusing their culture. I defy you to find another city that you can get a pizza with Tikka Masala made by an Indian person from the same place as a Corn, Egg and Keilbasa pizza with lettuce and Potato Sticks from a real Brazilian person.

EDIT: the above mentioned pizza do both exist as regular menu items at Fantastic Pizza and J & J. I'm sorry for going off on you like that, but there has never been a hotter take than "Worcester just isn't a Pizza City"


Patient_Customer9827 t1_jb95we1 wrote

Good to know you were actually being serious and it wasn’t a troll comment.

Still shocking lol.


bentheechidna t1_jb80epr wrote

I don’t think you’re giving Worcester credit. I grew up in Waltham so I still yearn for what I grew up with but since I’ve moved here I’ve had several pizzas that scratch the itch.