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UncleBuckPancakes t1_j2jx8qz wrote

Oh man, that's too bad. I used to listen to him for many years, especially the Top Nine Tonight. WAAF was fun way back in the day.


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j2kaiwo wrote

I miss having a rock station… rip


EasyTune1196 t1_j2kooth wrote

Awe man. I met him at the grand opening of Newbury comics in Shrewsbury when I was a teen.


emptygroove t1_j2kfuzd wrote

Well that blows. Ozone seemed like a great guy. I interned at AAF back late 90s.


[deleted] t1_j2kuex3 wrote

aaf was the best and worst around.


mirandatheband t1_j2l2zdv wrote

RIP Ozone loved hearing him on WAAF back in the 90s


marshal1257 t1_j2l28mj wrote

I remember him on WWRX in Providence on 103.7 FM before it was WEEI. I was in high school then and I graduated inn`88, so that was a long time ago. I always liked his shows.


Tbagjimmy t1_j2m7xxs wrote

This man was the voice of my teens, we still quote stuff we heard on his show. I randomly said his "cmon" the other day and said I wish I lived in s world where I could hear ozone on a daily basis Rip mr osterlind


Ahkhira t1_j2mkye9 wrote

Wow. That's sad. He will be missed.


Milk-Foon t1_j2n1kbm wrote

I met him at the Indoor Beach Party one year …great guy …


Wbcn_1 t1_j2n1pyo wrote

That sucks. I would occasionally call into his show in the late 90s.


toppsseller t1_j2k5hy7 wrote

Sad news. Always liked him


Vizecrator t1_j2od2xc wrote

Aww man, I loved listening to his show back in the day. His 12 days of Ozone Christmas bit was awesome


VanBurenBoy16 t1_j2nw83y wrote

Apparently he was a transgender woman known as Rebecca Pratt, not sure if this was a full transition thing or he was living a double life.

WAAF really is missed.