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lungbuttersucker t1_jc034e7 wrote

Why is Mickey Mouse spray painting the Palladium?


Alfajiri_1776-1453 t1_jc1175k wrote

I think it's the artist's signature? OG Slick is known for his LA Hands, which look like Disney hands.


22Burner t1_jcdkmih wrote

The Palladium’s had that art for more than a few years now


becomingelle t1_jbzsqbn wrote

Awwww are you twins with Smiley??


LittleMissSunshineMA OP t1_jbztsax wrote

He looks so happy on that building. I'll have to stop in again when the trees have leaves.


[deleted] t1_jc1io46 wrote

One thing I will say about our city, finding these hidden gems really is damn cool.


marshal1257 t1_jc0c7lk wrote

I worked there in the early `90’s when it was called Clubland. I started as a bar back and ended up working the doorman and then assistant manager.


masshole4life t1_jc490lu wrote

is this the same building that used to have the old beer ad painted in the lower left? i could've sworn it was the palladium.

i haven't been in that parking lot in years. did they paint the whole wall brown or is that the natural brick? i wish they would have kept the beer ad. i feel like i'm going senile looking at how it looks now.


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_jccqjpk wrote

The archer girl with snakes they painted over to make this was so much cooler