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hound29 t1_iuw1bit wrote

Not really helpful but China Star in Lowell is good if you want to avoid the city. Still a drive


demoneyes65 OP t1_iuw1wqk wrote

I've been there when I lived in Lowell. But seems like once you go west of framingham, dim sum becomes a myth you must quest for.🤣


post_singularity t1_iuwlwwx wrote

Still a hike and not as good as the din sum you’ll find in boston, if I find myself in Lowell I’ll go to the dumpling place they have there


hound29 t1_iuwvtuk wrote

Tasty dumpling or something else?


post_singularity t1_iuz97u9 wrote

Yep tasty dumpling


hound29 t1_iv0gzw8 wrote

Thanks wanted to make sure hadn’t missed anything. I too prefer tasty but wifey is a dim sum fan


post_singularity t1_iv1g49n wrote

I do love din sum as well, miss Windsor din sum house when I lived in Quincy