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CapTainB4ckFir3 t1_isplljy wrote

"You're getting ripped off, but atleast it's not as much as the other guys are ripping people off"


fremenator t1_ispv0x8 wrote

No reason not to do it, you literally just save money.


Flexorrium t1_ispxca7 wrote

Just an FYI, correct me if I'm wrong, a few years ago Worcester changed the supplier from Ngrid to their own (Direct Energy) and by default everyone's supplier defaulted to them unless you opted out to stay with NGrid supplier. If you look at your utility bill you'll see "DIRECT ENERGY" as your supplier.
Also, the rates they're talking about is only the supply service, there's still the delivery/transmission rates which is owned by NGrid which adds another ~$0.13/kwh


jg429 OP t1_ispxqv1 wrote

Pretty sure you're right about the first thing, although it's a little fuzzy in my mind.

You are definitely correct about this only pertaining to the supply, not the delivery. It's all detailed on the website. You still end up saving overall (at least in 2023, who knows what happens after that)


jg429 OP t1_ispbxkc wrote

Here's the site to sign up:

TLDR: the average user will save about $42/month under the Worcester aggregate rates

(note: I just signed up myself, I don't have any specific knowledge of the program)

Edit 10/19: National Grid doesn't formally switch you until your next meter reading, so look on your bill to see when that is to have an idea of when it will take place. Luckily mine is in early November, but if yours is later, you might still be paying the higher rates for multiple billing cycles.


420blazeit69nubz t1_isr1rc4 wrote

I think I got something from the city saying I was automatically enrolled unless I opted out. Does that sound right to anyone? I’ll have to dig up the paper but it mentioned how the city of Worcester had double the amount of green energy MA wants and it would be cheaper.


JohnnyGoldwink t1_it2reek wrote

Sounds right. I got the same letter like 2 months ago (maybe 3) — logged into my national grid account and pulled up my most recent bill — it now lists DIRECT ENERGY - WORC ELECTRIC AGGREGATION as my supplier. I never had to do anything for the switch. You should be good.