Submitted by aKaake t3_11lt6c5 in WorcesterMA

EDIT: found one! Thank you for all the helpful suggestions!! Ended up finding a Beauty rest at Mattress Firm right in Worcester:)

Hey! I'm looking for a decent queen mattress for under $500. I checked Mattress Firm yesterday, and the one they had in stock was meh, and Bobs was a hard no, especially since they have a $100 delivery fee.

Google isn't my friend today and I need help! Is there anywhere else in town? Or maybe Auburn, Shrewsbury, or West Boylston? I'd rather not order it from Amazon.



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Donebrach t1_jbe2x4l wrote

Zinus brand off Amazon is pretty decent and cheap. Delivers in a compressed box. My hybrid spring/memory foam queen was like $350


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_jbeefs1 wrote

I bought my memory foam mattress off Amazon and it was also inexpensive under $300. I've had it for over 10 yrs and it's still as comfy as ever.

Why would I go to a mattress store and pay thousands when you can find a great mattress on Amazon that is delivered to your door for free.


literal_goblins t1_jbfxp7h wrote

Seconding zinus, memory foam/gel full size was ~$200 when I bought it a couple years ago.


my_ashy_paintbox t1_jbgwtaf wrote

I have a Zinus queen memory foam and Amazon's own AmazonBasics branded queen memory foam, have no complaints with either


KadenKraw t1_jblh35m wrote

> I'd rather not order it from Amazon.

From OP's post


Donebrach t1_jblojw5 wrote

You really expect me to read an entire Reddit post? come on!


yum-yum-mom t1_jbe1tf4 wrote

Sometimes BJs has them.


thisoneiaskquestions t1_jbgd9pj wrote

From what I've seen bjs always has them, or can easily and quickly get then from a nearby store. They're pretty cheap to. Of course you need the membership but see if you can get the $25 new member deal with some googling for an online coupon, or, the $50 might be worth it cuz their mattresses are so cheap.

I bought a Seally king pillow top there like 5 years ago for 400$. It's been fantastic, and at the time, retailed for around $2300 at other places by the model number.


aphrolyn t1_jbe062i wrote

I’ve seen some on the side of the road pretty recently. Free.


otnh t1_jbe5hrc wrote

Boxdrop in Worcester. You need to message them for an appointment good selection and prices and showroom.


TheEagleFliesAlone20 t1_jbe36jh wrote

Check out Big Lots in Auburn, they have some around the $500 range.


Business_Fly_5746 t1_jbe0bn4 wrote

I don't have a direct answer to your question, but when we bought my daughter's mattress we had the same issue. I ended up buying a mid grade one at Bob's for pretty cheap and then invested in a really nice mattress topper from amazon that had about 4" of purple foam padding. She now has the most comfortable bed in the house, even compared to the nicer mattresses.


wsdog t1_jbeowa7 wrote

Don't cheap out on the mattress. Try some internet-delivery , they have decent prices. Or you can try your luck on craigslist. I snatched a ~2.5k mattress for a few hundreds once :)


BendyBones t1_jbfe8s6 wrote

100 percent sinus. It feels identical to mattresses I've paid thousands for and they're so much easier to transport.


FrontYardPeople t1_jbfhp1e wrote

I got mine at BJ's for less than $500 and its comfortable


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jbfpuqy wrote

Woo-Town furniture had a good selection of lightly used mattresses when I took someone there. Clean enough I would have bought one if I needed it.


[deleted] t1_jbfqqra wrote

BJ's but you gotta pick it up!


SHENTAMA t1_jbfuru6 wrote

same exact situation. I end up buying from ikea $250 mattress along with other furniture. It’s pretty decent. Shipping costs $40


ShadowNova45 t1_jbguyd7 wrote

Big Lots has some decent mattresses. Plus you get a 15% coupon for signing up for a new account (Rewards thing not credit)


limegreenskittle t1_jbhehtz wrote

Check out re-store, sometimes they have VERY lightly used or brand new items


Tothemoon019 t1_jbi09yl wrote

Costco has Casper mattress’s for sale and they deliver. Plus their return policy is great.


masshole4life t1_jbi0mky wrote

if you are a heavy person beware of rave reviews from skinny people. a heavy person can sag a crap mattress in a year while all the skinny people are raving about how many years they've had it.

if you're not worried about that then most bed in a box type mattresses will probably be fine.


sammydee44 t1_jbe2q7v wrote

  1. delivery fee? For a mattress. Ugh That explains the mattresses tied to car roofs on 290