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masshole4life t1_jb5yvkd wrote

no one even mentions any places except places that got popular from some blog. same with burgers.

this sub would shut down if for a week it was banned to talk about 15 particular restaurants because i swear no one would know what other pizza or burger to discuss.

then they'll act like worcester has no good x or y food. it has big "america has bad beer" like euros cry because they only know 5 popular american beers.

it's beyond old now. it's got big transplant vibes because the restaurants are always less than 10 years old and gone before anyone has a chance to give a shit.


albalfa t1_jb7lkdn wrote

I wanted so bad to be pissed at your reply. But I can't do it.

I think it's because it feels at first like you're a snob dumping on my beloved r/WorcesterMA and the city overall -- but you're not doing any of that.

There's some depth in your frustration here. And I don't disagree with what you said.



bartnd t1_jb7wu07 wrote

I mean yeah there's a depth to the frustration, but it adds nothing to conversation. I tend to agree that the same questions get asked and there's little variation in responses, but if you're going to complain that only trendy restaurants are mentioned.....add to the discussion.

I've lived here 30+ years and I still read through the responses to see if I'm missing out on anything as I haven't been everywhere, and a ton of places have changed owners multiple times while keeping the same name.


albalfa t1_jb80e8u wrote

Yeahhhhh... But... I think here that u/masshole4life adds some context to the conversation, even if--as you note--no additional restaurants are called out.

I think they, you, and I are aligned that the same places seem to always get mentioned. Have to say that Brattle Stop in this thread is a new one on me, despite having grown up a 3 minute car ride from there.

I read these threads because I am always looking for new (to me) places to try. For this pizza thread, I myself don't have anything to add other than the Wonder Bar above.

I guess the hope is that someone who isn't commenting might be encouraged to, even if their contribution isn't "mainstream".


masshole4life t1_jb82t94 wrote

the funny thing is that brattle stop is mentioned here all the time, and my suggestions are just as broken record as the rest of them, even if i don't mention them as frequently, because again, this is old. I've been on this sub 10 years and it's the same shit over and over.

here are some current good ones that rarely get mentioned.

ironically peruchos closed haha.

pomodoros on lincoln is good but sometimes goes too heavy on the cheese for me.

all systems go on shrewsbury st does a very decent thin style brick oven pie with nice pep cups. there's not much to the pizzas, though but they are well priced.

my vote for best bar pizza goes to brew city.

i haven't found any decent detroit style in the city but detroit pizza works in northboro is owned by unos and is unfortunately the only detroit pie i can get delivered. it's decent enough to satisfy a basic craving for detroit style.

dinos used to have good pizza but not so much nowadays. same with ciao bella.

for 7 am pizza for the night shift family table is where to go. can get decent burgers and steak and cheese, also, but these shine best before the competition opens if you know what i mean. still a lot better than the shitty dime a dozen greek style pizzarias all serving identical tasting menus.

i was thrilled to see auntie dots for once. place looks closed down but if you get there when they're open it's just like nani's. sicilian style.

that's just for starters.


Powerhelix t1_jbne27g wrote

Olo does Detroit Style pizza on Wednesdays and Saturdays (I think). They're pretty decent. I think you can get them delivered on GrubHub?


jp_jellyroll t1_jb9r73s wrote

Nah, there's no depth... Ultimately, that person's argument is, "I find it annoying how popular things get lots of attention and less popular things don't get enough attention."

That's like being a big fan of some obscure indie band and being annoyed how people will pay $500+ to see some generic pop act but not even give your favorite band a chance. Then the band gets a hit song and suddenly they're immensely popular and now you loathe them because they "sold out."

It's stupid. Just eat the food. Just listen to the music.