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BobQuasit t1_jck4b9h wrote

There's an arcade in Worcester? The only one I know is Pixels and Pints, and they're closed permanently.


my_ashy_paintbox t1_jckfnw7 wrote

Don’t remember the name, but a retro arcade opened on corner of Chandler/June


BlueBerry2202 t1_jckm3nu wrote

Materia Arcade, its small but a really awesome place with really nice staff. They make the experience better and help out with anything, there’s buying, selling, console cleanings i think they do battery swaps and all the machine run off tokens which is pretty fun


my_ashy_paintbox t1_jckf7if wrote

I miss Playoff Arcade, they were in the early days, 8 tokens per dollar, double most arcades at the time


Beardo4LYF t1_jckgc9l wrote

Freeplay in Worcester is 10 dollars to get in. All the cabinets are free.


GoblinBags t1_jcknnr2 wrote

Yes. Is this even a question? Yes - absolutely.


icuntcur t1_jckyts0 wrote

That’s serious art right there


burstlaserII t1_jcn923v wrote

This is cool art but, I wish I had a cool new song to listen to while I looked at it


ericyankusfranco OP t1_jcnlwno wrote

Whoa! That's crazy that you say this! Turns out I may indeed have this available weekly! Try calling 774 312 6889?