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masshole4life t1_je6ddig wrote

real talk, our society isn't in a position to give that kind of ultimatum.

we can't make teaching an underpaid bureaucratic nightmare and then turn around and tell teachers "if you don't like it then leave". that's absurd.

classroom distractions aren't new. first it was magazines and baseball cards, then it was handhelds like tiger games and gameboys, now it's cellphones.

just because the world changes doesn't mean that classroom distractions should be back on the menu.

unless phones are integrated into the curriculum they don't need this weird rabid insistence that they be allowed in the classroom.

some mombie wanting to text her son 50 times during the school day is not a good enough reason to have a whole class subjected to the buzzing and beeping of 25 other students' non-school-related communication.


Aeschere06 t1_je72wnv wrote

Our society isn’t in a position to give the ultimatum “if you cannot work well with K-12 students you shouldn’t be a teacher”? Really?

No one said distractions are “on the menu” (whatever that means) but if you cannot engage and connect with your students and all that that implies, then no, you should not be a teacher. I’m pretty confident in what I said.

And again, how about we don’t write more brain dead op eds about phones, as if we need another one


masshole4life t1_je7c9ab wrote

you are equating "handeling kids owning cell phones" with "working well with k-12 kids" and it is not only disingenuous but completely ridiculous.

you can hate the op-ed without making disingenuous statements.


Sweetbeansmcgee t1_je9qfcm wrote

so you can't engage and connect with students unless you allow them to be on their phones whenever they want? that's great you're confident in what you're saying but seems kind of ridiculous to me


CoolAbdul t1_jeb2mlu wrote

What arrogant bullshit.

You must be a member of the school committee.