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legalpretzel t1_iuvytm4 wrote

I might be wrong, but I think you’re going to have to cook it yourself or head to Chinatown in Boston.


saintsandopossums t1_iuw6han wrote

We don't really, sadly! I wish we did, since my wife is Chinese and loves dim sum, but you really have to head into Boston for the real deal. Someone should open one though, could be a real niche, since this question comes up somewhat frequently


hound29 t1_iuw1bit wrote

Not really helpful but China Star in Lowell is good if you want to avoid the city. Still a drive


demoneyes65 OP t1_iuw1wqk wrote

I've been there when I lived in Lowell. But seems like once you go west of framingham, dim sum becomes a myth you must quest for.🤣


post_singularity t1_iuwlwwx wrote

Still a hike and not as good as the din sum you’ll find in boston, if I find myself in Lowell I’ll go to the dumpling place they have there


hound29 t1_iuwvtuk wrote

Tasty dumpling or something else?


post_singularity t1_iuz97u9 wrote

Yep tasty dumpling


hound29 t1_iv0gzw8 wrote

Thanks wanted to make sure hadn’t missed anything. I too prefer tasty but wifey is a dim sum fan


post_singularity t1_iv1g49n wrote

I do love din sum as well, miss Windsor din sum house when I lived in Quincy


Ferretude t1_iuxombb wrote

If you don't mind cooking the dishes at home, there are a lot of frozen options at Asian Supermarket on Mill Street. They have sesame balls, All The Dumplings and most of the things you'd find at dim sum. Not the same experience, but having pork bao & turnip cakes at home is still great.


goniometer602 t1_iuvzaf9 wrote

Yeah, I'm afraid you'll have to head in toward Boston.


ebinsugewa t1_iuvyr2v wrote

Nothing I've ever found less than 45 mins away unfortunately.


Fun-War6684 t1_iuwwzmf wrote

Taipei Gourment in Lexington has it


post_singularity t1_iuwm9zu wrote

Used to live in Quincy that had multiple really good din sum places, sadly your out of luck out here. Best bet would be to plan a day to head j to china town Boston


Alien_Hawk t1_iuwsi7e wrote

Joyful Garden in Watertown, Ma. Still not Worcester but closer than Chinatown in Boston.


Wbcn_1 t1_iuxbtkh wrote

Might as well drive the extra 12 minutes to Chinatown.


DMmeyourkite t1_iuw4v76 wrote

Someone told me there was a place in Spencer a few years back, never verified that though.


New-Vegetable-1274 t1_iuyb3wr wrote

That would be the Chef Sau, no din sum. The food is greasy and over priced. There is not a single asian restaurant worth a damn west of Worcester until you hit Amherst. The Eastern Pearl in Webster is ok if you're looking for American Chinese food but if you're looking for the real deal you have to travel. Worcester has a pretty wide spectrum of eateries but I think there's room for small niche places that serve up things no one else offers like din sum. If you make it, they will come and if it's really good the line will be out the door. If you are the entrepreneurial type, Worcester is a college town and students come from all over, talk to them, ask them what they like, what's good back home.


goatsgomoo t1_iuwvg9s wrote

While it's certainly not in Worcester, it's closer than Boston:

Uncle Cheung's in Framingham.


darksideofthemoon131 t1_iuz3m7u wrote

Work in Framingham and have given this place 3 tries- never consistent. Food is meh


goatsgomoo t1_iuz4iyv wrote

Oh dang; when I've been there it was the best Chinese food I've had outside Chinatown.


darksideofthemoon131 t1_iuz4q37 wrote

I'd rather drive the extra 25 minutes to Chinatown personally. Chinese food is so inconsistent around here.


1x9x1x7 t1_iuxdjsy wrote

Someone posted about this a month or two back, if you search dim sum in the subreddit it should come up. The long and the short of it is there’s really none in Worcester, but if you’re generally looking for a more authentic Chinese experience rather than the typical american takeout style, I’ve heard good things about the Szechuan food at Red Pepper. Chuan Shabu also has some decent hot pot. But if you want dim sum, you’ll just have to drive or take the train in to the city - I highly recommend taking the train in and just listening to music or bringing a book to read or friend to chat with on the ride in. Once you’re there Chinatown is a short walk from south station.


Atari875 t1_iuy2ghh wrote

Wellesley or Boston are the closest places with legit Dim Sum unfortunately


kingjaffejoffer-c2a t1_iuyd33y wrote

What is the name is Wellesley ?


Atari875 t1_iuyeg8l wrote

Honestly don’t remember. It was Dim Sum food but not the carts and stuff. It’s near the equine store


draken2019 t1_iuyf4he wrote

I don't know. There's so many Chinese restaurants in the area that I find it hard to believe there isn't one.

It might not be in Worcester, but there's probably one in the county.


darksideofthemoon131 t1_iuz2yt0 wrote

Exit 134A off the Pike- take a left and you're in Chinatown in Boston. Sadly no dimsum in Worcester.


pra_com001 t1_iuyp1z1 wrote

My secret - goto Trader Joe's and pickup Chicken and pork Shu Mai. They are better than most of the restaurants.


dupedyetagain t1_iuwuotz wrote

Hijacking the thread to see if anyone knows where I can find a bean donut--I can't justify a drive to Boston for a donut!