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Furrdorable t1_jbtp942 wrote

Yeah, it's equally as bad as Oxford but designed worse internally.


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_jbtopt1 wrote

I don’t understand why the frozen section is with the produce at the entrance. You can’t grab anything because it will melt and by the time you’re done you forget to circle back! It was as busy as Whole Foods on a weekend but on a weekday.


Key-Independence-401 t1_jbtqmfj wrote

Go the opposite way.


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_jbtrpa4 wrote

Sure, it’s just counterintuitive and puts you against everyone in line to the left. Going the opposite way puts you against the flow of the overpacked grocery store.


bb5199 t1_jbuwaqz wrote

Enter through the opposite entrance.


Furrdorable t1_jbtpf9i wrote

And you have to circle all the way back if you want to take anything "hot and ready" with you. Otherwise, it's stone cold when you're done shopping...


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jc2lyak wrote

That meal is going to be "stone cold" by the time you eat it, no matter what. Well, unless you're eating it in the store. Such a strange critique.


bentheechidna t1_jbvormp wrote

This is how all Market Baskets are designed. Produce and frozen are right next to each other, even in Hudson where the layout is reversed compared to a normal Market Basket.


sunshinedaydream56 t1_jbu1kjl wrote

I’ve been at different times a day since they’ve opened and it’s alwaysssss a zoo but my grocery bill is like 30% cheaper than everywhere else so it’s a trade off


berwald89 t1_jbv0sq5 wrote

If you go to Trader Joe’s, is it 30% to that or shaws/big y/price chopper?


Snoo-39109 t1_jbxfkan wrote

Market Basket is better in so far as Trader Joe's is DECEPTIVELY cheap (smaller sizes at its 'cheaper' price). Yes, TJ = Shrinkflation. I said what I said.


jpm01609 t1_jbu88cr wrote

Yes, I saw animals. Zebras and elephants


IIRizzII t1_jbv3wwn wrote

In my opinion, this location is awesome; they have so much to choose from, a huge variety, all at a lower cost compared to everywhere else. Granted, prices have gone up, but they’re still significantly cheaper than the other places.

If you’re worried about crowds, might I suggest, checking Google they usually show you what times are busy and slow (like a graph). It’s usually pretty helpful. If you go when it’s “slower” you’ll be able to check it out and see if you like it there.

Edit: spelling from talk to text


rizzosreddit t1_jbtu858 wrote

I go around 8pm on a weeknight and it’s very reasonable. They close at 9 so I make sure to have a list and stay focused to get in and out by closing.


newpageone t1_jbui0y3 wrote

Always packed, but it’s a great store. They’re actually well staffed and well stocked.


[deleted] t1_jbtprhs wrote



Virtual_Announcer t1_jbu6ige wrote

What's so bad about the layout? I usually go to Hudson or Leominster which are both pretty solid.


Nalek t1_jbumff5 wrote

It's the reverse layout as the Hudson store, throws me for a loop every time.


hawilder OP t1_jbttouu wrote

Great .. sounds fun. I’ve never been to one but the sales look good so I wanted to try it. I may just continue to get ripped off by Shaws peacefully at night.


xenolingual t1_jbtxez2 wrote

They always have lanes open and I rarely need to wait more than a few minutes to see a cashier. The only real complaint I have about them is that the bagging is generally poor, unlike most Market Baskets I've been to. I'm sure that will improve with time. Suffering a few more people in the shop is worth it to not have to deal with Shaw's/Price Chopper.


andys_socks t1_jbu1mem wrote

Parking lot always makes it look more full than it actually is.

I usually go weekdays around 4 after work, as it’s on my way home, and it’s never too bad.

I’m usually able to get what I need and get out pretty quickly, granted I’m a single man in his 20’s picking up a handful of things, so YMMV.


LLoo21 t1_jbuenof wrote

I've gone at off hours and had no issues with crowds. Totally worth the savings and great selection. Do it, OP!


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jc2m6y1 wrote

If you don't want to go to MB because it's busy I can understand, but why not at least go to Market32/Price Chopper. Shaws might be the most overpriced grocery store in all of New England.


