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bschav1 t1_je2m1nt wrote

If you want good Chinese, Red pepper. If you want perfectly shitty Chinese-American takeout, I love Chef Ho on Millbury St. And that’s not bullshit. I love Chef Ho. I grew up eating “Chinese” take out. It wasn’t until a decade or so ago that I realized that Chinese food and Chinese-American takeout were different things. I love Chinese food and will keep exploring it wherever I can. But sometimes I just want a dinner combo of Gen Gau with your choice of app on a huge bed of fried rice. Chef Ho does this and does it reliably well.

Also, I know it’s a lil out of the way, but Meiji in N Oxford makes some damn good food. I’ve only been twice but both times I left pleasantly surprised. Menu isn’t anything special. Standard Chinese-American plus sushi, but the food quality is very high.


masshole4life t1_je6avuo wrote

agreed on chef ho. they do american style chinese right, though i slightly prefer prefer wen hing on lincoln. allegedly they are owned by the same people but i'm not sure.