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vegetablefoood t1_ivzsc55 wrote

Red Pepper


Jilltro t1_iw069ni wrote

Red Pepper by far


Gahlic1 t1_iw194k5 wrote

I ordered a duck dish there a couple of years ago and it was full of bone shards, I nearly choked. I can't bring myself to order from them again.


Zinski t1_ivzcaxj wrote

Chanu shabu on park Ave is a pretty good hot pot place. It can be a bit intimidating your first time but it's all you can eat and has a regular menu of classics for take out and such. A bit pricey but worth it as a special occasion. Also a nice bar.

Nancy chang's is an ok sit down spot but every time I go there something is off, not super consistent but a lot of vegan options and a nice atmosphere and a good bar.

Kenichi on shewsbury is a smaller cozzy sushi spot that's a bit pricey for what it is, but the drinks are strong and the people are nice and more used to drunks.


D_is_for_Doomsayer t1_ivzlpf9 wrote

Chuan Shabu is one of our favorites. It has gotten pretty expensive and I miss having better a la carte options, but it's also about the experience. Pretty loud place, too.


WBspectrum t1_ivzv3u0 wrote

Brown Rice in West Boylston. Great Thai


caelen727 t1_iw01v3t wrote

100%. Best Thai in Worcester


sirlurksalotaken t1_iw2m35d wrote

Thai time in Clinton is way better than brown rice imo, not the Thai time in Worcester they're not great at all.


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_ivzjvl2 wrote

Chashu Ramen


wash_cold t1_iw18zyz wrote

Can’t recommend this place enough.


sirlurksalotaken t1_iw2mbmg wrote

Meh, over priced and ramen is not great... Always cold and noodles are off.

There's better ramen out there.


Dk5694 t1_iw2uvx5 wrote

Go on…


sirlurksalotaken t1_iw2z1gx wrote

Sachi in westboro definitely has better ramen...


Dk5694 t1_iwcbif9 wrote



sirlurksalotaken t1_iwchbiz wrote

Don't get me wrong, I still go to chashu occasionally since it's convenient for me based on where I live.

But during covid I learnt to despise take out ramen, where you throw precooked cold noodles into warm broth... Blegh!

I thought dining in there would be different, but nope. As far as my ramen snob self can tell... It's still take out ramen, just in a fancy bowl.

I just can't rave about it.

Instant ramen is better....


MARetro t1_iw0d1gh wrote

If you wanna head out of Worcester for like 15 minutes drive, Kai Mook in Millbury is Northern Thai street food and my homie from North Thailand considers it the best Thai in central Ma.


710globtrotter t1_ivzvwym wrote

Mint Kitchen & Bar. Their food is legit, moved from LA and this reminds me of what I find there. Full bar too.


willfauxreal t1_ivze8ho wrote

Not Nancy Chang's, all of their food tastes flat.

I like sushi at Kenichi, it's on Shrewsbury st. so parking sucks but easy for you to bop around after. I like Da Lat on park av for casual BYOB vietnamese (get the tofu salad and an order of the egg rolls) and Pho Dakao is pretty good, a lil pricey tho. The Chan Shabu hot pot is pretty good, going there tonight actually. If you wanna do drinks and apps then I'd recommend Kenichi for sure.


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_ivzk090 wrote

Kenichi is great all around save for their sushi, had freezer burn last time


willfauxreal t1_ivzn8w6 wrote

Yeah, the sushi is just...fine. Definitely doesn't blow me away but I haven't had a bad experience there either. It's good for apps, a couple decent rolls, drinks and in a nice location for mozying somewhere else.


bartnd t1_ivzryea wrote

Yama Zakura in Northborough, though gets busy on weekends. Could sit at the bar if you're there early enough.


C1rcusM0nkey t1_ivzs4b6 wrote

Gotta recommend Mins wok, on West Boylston st.

Really solid Chinese-American wok style restaurant.

Also, echoing that Nancy chang's is meh. Always a bit bland.


caelen727 t1_iw021yq wrote

Easy. Chinese is Choy Lee’s 2. Thai is Brown Rice. Vietnamese is Dalat. Sushi/Japanese is Kai. I will die by this list lol


bruhbruhbruh1234506 t1_ivzfq50 wrote

This one isn’t in Worcester it’s in holden but it’s 100% worth it it’s called wongs dynasty


D_is_for_Doomsayer t1_ivzlcnd wrote

Hardly a pinnacle of Asian cuisine, but Wong's is indeed one of the best Chinese-American joints in the area.


0lazy0 t1_iw04qxw wrote

Chashu Ramen is quite good


Remarkable-Bear6742 t1_iw13mfw wrote

da lat and if you are willing to drive a bit, westborough korean restaurant is awesome


Fit-Razzmatazz4808 t1_iw164my wrote

My Sister's crawfish at Park Ave. Vietnamese food, they also have hotpot.


dirtyMETHOD t1_iw1sygx wrote

Racha Thai, Pho Shure, Kenichi are some of my faves


dsbray t1_iwjz54e wrote

Pho sure in Shrewsbury for Vietnamese, but get your bubble tea from OneZo in Kelly Square.


Strbry-ShortCake t1_ix0b39w wrote

Saigon Restaurant has great pho and a killer bun bo hue.

Rice violet is great for thai food and all their curries slap