MrsNightskyre t1_jbtw3k1 wrote

I've been there on a weekday evening (around 7pm) and I didn't think it was bad. Still busy, but less busy than the Oxford one that time of day. The layout was tough to figure out though.


sammydee44 t1_jbtn9n4 wrote

I’m sure it’s as bad as Oxford lol


OrphanKripler t1_jbuulki wrote

Do they sell hot wheels there


outb0undflight t1_jbvk9ef wrote

Can't leave the grocery store without checking out the toy cars. It's tradition.


saguarosally t1_jbumv0l wrote

I’ve never seen it super busy but I like to go early or late.


bentheechidna t1_jbvoojc wrote

It's not bad. It was a little more lively the opening week because of all the senior people pushing coupons and products on you. It's settled down and become more like a normal Market Basket.


tico8562 t1_jbvsdca wrote

Yanno, it's definitely busy, but other than super bowl weekend, which is understandable, I've NEVER waited in line. Unlike most other grocery stores in the area, they're fully staffed and have all registers open. It can be a pain in the ass to bump shoulders with people in the aisles, but I can tolerate that if i don't have to wait in a long line just to check out.


my_ashy_paintbox t1_jbubp6c wrote

Yes, no room to maneuver your cart, but the eggs are cheap! Selection of hot prepared foods is good too


RedditardedOne t1_jbucz6f wrote

Try not to go on the weekend or right after work (5pm - 630pm) during the week. Absolute madness the few times I’ve gone


bentheechidna t1_jbvp86y wrote

I haven't had an issue on weekend mornings. The two times I went around weekday rush hour after work it was pretty crazy though. Too many people waiting until the most stressful time to buy their weekly groceries.


C_J_Money t1_jbw7506 wrote

I've been there at 4:30pm and 7am, both on Fridays and there were a decent amount of shoppers but nothing like a zoo.


MxFoodLover t1_jbx8cnn wrote

Went there yesterday for the first time and it was such a f zoo. So fricking crowded. The staff are all new, so 3/10 know where anything is.

It was like shopping in a Costco, but imagine Costco is physically smaller. So I waited in the check out line for over 15 minutes because people bought the whole store (people in front of checked out $500 worth of goods, and the other lines weren’t moving any faster).

I guess they have a rule that all the stations need baggers, so when my check out’s bagger needed to go grab a replacement item, the poor cashier kept getting yelled at by different management for not having a bagger.

It seems like a good shopping option, but go during less busy times or wait till the excitement dies down.


National-Cold-9134 t1_jbxyei2 wrote

Very over rated. They don’t have everything you want like market 32 does. The prices are a bit better buts it’s personally not worth going out of your way for


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jc2mt6y wrote

Market 32 is definitely overlooked, however the last time I went to the one in Sutton they were outright missing 50% of the produce they would normally carry. I've never not been able to buy fresh broccoli, for example.


hawilder OP t1_jc0dy9t wrote

Soooo I tried Oxford tonight. Every item but one was cheaper than I normally pay. AND So many more selections or flavors. I’ll be making the trip to rte 20 next for sure! Thanks for all your input !!!


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jc2lmn8 wrote

Seems fine to me. The layout seems exactly like every MB I've been to recently so I don't know why people are complaining about that. It's definitely not the busiest I have ever been to, so maybe that tempers me a bit to what it's like here. I used to shop at the one in Revere and also been to the one in Chelsea a lot and those were absolute zoos 24/7 with the only saving grace being going during a Patriots game.


bemest t1_jbv4tbg wrote

Went last Sunday and left the checkout lines were crazy.


DMoney1133 t1_jbvncx0 wrote

It's a zoo but worth the experience. I recommend if you go at peak times, only take a hand basket, you're more mobile that way.


bbymummy t1_jbv2iz0 wrote

Yes, and yes. There are also zoo animals inside.


Chefitutide t1_jbtuvkx wrote

Both this one and the oxford one. I don't think there's a "slow time"


FIFAFanboy2023 t1_jc2mhid wrote

Patriots games. Doesn't help now obviously, but during the NFL season its a massive difference.


saintmusty t1_jbtmh2m wrote

I would also like this answer